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In 2016 Americans Were A Sure Bet Because Donald Trump Believed in Them

In 2016 Americans Were A Sure Bet Because Donald Trump Believed in ThemDemocrats: What do you have in common with Billionaires?
How do you explain your support of a party of wealthy elites who live highly at your expense?

Did you know that almost every well-known billionaire backed Hillary Clinton?

Did you know that almost every one of them shorted the markets - meaning, they bet on the markets to plummet right after the November 2016 elections?

By Andrew G. Benjamin - Saturday, March 2, 2019

Is a Second Civil War Coming?

Is a Second Civil War Coming?Civil wars are horrendous and bloody affairs. That’s why we should avoid them.  They happen when two sides cannot settle on who runs the country.  When they can’t reconcile the matter through elections, the country falls apart.  When one side does not accept the election results, we have a countdown to a civil war. 

This is the thesis put forth by journalist Daniel Greenfield.  It rings true on many levels.

Does the fact that Democrats are rejecting a duly elected Republican president really mean they don’t accept the results of any election they don’t win?  If so, we may be already nearing America’s Second Civil War.

By Jeff Lukens - Saturday, March 2, 2019

Invasion of the USA IS A National Emergency!

Invasion of the USA IS A National Emergency!This will be very short and to the point, folks.  Candidate for president of the United States Donald J. Trump’s premier campaign promise—amongst multiple others—was to build “The Wall” at the US Southern border.  The emergencies that have existed for years—and exist to this day—at said border include massive drug trafficking, massive human trafficking, illegal immigrants who are reintroducing diseases into our country that had all but been eradicated, increased rapes and murders and the changing of demographics in our country; demographics that are changing the face of our country—illegally.  The promised and projected wall would correct the vast majority of the problems we have today at our US-Mexico border.

By Sher Zieve - Saturday, March 2, 2019

Fire “Red For Ed” Teachers And Start Over

Fire Red For Ed Teachers And Start Over,Go online and do research on the recent West Virginia teachers strike, and low and behold, the Democratic Media Industrial Complex all get in line to report on this non-catastrophe. They are all there: National Public Radio, the New York Times, CNN, USA Today, CBS News, and Time Magazine—to get behind the teachers union like Pavlov’s dogs.

As the West Virginia House of Delegates killed a bill that would allow for charter schools and private school vouchers, the American Federation of Teachers was there to celebrate its political muscle and their continual ability to give students the finger. According to the print edition of NPR, cheers came from the rooms in the Capitol where teachers on strike had assembled, and Fred Albert, president of West Virginia chapter of the American Federation of Teachers, told The Associated Press, “It was very clear today that the House heard our voice.”

By Daniel Wiseman - Saturday, March 2, 2019

Dems Planning to Eliminate Red States

Dems Planning to Eliminate Red StatesThe next national election will be contentious. Given that Democrats have literally lost their minds over the last one, they plan on never losing another national election. There is no doubt that Democrats, especially new leaders coming on the scene, want a secular socialist government with all vestiges of Judeo-Christianity removed. It competes with their progressive socialist theology. They will not abide with another Republican win. This is how they think they will do it.

By Ray DiLorenzo - Saturday, March 2, 2019

How low will they go in their hate of Trump Obsession?

How low will they go in their hate of Trump Obsession?This week, President Trump was is in Hanoi, Vietnam negotiating with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. This was their second summit, which marked tremendous progress from previous administrations. Ultimately, the goal of these talks will be to remove nuclear weapons from the Korean peninsula. Unfortunately, the North Koreans were not willing to commit to making serious strides toward the goal of denuclearization, so the President refused to ease any of our economic sanctions that have been placed on the country. The end result was no signing agreement, but the expectation is that talks will continue.

Having two summits with North Korea within a year after decades of intensifying threats signifies a significant improvement in relations between the two countries. It shows how an actual leader like President Trump can achieve real results in a short period of time.

By Jeff Crouere - Friday, March 1, 2019

Want To Know What Is Wrong?

Want To Know What Is Wrong?You know, there are things in life which are totally incomprehensible, then again, one of the lessons that we learn as we mature and grow older is that much of what made sense earlier in our lives does not make any more sense today and, vice-versa, much of what we thought was irrational before, nowadays, seems obvious and becoming. Somewhere in-between, however, there are seemingly inexplicable situations which crudely defy logic. This axiomatic controversy is particularly true when dealing with the prevalent political landscape of our United States of America today – then again, it may not be as inconsequential as we thought it was.

I personally believe that all I see going on in our nation today defies all rationales. The actors must know something I don’t – it is that inexplicable. Specifically, it all transcends the whys and wherefores - at times dangerously bordering on the surreal; it is that outré.

