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World of chaos and debauchery, destroying the economy to protect a bird going extinct

The Northwest Spotted Owl Monumental Screw Up

By —— Bio and Archives--August 13, 2008

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When government messes with Mother Nature and other systems containing many variables, they invariably get it wrong ........ usually way wrong!  And the cost of their gross negligence and stupidity can be, and most often is, staggering.

imageWhat a wonderful idea it was to save the Northwest Spotted Owl (NWSO) from extinction.  How noble and fitting it was that government would reach out with the strong arm of the law, using the iron whip of the Endangered Species Act, coupled with the environmentalist’s highly questionable Best Available Science (BAS), to save this majestic bird that was supposedly being driven to annihilation by the logger’s chain saw.  These corrupt politicians and over-educated environmental idiots couldn’t wait to take a giant leap into the world of regulation and restriction, to save a species that was going extinct for reasons that had absolutely nothing to do with logging or loss of habitat.  The bird’s demise had everything to do with another bird, the Barred Owl, that had been moving west for about 100 years and was taking over the NWSO’s habitat, mating with them and eating them.  In an unmitigated and ludicrous response to this new information on the NWSO’s demise, the government is going to start killing the Barred Owl.  And all of this wonderful altruistic action to save a stupid bird was lobbied heavily by that great environmental organization of bird watchers, the Audubon Society, who sued government to get their way.

Science is a wonderful thing when it is properly applied.  But when mixed with politics, it enters the world of chaos and debauchery.  Such was the negligent decision by our all-benevolent government to drive over 40,000 Northwest loggers, mill operators and wood product employees out of business that ended up in divorces, lost homes and jobs, loss of income, loss of pride in their vital work and government’s half-hearted attempts at retraining.  All for a bird that was going to go extinct anyway.  Government’s actions boggle the mind and bring heartache and ruin to the people that are effected, mostly rural landowners.  Government’s action to protect the NWSO was obvisouly based on poor, doctored, inadequate, or non-existent science.  See the article on the Spotted Owl in the August 13th edition of the Seattle Times.

The problem here is the application of science without adequate data and provable, long-term observations.  It comes from trying to tweak a non-linear dynamic system that has many variables, with each variable containing wide possibilities.  Any credible scientist will tell you that attempts to predict the behavior of a non-linear dynamic system containing many variables, can produce unpredictable and inaccurate results, especially if the predictions are applied over long periods of time.  This applies to endangered species and it applies equally to climate change.  Everyone empirically knows that a weather report is only good for about two hours.  Attempts to predict weather out 5 to 10 days or more, is an exercise in fantasy.  Attempts to predict climate change out 50 to a hundred years or more is just plain stupidity.  You would think the environmentalists and the government would know better.

A species in the wild is impacted by a plethora of factors, many of which are not taken into account when environmentalists apply their Best Available Science to come up with regulations restricting human behavior.  Even a small or ignored factor can result in a large change in a non-linear dynamic system.  It is known as the “Butterfly effect”.  But what these idiots do is to doctor up their science with manufactured results.  Scientists know it as “Made-As-Instructed”.  A desired outcome is used to “doctor” the evidence to substantiate the science.  Thus, these folks use manufactured science as propaganda to sell a specifically desired outcome to the government and the people.  In other words, they lie.  What they do is an outright fraud and should receive the same punishment that is inflicted on all criminals that perpetrate a fraud.  The same goes for the government and environmental-sponsored fraud that is man-caused global warming.  These frauds take away constitutional rights and cost millions, sometimes billions, sometimes trillions of our tax dollars.  If the CEO’s and presidents of private companies conducted science and defrauded their customers the way government and the environmentalists do, they would most surely go to jail.

Environmentalists cry “wolf” on very little data and way-too-short time periods to come up with meaningful predictions, as they have with endangered species and global warming.  Unfortunately, environmentalism has become a cult of mindless followers with a distorted vision of how humans and the Earth should relate to each other.  Earth gets the highest priorities — over people — in spite of true science.  Constitutional law and individual rights are the farthest thing from their minds. 

One wonders what the real reason was for trying to save the NWSO from extinction.  The scientists were well aware of the Barred Owl’s impact on the NWSO at the time of the designation.  Could it have been more about preserving forests and open space?  Do the environmentalists hate logging that much?  Or could it have been purposeful propaganda for an entirely different agenda, perhaps a United Nations inspired agenda? The agenda being, making all natural areas off limits to humans, by government edict, using any rationale they could come up with, like a bird that was going to go extinct anyway.  This draconian action by government and the environmentalists that lobby them, has come to be known as the “Northwest Spotted Owl Monumental Screw Up”.  Will government or environmental heads roll as a result of this screw up?  Are they liable for the damages done to the thousands of people whose jobs and livelihood depended on Northwest forests?  Of course not.  The perpetrators will just be promoted and this environmental insanity will continue unabated.

It doesn’t take guns to conquer a people, it just takes millions of stupid laws and a people who are willing to follow them blindly, without question.”  Ron Ewart

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Ron Ewart, President, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF RURAL LANDOWNERS. An organization dedicated to re-establish, preserve, protect and defend property rights.

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