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Sovereign Nation

Texas entered the United States as a free and sovereign Nation

By —— Bio and Archives--April 17, 2009

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Texas entered the United States as a free and sovereign Nation. No other state can claim that. In the “Joint Resolution” for annexation of Texas, the Congress granted Texas the right to divide itself into four additional states. That right was reconfirmed in the Compromise of 1850.

As a Sovereign Nation instead of a territory there is no provision in the Constitution for Annexation of a Sovereign Nation. Since the document that annexed Texas was a Joint Resolution instead of a Treaty was Texas Constitutionally annexed?? The vote in the Congress of the United States fell 4 votes short of the Constitutional requirement for ratification of a Treaty. There fore if Texas was not constitutionally annexed why can’t we go our separate way as a Republic??

Plano, Texas

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