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City politicians blame homeowners for living too close to exploding propane facility

imageEven as they were being evacuated from the danger zone, residents of a north Toronto neighbourhood forced out by a series of powerful explosions at a propane storage facility early Sunday morning were being blamed for buying homes encroaching an industrial area.

  Sunrise Propane, scene of the blast site, given permission to store propane in 2006, has been operating for a decade near Keele and Wilson, just south of Downsview, home of the Pope John Paul II visit in 2002.

By Judi McLeod - Monday, August 11, 2008 - Full Story

Tehran accepts plan by Iraq for truce and direct talks

Part 37 – AUGUST 8, 1988
‘‘Yes, we accepted the proposal of the Secretary General on the face-to-face negotiations after the cease-fire.’’ - Ali Akbar Velayati, Iran Foreign Minister

According to the Un Secretary General, Ali Akbar Velayati, the Iranian Foreign Minister, has promised to send him a letter formally accepting the compromise proposal put forward by the Iraqi President, Saddam Hussein.

By Dr. Ludwig de Braeckeleer - Monday, August 11, 2008 - Full Story

Volleyball, Democracy, & War

By Michael Travis

Overshadowed by the dazzling spectacle of the Olympic games in Beijing, the all out war between Russia and Georgia has received scant coverage and analysis in the North American media. America’s enemies however, have forsaken the broadcasts of table-tennis and competitive line-dancing, giving their undivided attention to what they view as far better sport; the defeat of “Team America” at the hand of the undisputed champion of international discord, Russia.

According to the Red Cross, Georgian and Ossetian civilians are seeking safe haven in Turkey, a move that has caused the Turkish government to reassess its stalled bid for NATO membership. In a week that has seen General David Petraeus pledging more military equipment and specialised training for the Hizballah-dominated Lebanese government, U.S. State Dept. negotiations with the Iranian leadership in Geneva, and Presidential kow-towing to the Communist regime in China, you can bet the bank that Japan, Taiwan, Israel, and Eastern Europe’s new NATO members, are becoming very nervous indeed.

By Guest Column Michael Travis- Sunday, August 10, 2008 - Full Story

Saddam ready to accept cease fire

Part 36 – AUGUST 7, 1988
‘’We extend a hand of friendship and peace to the people of Iran in spite of the bitterness we feel deep inside for the aggression that has afflicted us.’’ - President Saddam Hussein of Iraq

Today, President Saddam Hussein of Iraq announced that he would accept the UN proposed cease fire if Iran agrees to begin direct peace talks immediately after the truce.

By Dr. Ludwig de Braeckeleer - Sunday, August 10, 2008 - Full Story

Obama running in violation of US election law


KISSING off speculation on Obama’s birth certificate

I have been asked by several readers to stick to subjects that apply only to organized crime and political corruption within Las Vegas. However, these E-Briefs are nationally distributed, and I regularly receive pertinent information from sources outside Las Vegas. The last time I checked, Las Vegas is inside the United States of America, and therefore the following information will definitely affect the welfare of my city, and is qualified to be included in these INSIDE VEGAS E-Briefs.

By Steve Miller - Saturday, August 9, 2008 - Full Story

Moqtada al Sadr’s Penchant for ‘Community Organizing’

Radical Iraqi Shi’ite cleric Moqtada al Sadr is planning to disarm his Mahdi Army and oversee its transformation from Islamist fighting force into a civic and social service organization. Al Sadr wants us to believe that this cadre of anti-American jihadists is going to voluntarily lay down their weapons and all become “community organizers.” The truth is that al Sadr has been an attentive student, having studied the transformations of Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza from violent jihadi organizations into armed factions validated by the electoral and political processes.

By Frank Salvato - Saturday, August 9, 2008 - Full Story

Congress opposes Reagan plan to compensate Iranians

Part 34 – AUGUST 5 1988
‘’I haven’t seen a vote here for you yet. If there was a vote today, you would not get Congressional approval.’’ - US Representative Ike Skelton, Democrat of Missouri

President Reagan has announced that the United States would compensate the families of the 290 victims who died in the downing of Iran Flight 665 by the USS Vincennes on July 3rd.

