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Open Letter to Speaker John Boehner

Immigration is not a political issue.  It is one of sovereignty and the rule of Constitutional law

By Greg Easley —— Bio and Archives April 6, 2013

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Dear Speaker Boehner,

I am writing to you about Immigration Reform.  As of late last year, the total estimated number of illegals in America exceeds nearly 20 million people at a cost of $118 Billion dollars annually.  That is twice the population of many States and very nearly the population of Texas.  It exceeds the entire State Budget of Georgia by 600% for 2013.

As Speaker of the House, I expect you to follow the law as it exists today.  It is the duty and the law of our nation that our borders be defended by the United States government.  Our existing laws are not unfair, not unusual, and certainly not discriminating.  Every facet of our existing immigration laws has been totally ignored including:  defense of the border, annual immigration limits, the basic requirements to immigrate and assimilate, loyalty to the United States and personal responsibility.  Are they all “criminals” – “Yes” because they committed an intentional felony when they stepped over the border.  This is not in dispute.  They commit additional felonies while they are here like income tax evasion, entitlement theft, counterfeit ID use and voter fraud.  And “Yes” I am tired of having to “Press 1 for English” whether they are legal or not.

I ask you these questions: “How many of these 20 million illegal residents are in the United States to do us harm?  Do we know?  Does Congress care that there may be as many as 1 million armed illegals that have crossed the border with the sole intent of doing grievous harm to our nation?  Has anyone in Congress studied the actual cost of 20 million people being here illegally – not just in dollars but in cultural and political damage?  Has anyone thought about what 1 million people could do at any given moment to destroy our infrastructure, our population centers, our internet capabilities, with or without weapons of mass destruction?  Has anyone given any thought at all to what a street war would be like if just one quarter of them decided to attack our homes or our businesses at the same time?  What about the degradation of our medical care, our education system, our job growth, loss of taxes and all the cash that is sent out of country?  How much does it cost each American household every year, and what will be the cost if all of these illegals get amnesty or Visas because certain members of Congress want their votes or fear President Obama’s divisive rhetoric?

The Republican Party will not get the votes of Hispanics and certainly not the others that come here illegally just because they supported a patently ridiculous miracle of sudden citizen legitimacy.  The Republican Party will not get conservative or independents’ votes either if they support any new legislation that allows people that commit multiple felonies, regardless of the reasons they came to the United States.

Every nation has the same basic laws for immigration and every nation puts them in prison or deports them if they come illegally, especially Mexico and Canada.  Yes we are aware of just how egregious our government as failed to protect our borders, our citizens and our sovereignty.

We have immigration laws, enforce them first.  Playing one-upmanship with President Obama is not the answer.  It could be an election issue for sure, but only if Republicans make it one by responding to every Alinsky styled issue that Obama raises.  Surely you are aware of what he is doing.

If Republicans want the votes of any voter bloc, they need to appeal to them with the true foundations of our government, not by pandering or rewarding them with billions of dollars worth of entitlements or special exceptions to the law for those that broke our laws to begin with.  Ask the leaders of Mexico and Canada if they are willing to do that so Americans can storm their borders with impunity and take billions of dollars worth of entitlements and property from their countrymen and women.  I’m pretty sure they would be just as offended by that request as we are with any kind of immigration reform that goes beyond sending the 30,000 DHS drones to patrol our borders rather than to spy on honest Americans who just want their country back.  That is the only legislation conservatives will support – a law forcing the President and the DHS to do their jobs or be impeached for Treason against the United States and its every citizen.  We rule by majority, not special interests like the Chambers of Commerce,  labor unions or political party interests.  When the border is certifiably closed, then we can have a national discussion about temporary work permits – but no amnesty, no entitlements whatsoever, ever.

For the days going forward, I ask you to vote against all these distractions raised by President Obama.  We cannot afford, in any fashion, to support any immigration reform bill unless it is a single piece of legislation to force closure of our borders with no riders and no pork.  In the meantime, it’s time to defund the DHS.  They have broken the law and should be held accountable.       

It is time that Republicans unite together.  Bashing the Tea Party or punishing any conservative for pushing back is not the answer and will cost the GOP dearly in 2014 and 2016.  It is time to ignore Barack Obama’s political games, his rhetoric and do the right things for all American citizens.  That is your platform for success.  Our message is clear.  Immigration is not a political issue.  It is one of sovereignty and the rule of Constitutional law.  Anyone that votes or proceeds with another usurpation of our rights and our sovereignty will not get our votes.  If necessary, we will just stay home on election day.

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