New Zona Plus Device To Treat Hypertension

What we need is other devices like ZP to get more North Americans off drugs

New Zona Plus Device To Treat Hypertension

- Dr. Gifford Jones  Sunday, February 10, 2013
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Why would patients choose to endure the side-effects of blood pressure pills when a new Zona Plus exercise can ease hypertension? Before you say “it’s too good to be true”, let me tell you about F-16 fighter pilots. These pilots have to withstand huge G-forces in combat to prevent them from blacking out. This presented a major dilemma for flight researchers.

It turned out researchers solved two diverse problems at the same time. Studies showed that exercises to strengthen abdominal muscles decreased the effect of gravitational force. But they also discovered that hand gripping exercises could lower blood pressure. This has lead to the development of the Zona Plus device.

A recent article in the Journal of Hypertension analyzed several clinical studies of Zona Plus. It concluded that ZP can decrease the risk of stroke by 46 percent and coronary heart disease by 29 percent. And there are 15 published peer review articles that show that there are significant drops in blood pressure for over 95 percent of patients.

But how does Zona Plus work? We all know that aerobic exercise is good for the heart. For instance, bicycling regularly for 30 minutes typically drops blood pressure 4 to 8 millimeters. But isometric exercise for just 12 minutes with the Zona Plus device decreases blood pressure 2 to 3 times that much.

Initially patients grasp the small hand-held Zona Plus to measure their own grip strength in both hands. This measurement is then used to calculate the amount of grip strength needed to restrict blood flow in the forearms. By decreasing blood flow, nitric oxide, a powerful natural dilator, is released by the arteries’ innermost lining which lowers blood pressure. The ZP device also causes a change in vagal control much like doing yoga without the time commitment.

To begin, the exercise takes 12 minutes a day five times a week. The latest Zona Plus has colour display, blue tooth and USB connections to connect to the new software for your computer. This allows you to track your success.

ZP is also easy to read and use and provides visual and audible cues to keep you on track. A screen shows you how you’ve done for the last week and the last three months.

Zona Plus offers a unique alternative for North Americans who are addicted to drugs. Here is a chance for patients to say, “What can I do for myself to control hypertension”, rather than the usual response, “It’s less work for me to take a pill”.

ZP has now been approved by Health Canada to treat hypertension. The price for various units range from $379.00 to $579.00 plus taxes and free shipping. There is also a satisfaction guarantee to 90 days.

For those who decide to take charge of their own blood pressure Zona Plus is inexpensive when you consider the cost of a lifetime use of drugs. Equally important ZP removes the unseen effects of blood pressure medication on the liver and kidneys. Nor will patients have to fight the bothersome symptoms associated with blood pressure medication.

Blood pressure pills have always been a problem. It’s estimated that half of those taking this medication stop it due to fatigue, lethargy, headache, joint pain and impotence. This is a dangerous decision when blood pressure drugs are normally needed for a lifetime.

So, what we need is other devices like ZP to get more North Americans off drugs.

In the final analysis the Zona Plus device comes down to a test of will-power and finally taking charge of your own life. But remember there’s no point in wasting your money purchasing ZP if you’re going to be persistent for only a few weeks or months. Rather, you must be prepared to use ZP as a lifetime treatment to continue creating nitric oxide at least three times a week.

ZP does not require strenuous exercise, a change in diet and you can read or watch TV while you and others use it.

For more information call the toll-free number 1-866-789-9662 or visit the web site

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