By Dr. Ludwig de Braeckeleer - Saturday, August 9, 2008 - Full Story

Can we know the truth?

Part 35 - AUGUST 6, 1988
‘’Aegis is just one of many flawed weapons the United States is buying, weapons often unsuited to a real combat environment.’’ - Denny Smith, US Representative and Vietnam War veteran

News leaked about the Navy’s internal investigation of the destruction of an Iranian passenger jet by the Aegis cruiser Vincennes last month have already created some embarrassment for the administration.

By Dr. Ludwig de Braeckeleer - Saturday, August 9, 2008 - Full Story

Can Obama End the “Age of Oil”?

Barack Obama says the U.S. must “end the age of oil in our time,” with “real results by the end of my first term in office.”

By Dennis Avery - Friday, August 8, 2008 - Full Story

US Administration cautious on Airbus inquiry

Part 33 – AUGUST 4, 1988
‘’The news report has proved what we have said until now and in my speech to the Security Council. The United States has full responsibility in this matter.’’—Ali Akbar Velayati, Foreign Minister of Iran

The Reagan Administration reacted cautiously today to a news report that a military investigation would show that mistakes by the crew aboard an American warship in the Persian Gulf were responsible for the downing of an Iranian airbus a month ago.

By Dr. Ludwig de Braeckeleer - Friday, August 8, 2008 - Full Story

Obama and Odinga: The True Story

imageThe mainstream media has justified ignoring this story based on a “conspiracy theory” chain email ( making the rounds from some African missionaries. examined the email—which claims Obama gave $1MM to Odinga’s campaign—and declared it “a pants on fire”. 

However, the underlying (more important issues) are verifiably true. In August and September 2006, Senator Barack Obama traveled to South Africa, Chad, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Chad and Kenya as a congressional delegation of one (Codel Obama) (“Codel Obama” The Hill 9/7/2006)  While in Kenya, Obama consistently appeared at the side of fellow Luo Raila Odinga (“your agent for change’), who was running for President. (“Senator Rebukes Kenya’s Corruption” Chicago Sun Times 8/29/2006) Because of his African heritage, Obama was treated as a virtual “Head of State” in Kenya While campaigning with Odinga, Obama was openly critical of governmental corruption under President Mibaki –usually a fair, if undiplomatic, criticism from an objective observer.

By Guest Column Paula Abeles- Friday, August 8, 2008 - Full Story

A first ever non-functional President in Pakistan?

imageIslamabad August 8, 2008-The Ruling Pakistan Peoples Party and Pakistan Muslim League (N) leaders have decided to make new history. President Pervez Musharraf is not welcome any more in any government function. The Ruling Coalition wants him to become the first ever non-functional President in the history of Pakistan. Verbal orders have been issued to all the federal government departments and also to the four provincial governments not to invite the President of Pakistan for the opening of any ceremony.

By Hamid Mir - Friday, August 8, 2008 - Full Story

Inexperience crew blamed for USS Vincennes tragedy

Part 32 – AUGUST 3 1988
Nerves were shattered, and the training seemed nonexistent.” The USS Vincennes Incident [1]

US Defense Department officials said that the investigation into the downing of an Iranian airliner by the USS Vincennes on July 3 blames the error on the high level psychological stress of the crew and its inexperience of combat situation.

By Dr. Ludwig de Braeckeleer - Thursday, August 7, 2008 - Full Story

PETA compares death of Greyhound bus passenger to cruelty to animals

imageWith his family and friends still grieving the tragic hacking death of 22-year-old Tim McLean on a Greyhound bus, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are comparing his death to the acts of cruelty by the meat industry.

  Young McLean will be laid to rest on Saturday.  Yesterday PETA announced it would be running an ad in the Portage Daily Graphic “comparing the similarities between this gruesome bus butchering and the acts of cruelty and killing performed every day by the meat industry.”

  Referring to the Greyhound bus beheading of young McLean “as though it were a gruesome scene in a horror movie”, PETA posited “the tragic incident will certainly leave scars on the minds of other passengers and the victim’s family and friends.”

