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Government should not directly or indirectly be perceived as fostering exclusivity.

Nov 19, 2017 — Guest Column

Greek life, it’s called on the news. On campus they are called frats. What they are is exclusive clubs that, in some cases, practice bad behavior.

Isn’t there a bigger problem? Don’t these group create and foster division. They are a special club for those who are deemed to be worthy.

Yet in elementary schools across the country, better grades are often replaced with satisfactory or unsatisfactory. Youth sports hand out participation trophies to everyone and at younger levels they don’t keep score. Some High Schools have stopped naming Valedictorians. Given the the hue and cry for equality, there can be no justification for continuing an outdated system of social clubs that by their very nature create division.

Even worse is that taxpayer dollars provide about one third of the budget for universities via government tuition grants and loans.  Government should not directly or indirectly be perceived as fostering exclusivity.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign paid Fusion GPS for opposition research

Nov 17, 2017 — Guest Column

Hillary Clinton’s campaign paid Fusion GPS for opposition research. That is essentially, digging up dirt on your opponent. It’s a common practice by both parties, it is not illegal.

Fusion GPS turned around and hired Christopher Steele, a former British Intelligence Officer and founder of a British Intelligence Company. Again, no crime.

Steele then hired Russian Sources. Why Russian sources? Probably a couple of reasons, one, Steele had once been stationed in Russia and had contacts there. Two, that’s where both candidates were pointing their allegations. Steele then created the “Trump Dossier”.

Two things can’t be disputed, the Clinton campaign funded the dossier. And, when you are hired to dig up dirt, your reputation will be shot if you come up dry. So, one way or the other, dirt would be found. The question is, how accurate is it?

Are you OK with this?

Nov 17, 2017 — Guest Column

When you paid your Federal taxes to the IRS, did you know or expect or even imagine that $15 million of the money received was going to pay harassment suit settlements for the House of Representatives? No? I didn’t think so. Our hard earned money, very hard earned for most of us, was used (in part) to pay off people who were victims of our Representatives behaving badly. Or were they? Or was it a great way to funnel money to people? An accuser gets a settlement rather than being forced to prove their case in court. The leaker of this story says the $15 million went out in the last 10-15 years. Hmmm. This sounds a lot like the EPA suits that were settled in favor of Obama’s pet groups.

All this settling is leaving me very unsettled. Settling gets the accuser and the accused off the hook. Nothing is proved or disproved, there is no publicity. All that happened was money changed hands. No behavior was modified, if it needed to be, and we are still being forced to support this despicable practice. Are you OK with that?

Trump’s failing revolution

Nov 16, 2017 — Guest Column

Trump’s failing revolution
President Trump made draining Washington’s Swamp the centerpiece of his Presidency. The swamp is winning.  Its RINOgators are on the verge of destroying the Trump Presidency. 

Trump’s Executive Branch is now running on empty. His appointment process is the slowest since Jimmy Carter in 1977. He recently defended his depleted ranks of loyalists, “we don’t need all of the people. You know, it’s called cost saving.”

A message to my daughters, granddaughters and young women everywhere across the United States

Nov 14, 2017 — Guest Column

As you are growing and learning and forming your own opinions about what it means to be a woman in 2017. I encourage, no, I beg of you, to be thoughtful and careful in choosing your role models. The Kardashians, Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, and Hillary Clinton, to name but a few, should not be your idols. Women like Nikki Haley, Condoleezza Rice, Michelle Malkin, and Sarah Sanders, on the other hand,are wonderful examples of strength, brains and class. They represent real success for women’s rights. They needed neither sex, sensationalism or public protests to get them where they are today.

What they did was put their heads down, worked hard, studied, and proved their way to the top. That is true equality. They are different races, come from different backgrounds, and have followed different career paths. What makes them stand out is their grace, strength and brains. They are ladies to be admired and emulated.

Paris Climate Accord.

Nov 14, 2017 — Guest Column

Congressman, Vern Buchanan is urging President Trump to stay in the Paris Climate Accord. This came out almost simultaneously with the news that the pollution in India is so bad that the reduced visibility is causing traffic accidents.

