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Trump should muster an international rescue of Venezuela

Jul 23, 2017 — Guest Column

WASHINGTON, D.C. — There are not enough teargas canisters or bullets in Venezuela to keep dictator Nicolás Maduro in power—precisely because his regime does not have the cash available to support its repressive apparatus and import food. 

Although Maduro’s Cuban and Russian masters are willing to see hungry Venezuelans beaten into submission, the international community is not.

There is an emerging consensus among key nations in the region and among bipartisan leaders in Congress that Venezuelans can resolve this crisis if they are able to choose a new government that will end violent repression, respect democratic institutions, and rebuild a free market economy.  Urgent action by the Trump administration can ensure this outcome.

Politico Writer’s Beef with Trump: Hess Too Fat to be President. Seriously…

Jul 23, 2017 — Guest Column

Liberal television host and author Touré Neblett seized on a Politico article published Tuesday. The 2,500-word Politico article focused not on anything policy related, but instead centered entirely around President Donald Trump’s weight.

“Politico says Trumpy is the least athletic president in decades which is a nice & polite way of saying he’s a fat slob like Jabba the Hut,” Neblett tweeted Wednesday.

Yes, you read that right. Of all the issues facing the country right now, Ben Strauss, the author of the piece, elected to weigh in on Trump’s physical fitness to be president. What’s worse, Neblett used the story to basically fat shame the president, which liberals usually oppose.

U.S. Health Care Is World’s Best, Regardless of What The Left Says

Jul 23, 2017 — Guest Column

This is the second in a three-part series.

In Part 1 of this series, we discussed the content and tone of the political rhetoric leftist propagandists use to criticize the proposed GOP health care plans vis-à-vis ObamaCare. In part 2, we will describe the propaganda efforts used by progressives to cite dubious statistics to tar and misrepresent the U.S. health care system.

A recent commentary illustrates this propaganda. An article in The British Medical Journal entitled, “Medical error — the third leading cause of death in the U.S,” compares our “broken system” to those of other industrialized nations that purportedly are cheaper and better.

No, Media .... 26 Million People Won’t Die if Obamacare is Repealed

Jul 23, 2017 — Guest Column

Of a fallen tree all make kindling, says the old proverb. And like most refrains, it conveys an element of truth.

The fact that Republicans are having difficulty agreeing on a winning alternative plan to ObamaCare makes both the Senate and House proposals looming targets for critics.

The Left’s ultimate goal is to dismantle the American health care system and turn it into an instrument for people control — the government as single payer, in other words, fully socialized medicine “as in all other industrialized nations.”

State Department Says No One Cares Anymore About Hillary’s Stupid Emails

Jul 22, 2017 — Guest Column

Nate Silver undertook an interesting what-if project this week with a story on what would things be like if Hillary Clinton had been elected president.

Merrick Garland is on the Supreme Court, and Neil Gorsuch is not. Brian Fallon is the press secretary, and Sean Spicer is not. It is Hillary Clinton under investigation for ties to Russia, and not Donald Trump. Huma Abedin is the White House chief of staff.

Hillary feuds with the press. Her approval numbers at the six-month mark are lower than any president since the 1930s. She is more a caretaker than an implementer of bold new ideas. Congress went Republican, so her agenda goes nowhere. Most of what could be done through executive action was done by Barack Obama. And the press continues to hound her to show progress on something … anything.

Pence is Right: Single-Payer Could Be The Death of Charlie Gard

Jul 20, 2017 — Guest Column

Robert Klitzman, director of a masters program in bioethics at Columbia University, says Mike Pence’s comments on Charlie Gard are “alarming” because they seek to “undermine single-payer health systems.”

Pence “politicized a tragic story,” Klitzman said, when the vice president told Rush Limbaugh “the American people ought to reflect on the fact that for all the talk on the left about single payer, that’s where it takes us.”

Gard is the 11-month-old British boy suffering from Mitochondrial DNA Depletion Syndrome, a rare disease that would leave him severely and permanently cognitively disabled. His parents want to take him from a hospital in the UK to the United States for experimental treatments that experts say give him a 10 percent chance of survival.

No, Three Republican Senators Did Not Come Out Against Obamacare Repeal Because Of Sexism

Jul 19, 2017 — Guest Column

On the left, it’s been one big high-five in recent days.

Obamacare is failing. Many states are down to one insurer, and some soon may have none. Premiums are increasing at double-digit rates. Enforcement mechanisms have been abandoned, meaning the death spiral is fully operational and the system will fail in time no matter what.

But Republicans in the Senate have failed to get a measure to repeal and replace Obamacare over the finish line. The cast of characters and the grounds for opposition have changed throughout the process, but the result has been the same every time – close, but no cigar.

Americans are sick and tired of the whining and excuses. Just do your job, or we will find people wh

Jul 18, 2017 — Guest Column

When did we become a country of “can’t do”? All my life I was taught that I can do anything I put my mind to.

Today children are given the same lesson, study, attend, participate and you can succeed. But I’m seeing a basic

flaw in the message, we have fewer and fewer examples. In fact, our Congress is showing a “can’t do” attitude.

They are unable to accomplish the simplest of legislation. All over the television there are Senators and Congress people

making excuses and playing the blame game. The gridlock is on both sides of the aisle.

