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America Demands Truth and Constitutional Accountability

Obama Stepdown

By Harry Riley, COL, USA —— Bio and Archives--February 11, 2011

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All we’ve heard out of the Obama Administration for the last two weeks is mixed condemnation and support of the Egyptian government and support of the people which likely means “support for the Muslim Brotherhood”

Obama has been calling for transparency, meaningful democracy, a government peaceful transition, history in the making, on and on for Egypt,  while Obama himself has failed miserably in America. Failure in open government, open public information about himself, unwilling to be transparent in his records, birth information, legislative activity in the dark of night, filling his administration with communist, radicals, socialist, progressives and supporting every manner of immoral, dishonorable, and unconstitutional action…......Obama is the mirror image of Hosni Mubarak…and maybe worse.

It’s beyond time for Americans that love our nation, our constitution, republic principles to indeed make a stand…...we should take a lesson from the Egyptian grievance process.

Is the time March 19, 2011, in D.C. or some other date, but America, if we are ever going to throw Obama and his destructive policies, activity, and unconstitutional direction out of power before 2012, we will have to do it like the Egyptians.

That means plan to be in DC for however long it takes to cause Obama to validate his credentials to serve as president; demand the US Congress stop all the spending driving America toward destruction; demand the US Supreme Court investigate and verify Barack Obama in accordance with Article 2, Section 1 of the US Constitution with regard to qualification…..but then again we know his father was a British/Kenya citizen which makes Obama a dual citizen, not of “natural citizen birth” thus ineligible to serve as president.  The only way we will ever get the US congress and US Supreme Court to act is field millions of peaceful Americans in Washington, D.C. for as long as it takes.  This number would totally bring Washington D.C. to a halt…...a stand-still.

Just like the Egyptian grievance event, no planning beyond a rally point, identifying a date, suggesting signs/placards/banners and show up in Washington D.C. with all intentions to stay there until our demands are satisfied.

When will it be?  Some are already working on March 19, 2011, and likely many of us will be there…....the question…can this develop into a “America Demands Truth and Constitutional Accountability” moment??

It will take serious thought and serious patriots…..and remember, March in DC is not warm…......

Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret.,

Guest Column Harry Riley, COL, USA -- Bio and Archives | Comments

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