Find the cure—ignore the symptoms

Nov 13, 2017 — Guest Column

Find the cure--ignore the symptoms
We have become a society steeped in the habit of identifying the symptoms of a problem and then committing our personal and fiscal resources to managing those symptoms. Only rarely do we take the time to recognize and then eliminate the origin of those problems. We often see this in the medical industry, where managing symptoms takes immediacy over seeking a problem’s cure, while hoping that the original malady will not get worse and our natural healing process will fix the problem.

We also see the process in how we as a society approach everyday challenges, in our lifestyles and workplaces. While our primary goal should always be to identify and fix the sources of our problems, the reality is that some problems are beyond the scope of current capabilities, and providing comfort may be a best second choice.

Our country is equally divided on most social, economic and political issues.

Nov 12, 2017 — Guest Column

Our country is equally divided on most social, economic and political issues. Both sides are adamant about their positions. This doesn’t create an atmosphere of solutions. It is really tough on businesses who are pressured (and sometimes legislated) to take sides. Once they do, they risk 50% of their business. Hobby Lobby, Target, the NFL come to mind.

A debt we can never repay…

Nov 11, 2017 — Guest Column

I’m talking about Today - Veterans Day. The day we pay tribute to Canadian Patriots past and present, who fought and keep fighting the good fight to keep us all free. Because here’s the bare-knuckled truth… the struggle for liberty never ends, and the wolves of tyranny are always at the door!

Let’s all honor & pray for all our veterans as well as all our brave military people everywhere.

God bless them all!

Thank you

Democrat “Big Wins”

Nov 9, 2017 — Guest Column

I’m sure Democrats around the country are celebrating what is being sold as their “big wins” on Nov. 7th. And I’m equally sure that Republicans are concerned about those wins translating into Democratic gains in 2018. That remains to be seen.

New Jersey was lost thanks to Chris Christie’s shenanigans and Virginia was lost because Republicans put forth an establishment candidate, Ed Gillespie, who had lost his run for Virginia Senator and then decided to run for Governor. The ad campaigns in Virginia leading up to this election were some of the nastiest I’ve ever seen. I believe that Northam’s win was largely due to his vote against Sanctuary cities. An unforced error by Republicans.

2 races does not a trend make, but it does put Republicans on notice. We, the people, have given you the opportunity to do the things we elected you to do. So far, you have failed miserably. Don’t blow it. You won’t get another chance and you are taking the American people down with you.

Only in Ontario

Nov 9, 2017 — Guest Column

This is the new update form LHIN produced and passed down to Ontario’s Community Health Service Centres across Ontario you may or not be asked to fill out depending on the location of centre.

So did Minister of Health Dr. Hoskins direct LHIN to produce this form,  and if so why do the Wynne Liberal’s need to know our personal information that is not related to health care?

The Duty to Protect the Border rests with the Federal Government

Nov 8, 2017 — Guest Column

It is very ironic that during the Obama years, when States tried to protect their own borders, they were shot down because, the courts said, security is the responsibility of the Federal Government. Yet, now we have President Trump taking responsibility for security and they are arguing that it is the right of the states.

It seems like this is a basic question that must be settled. When you look up “duties of the executive branch” every sites says: “Enforcing the laws of the United States”. Obama was correct that it was not the state’s right, problem was, he wouldn’t do it. Now we have a President who will do his job. We have immigration laws. It is up to the President to enforce them or up to Congress to change them.

Dr. Rene Boucher obviously was not thinking about his solemn oath when he attacked Dr. Rand Paul

Nov 7, 2017 — Guest Column

Doctors take an oath regarding their responsibilities to their patients and to society. The oath was rewritten in 1964 to be a more relevant document. One paragraph reads as follows: I will remember that I remain a member of society, with special obligations to all my fellow human beings, those sound of mind and body as well as the infirm.

Dr. Rene Boucher obviously was not thinking about his solemn oath when he attacked and seriously wounded Dr. Rand Paul on Dr. Paul’s own property.

This incident calls to question this, if a doctor, an anesthesiologist, doesn’t have the adult thought process and self-restraint not to attack another human being, then who does? Where are we headed as a society? It seems there is little hope when the most learned, the most committed to higher ideals, the life savers are attacking one another.

POTUS.45 TRUMP ~ A Cry For Help!