Americans are sick and tired of the whining and excuses. Just do your job, or we will find people who will.


Liberals and the lowering of the bar

Jul 18, 2017 — Guest Column

The problem I have had and still do have with many liberal plans is that they lower the bar for everyone. Education has lowered the bar so that they get higher passing rates. Youth sports awards everyone for participation. Schools are discontinuing valedictorians. In many businesses-notably government-raises are given automatically, not on merit.

What really frightens me is the clamor for “Medicaid for all”. This is another plan to level the playing field and it will result in a lower quality of care across the board. Ask patients who are currently on medicaid and see if you are willing to receive that level of care. Ask Doctors and hospitals how their care will change.

All the talk about giving everyone quality healthcare begs the question, what quality is the goal? That of Presidents and Congressmen? That of company provided for CEOs? As long as there are some people on private plans, coverage cannot and will not be equal. But for the average American in an effort to create equality, the bar will be lowered. Quality will be lost.

Private funding meets conservation needs and reduces government budgets

Jul 18, 2017 — Guest Column

OKLAHOMA CITY — In our growing and fast-changing world, opportunities to preserve scenic open space, protect wildlife habitat and safeguard natural resources for future generations are fleeting.

I see the need daily as the leader of a nonprofit land trust that works to conserve environmentally valuable property.

The biggest challenge for conservation groups like mine is the lack of available funding from both government and private sources.

Washington Post Gives Megaphone to Far-Left Group’s Climate Fearmongering

Jul 18, 2017 — Guest Column

It was 46 years ago, almost to the day, that the Washington Post ran a story on how man’s behavior was affecting his environment.

“In the next 50 years fine dust that humans discharge into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuel will screen out so much of the sun’s rays that the Earth’s average temperature could fall by six degrees,” the Post reported. “Sustained emissions over five to 10 years could be sufficient to trigger an ice age.”

But long before the shelf life of the Post’s prediction began to run out with no Ice Age in sight, the newspaper changed course and decided burning fossil fuel would make the weather hotter, not colder. It makes one wonder—Is the Post trying to deliver serious scientific information? Or does it just view pot shots at the energy industry as a way to sell papers?

And The Award for Worst Columnist In America Goes To …

Jul 15, 2017 — Guest Column

Most political junkies have a list in their heads of the best op-ed columnists in the business. But who are the worst?

According to Jonathan Chait, who has cranked out his share of op-ed columns for the Los Angeles Times, The American Prospect and the New Republic, it’s Ed Rogers.

“For reasons I have never been able to discern,” Chait wrote in The New Yorker, Rogers, a lobbyist, former congressional and White House aid and law professor, writes a regular op-ed column for the Washington Post.

Indeed, Rogers’ profession is the first of the “fatal deficiencies” Chait finds with Rogers’ work. Rogers, Chait writes, is “the founding member of a lobbying firm with a wide-ranging portfolio and a presumably enormous income,” so “literally everything he writes suffers from crippling conflicts of interest.”

Study: Audience Slip Continues for Local TV News

Jul 15, 2017 — Guest Column

Local television news, long the largest source of income for local stations, has been losing audience steadily over the last decade and took yet another downturn last year, according to a new study by the Pew Center for Journalism and the Media.

Among the findings:

  • Local news continues to garner more audience that cable news, but cable news passed it last year during the election season. This did not hurt the bottom line too bad since election ads led to increased revenues for local and cable news operations alike.
  • Viewership on local ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox affiliates declined 31 percent for late-night news, 12 percent for morning shows and 19 percent for early evening news.
  • Yet, stations earned 11 percent more than in 2015 and even outstripped recent election years – making $20.6 billion, compared to $20.3 billion in 2012 and $20 billion in 2008.
  • Salaries climbed 7 percent overall, with the biggest increases for news directors and assistant news directors.

Brian McNicoll, a former newspaper editor, think tank writer and Capitol Hill staffer, is a conservative writer and editor in Reston, Va.

Southern Policy Law Center Belongs On Southern Policy Law Center’s Hate List

Jul 14, 2017 — Guest Column

Months from now, you’ll be reading a story about Jeff Sessions, and there will be a remark to the effect of “when he’s not off speaking to hate groups.”

And the phrase “speaking to hate groups” will have a hotlink on it. And that hotlink will take you to any number of stories that have appeared in the last day or so since Sessions gave a speech to a group known as the Alliance Defending Freedom.

The group was in the news recently because of its work in the case of Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia v. Comer, in which the Court held the church did not lose its right to apply for a state grant to pay for an updated playground simply because it was a church.

The Washington Post’s Routine on ‘Scandal Days’

Jul 13, 2017 — Guest Column

It is becoming formulaic.

Some news event happens that lefties hope finally will destroy Donald Trump, and the high dudgeon, pearl clutching hysterics begin.

The Washington Post has developed something of a standing layout for Scandal Days. At the top is a lead story with a headline that gets the judge, jury and verdict part out of the way.

Then, there is the seemingly obligatory story about how President Trump is so furious he is patrolling the halls of the White House in his robe stopping only to unload irrational nastiness on downtrodden employees.

Then, there is The Take from Dan Balz that tells us what new floor of depravity we have crashed through in the last 24 hours.