By Obie Usategui - Friday, March 1, 2019

Pre-school education is absolutely vital to America’s security

Pre-school education is absolutely vital to America’s securityNewport News, Virginia — Out my window at Huntington Ingalls Industries, I can see the USS Enterprise, the first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier ever built. She is the eighth United States naval vessel to bear that name, dating back to the Continental Navy sloop-of-war that served in Lake Champlain’s Battle of Quebec in 1775.

Even the Star Trek Enterprise was named for her.  She is decommissioned now, but for a half-century, she was America’s sharpest spear at the Cuban Missile Crisis, in Vietnam, in the Persian Gulf.

By Mike Petters - Friday, March 1, 2019

Playing with fire: repubs brandishing liberal torch

Playing with fire: repubs brandishing liberal torchHaving lived and worked in both Cathy McMorris Rogers and Greg Walden’s districts, I’ve seen the infiltration of liberals settling in their rural, and historically conservative, regions. The result of the migration of leftists into right country makes it apparent that these two (and other republicans facing liberal incursion) will cross the line if the President can be expected to take the heat and cover for their transgression.

The 13 republicans who voted to disapprove the president’s invoking a national emergency due to the porous southern border allowing drugs, human traffickers and vicious criminals to saunter across, is nothing more than a political two-step (is there a pun in that?). Relying on the excuse that only Congress can designate funds, Rep. McMorris Rogers and the others decided to overrule their own branch that had legislated power to the president in the event of a national emergency, which would include allocating funds for the solution. (Note: the final text of the law is not available in digital form.)

By A. Dru Kristenev - Friday, March 1, 2019

Communist Propaganda and Revisionist History

Communist Propaganda and Revisionist HistoryThe communist propaganda has intensified at a fever pitch. It’s not just the supine main stream media that constantly bombard us with scripted and highly subjective chats/gossip pretending to be “news,” canned and distributed by the same progressive owners of the mass media who order their minions to read the latest socialist Democrat talking points. The objective is to use irrational mob mentality in order to stir hatred towards our President and of anything remotely conservative or pro-America.

It is Hollywood that makes a living in capitalist America by reading their movie lines written by someone else, and acting on celluloid as they are told, influencing Millennials with brains full of runny grits, telling us in front of microphones that they are experts because of a movie role they’ve played. Their educational “expertise” is contradicted by their high school dropout status.

By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh - Thursday, February 28, 2019

Infanticide is just the beginning of Socialism

Infanticide is just the beginning of SocialismThe list of morally bankrupt Democrats running for president in 2020 is beyond comprehension. These socialist crackpots promise equality for the masses, but they never mention it’s at the expense of freedom, liberty, and individual rights. Freedom and individual rights cannot exist in a government that takes bread from the mouths of those who earned it to give it to those who haven’t, and that’s what Democrat socialists propose. And individual rights cannot exist in a government that denies the right to life to the most vulnerable and helpless - infants. But, that’s what these Democrat socialists support.

By Charles Wills - Thursday, February 28, 2019

Facebook Insider Leaks Docs; Explains “Deboosting” “Troll Report” & Political Targeting in Interview

Facebook Insider Leaks Docs; Explains Deboosting Troll Report & Political Targeting in InterviewProject Veritas has obtained and published documents and presentation materials from a former Facebook insider. This information describes how Facebook engineers plan and go about policing political speech. Screenshots from a Facebook workstation show the specific technical actions taken against political figures, as well as “[e]xisting strategies” taken to combat political speech.

By Project Veritas - Thursday, February 28, 2019

Howard Schultz Could Use a Little Caffeine

Howard Schultz Could Use a Little CaffeineHoward Stern has the same likelihood of being elected president in 2020 as Howard Schultz, but the Stern campaign would be much more interesting. And Stern already has nationwide name identification that ‘Starbucks’ Schultz lacks.

Outside the business pages, the only major coverage Schultz has received in the recent past has been negative. Howard’s news coverage includes the hilarious ‘Race Together’ effort where Starbucks’ baristas were instructed to grill customers about America’s ‘systemic race problems’, while America’s first black president observed from the Oval Office.

By Michael R. Shannon - Thursday, February 28, 2019

Covering up paintings of Columbus imprisons history

Covering up paintings of Columbus imprisons historyASHLAND, Ohio — The University of Notre Dame plans to cover murals depicting Columbus as benevolent toward Native Americans because they offend some people. Is this a silly example of political correctness?  Yes, and it’s harmful too.

A Christian school should be concerned not to offend others, of course.  But to paraphrase Thomas Aquinas, the patron Saint of academics and universities, there is something more important than not offending others, and that’s honoring the truth.  If we do not honor the truth above all, then we build on falsehood, and nothing good, not even enduring concern for others, will come of that.

By Guest Column - Wednesday, February 27, 2019