By Judi McLeod - Thursday, August 7, 2008 - Full Story

Islamobil: Mosque on Wheels

imageIn one of my articles,Terrorists’ Bill of Rights, I described how America will be taken over by the Muslims. I warned that Muslims do it first by establishing Mosques in every town and city.  These mosques range from the ostentatious, such as the one in Washington D.C., to the academically-cloaked university Islamic centers, to the innocuous storefront types and even prison chapels. One and all have the same aims: Hold the faithful in line, recruit as many new adherents by any and all means, and indoctrinate one and all in the imperative of Islamic conquest.

By Amil Imani - Thursday, August 7, 2008 - Full Story

Search for Maddy still alive

imageHeartache in paper files.  That’s what the parents of Madeleine McCann were handed when the Portuguese police officially closed their books on the Maddy search last month.

  That the people who cared most about her had to wait until long after the trail ran cold before getting any tangible evidence of the police search has to be one of the most tragic aspects of the missing Maddy case.

  Potentially crucial information reported to Portuguese police only one month after Maddy disappeared, is only now only public information with the release of previously secret police files.

  “Investigators for Kate and Gerry McCann are probing claims that a girl calling herself “Maddy” was seen in the Netherlands after their child vanished,” (BBC, Aug. 6, 2008).

By Judi McLeod - Wednesday, August 6, 2008 - Full Story

Move Over David Duke, There’s a New Racist Running for the White House

Imagine an America that is bowing to tolerance and becoming enlightened through a higher level of consciousness. Visualize a country where younger generations will arise with no hatred, no bias and live free of closed minded prejudices. Just when you envision this dream of harmony and acceptance on the brink of society, a society ripe for unity are given a golden opportunity to participate in a revolution. The One arrives on the scene like a liberator to the molested.

By Guest Column Cristi Adkins- Wednesday, August 6, 2008 - Full Story

UN Secretary General to announce cease-fire

Part 31 – AUGUST 2, 1988
‘‘I express deep regret at the mission’s conclusion that chemical weapons continue to be used against Iranian forces and positions.’’—Javier Perez de Cuellar, United Nations Secretary General

UN Secretary General Javier Perez de Cuellar said that he would declare a cease-fire in the Iran-Iraq war. He added that he will decide on the date based on the recommendations of a military mission sent by the UN in the Gulf.

By Dr. Ludwig de Braeckeleer - Wednesday, August 6, 2008 - Full Story

Marxist Momma heads Denver Dem Convention

Leah DaughtryRev. Jeremiah Wright in a skirt is Chief Executive Officer of this month’s Democratic National Convention in Denver.

  While the media hounded Wright for his anti-American rants and while presidential hopeful Senator Barack Hussein Obama divorced him as his personal pastor, Obama’s head will be crowned by Leah Daughtry, who ardently believes in the same Marxist “Black Liberation Theology” preached by Wright.

Readers can step, figuratively into Daughtry’s Washington, DC church with the New York Times:

…”Behind her as she preached, a simple wooden cross hung on a brick wall, in the vaulted and sizable sanctuary of the church, which is headed by her father, Herbert Daughtry.  A prison convert who served time in his early 20s for armed robbery and passing bad checks, Herbert Daughtry—whose father founded the church and whose grandfather and great-grandfather were also ministers—became the church’s pastor 50 years ago, and today Leah was delivering the sermon as part of an anniversary celebration.


By Judi McLeod - Tuesday, August 5, 2008 - Full Story

US and Iran in talks over American hostages

Part 30 – AUGUST 1st, 1988
‘‘We respect the wish of the PLO, the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people to secede from us in an independent Palestinian state.’‘
King Hussein of Jordan, August 1st 1988

Over the last week, Washington and Tehran have exchanged a few messages through a third party. The message from the US administration is said to congratulate Iran for accepting the cease fire and to seek the help of Iranians officials to secure the safe release of the US citizens held hostage in Lebanon.

By Dr. Ludwig de Braeckeleer - Tuesday, August 5, 2008 - Full Story