Nov 6, 2017 — Guest Column

Across the USA Americans are being shot down like dogs, and there is no end in sight! Obviously, government, police, etc. cannot/will not protect its citizens!

Suggestion: The President POTUS.45 TRUMP should immediately empower/deputize (call it whatever) military veterans, retireds, etc and arm them authorized to carry/concealed carry/both to protect our people when needed!

Today’s census violates Constitution by trampling our rights

Nov 5, 2017 — Guest Column

Today’s census violates Constitution by trampling our rights
OAKLAND, California —The U.S. Census Bureau is preparing for its next constitutionally mandated national head count, to be held in 2020.

Unfortunately, the Bureau’s 2020 Operation Plan reveals that an actual enumeration of the population—the only thing constitutionally permitted—will be but a small part of the overall effort.

The 192-page document filled with bureaucratic gobbledygook reminds us why the census should return to its original simplicity.

Clinton Campaign nearly bankrupted the DNC to stack the odds in her favor

Nov 3, 2017 — Guest Column

The news is slowly seeping out that the Clinton Campaign nearly bankrupted the DNC to stack the odds in her favor. That proved to be a colossal waste to money and human resources. It also begs the question, where were all the other Democrats? The party money is supposed to help state and local candidates as well as the nominee for President. So, not only did Bernie Sanders get cheated so did many down stream candidates.

The revelation of these antics should put the RNC, state and local groups on notice that this is the direct results of apathy. Everybody is too lazy or intimidated to do their job-including you and I. The void created by the lack of oversight opens the door for misuse.  The DNC is a perfect example.

The changing world energy economy

Nov 2, 2017 — Guest Column

The changing world energy economy
In recent years, particularly in the United States, we have seen substantial a change in public opinion regarding the production and distribution of energy, as well as its associated costs in the marketplace.

A good deal of that opinion can be attributed to publicity behind the push for green energy, coupled with misunderstandings of how energy is provided and paid for. However, the actual market changes that are occurring are more related to general business considerations, not public opinion.

The culture of damning the successful and expecting them to fix everything isn’t a winning play book

Nov 2, 2017 — Guest Column

I see and hear a lot of gloom and doom predictions about the proposed corporate tax cuts. So, I was wondering, if that tax income is so important and beneficial, why are things in the current state? Obviously, something isn’t working. It is time to try a new strategy.

I can understand the frustration of the people who are struggling and who see people living in luxury from corporate salaries or entrepreneurial investments. It is easy to call out the perceived fat cats. Economics isn’t that simple. A healthy economy will never have everyone on equal footing, unfortunately. Nor can a healthy economy survive without the rain makers, Warren Buffets, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, etc.

The culture of damning the successful and expecting them to fix everything isn’t a winning play book. They already provide jobs, enhance local economies, and support research and philanthropy. Perhaps, they could do more with less tax burden?

If Washington DC is a swamp, Hollywood is a cesspool

Nov 2, 2017 — Guest Column

Daily we see indications that if Washington DC is a swamp, Hollywood is a cesspool. And, for my money, they are far too intertwined. The cesspool has lots of money that the swamp needs. We all know that cesspools too close to swamps cause pollution. That is just what is happening, the swamp has become polluted. Time to clean up both.

Citizen’s energy dialog a disgrace

Nov 2, 2017 — Guest Column

Gospel in, gospel out.  That is how I would describe the booklet “Citizen Dialogue on Canada’s Energy Future”, published by the British Columbia-based Simon Fraser University Centre for Dialogue.  I was one of 30 citizens who attended the Centre’s Vancouver dialogue, which was one of five federally-funded dialogues that took place across Canada prior to a combined dialogue held in Winnipeg between October 11 – 13.  The booklet was required reading for participants in this $1 million project.

The booklet made it clear that the outcome of the dialogues was predetermined from the start.  All of its assumptions were slanted towards the flawed idea that carbon dioxide (CO2) is bad and anthropogenic CO2 even worse.  Greenhouse gases were mentioned throughout, but never defined.  There was no mention of water vapour in the booklet.  Yet Environment Canada itself states, “The most important naturally occurring greenhouse gas is water vapour and it is the largest contributor to the natural greenhouse effect.” Water vapour is 95% by volume of all the greenhouse gases.