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Muslims consider Jesus a prophet

Obama: ‘My Muslim faith.’ I would never say ‘my Buddhist faith’

By —— Bio and Archives--September 8, 2008

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B. Hussein Obama in an ABC interview slipped up by saying “my Muslim faith.”

I am a Christian. If I were in an interview or otherwise, I would never even think of saying “my Buddhist faith” or “my New Age faith” or “my Episcopalian faith.”

I am none of these. I have never intended to be one of these. I never plan on being one of these. I have never thought of myself under these labels.

Therefore, I would never let slip out of lips any such confession.

Yet B. Hussein did just that. He said “my Muslim faith.”

That is because Muslims consider Jesus a prophet, hence B. Hussein stating to media that he prays to Jesus every day. Maybe he does, praying to the Muslim prophet Jesus.

Biblical Christians believe Jesus to be the biblical God incarnate.. Christ said that no one comes to the Father but by Him. Christ called Himself the Light of the World, the Way, Truth and the Life, the Door, and so forth.

Christ’s followers regarded Him as deity in flesh and bones. They were persecuted for believing that. They were adamant however in holding to that tenet for they had faith that the Messiah appeared in the Carpenter of Nazareth.

Biblical Christians never regard Jesus as merely a prophet or social example or humanitarian. Muslims consider Jesus as a prophet who will return with their Islamic messiah. The Islamic messiah will return to Earth in the midst of a holocaust, hence the Iranian thug president planning on blowing up the world in order to usher in the Islamic messiah.

On 9-11, there were those Muslims who exclaimed aloud, “I am Christian.” Reports are that they did so for safety’s sake. They were in fact Muslims. But they claimed to be “Christian.”

That was permissible for Jesus is regarded in the line of prophets; therefore, a Muslim can claim to be “Christian” while all the while giving full allegiance to Allah.

Interestingly enough, members of the United Church of Christ (Congregational) to which B. Hussein belongs can claim to be anything religious, even Muslim and Christian. The UCC is that theologically liberal members can write their own creeds, their own ‘holy writ.’

Consequently, for B. Hussein to testify that he is “Christian” is in keeping with Islam and the UCC.

Further, Islamics are taught via the Koran to lie in order to advance Allah’s cause. Therefore, for B. Hussein even to lie about his religious label is permissible.

I repeat: I would never refer to myself as a Buddhist, New Age devotee, Anglican or Hindu because those tags never come to my mind when speaking about my relationship to God.

I am Christian. I say I am Christian. I would never let slip another religious allegiance for that would never cross my mind.

That “my Muslim faith” from B. Hussein is fact. He is Muslim.

Grant Swank -- Bio and Archives | Comments

Grant Swank is a columnist from Maine

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