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Amid Crises, Obama Pushes Out Hagel as Defense Secretary

- Nov 24, 2014
Hagel had struggled to articulate the administration’s strategy to counter the rise of the Islamic State

An Open Letter to the U.S. Congress and President of the United States

- Nov 24, 2014
Black Ribbon Day

Obama: I’ll Start Obeying the Law IF You Pass One I Like

- Nov 24, 2014
Weekly Address: Immigration Accountability Executive Action

Latest News On ISIS and Radical Islam

- Nov 24, 2014
Iran Wants To Arm Hamas And Hezbollah With ‘Advanced Weapons’ To Strike Israel | Hamas: Rebuild Gaza or We'll Attack Israel | Boko Haram Slashes Throats, Drowns 50 Civilians in Northern Nigeria |

NYT Fail on Climate Change in Glacier National Park Area

- Nov 24, 2014
More climate anecdotes that just don't match up with the data

Latest American News

- Nov 24, 2014
White House Quietly Releases Plans For 3,415 Regulations Ahead Of Thanksgiving Holiday|Heroin to be prescribed to Canadian addicts by doctors | ‘Biden get out!’: VP given rough reception by Turkish protesters | Hagel Stepping Down as Defense Chief |

Antarctic Ice Thicker Than Previously Thought, Study Finds

- Nov 24, 2014
UK Researchers Find Little Ice Age Was Global

Hagel First Obama Domino to Fall After Midterms

- Nov 24, 2014
Now that Hagel is on his way out, the only question that remains is, "Who's next?"

Michelle will ‘guide’ you through Christmas this year

- Nov 24, 2014
Jonathan Gruber dimwits:

Is There Honor in Amnesty

- Nov 24, 2014
Breaking into America’s house in the middle of the night, demanding ownership of the deed of trust is dishonorable

Racism Can Be White or Black

- Nov 24, 2014
Black racism is every bit as bad as white racism.

A Christian Nation, Not a Theocracy

- Nov 24, 2014
When a nation is not virtuous, and turns its back on God, the people of that country finds that liberty is elusive

Latest News from Ferguson, Missouri

- Nov 24, 2014
Grand Jury Reaches Decision | Police: Woman allegedly kills herself with gun bought to prepare for Ferguson unrest |Black Panthers arrested, allegedly tried to buy explosives for use in Ferguson

Taxing the Tooth Fairy in Ontario?

- Nov 24, 2014
Even with an abstract plan to go after an underground economy, the estimated revenues are hardly enough to make up for the burgeoning debt.

Dear Northeast, How’s that solar working out for ya?

- Nov 24, 2014
Down two power plants since the last polar vortex, the Northeast is facing an energy crisis this winter

Latest Military News

- Nov 24, 2014
Laser weapon breaks cover on USS Ponce | Brazil requires 'at least' 108 Gripen fighters | Russia’s Ballistic Missile Interceptors Outnumber Those Of US: Official | Russia to extend overflights to Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico |

SNL sketch skewering Obama power grab gets ‘fact-checked’ by the Washington Post

- Nov 24, 2014
Dude. Seriously?

A Win for Iran

- Nov 24, 2014
All that’s missing now is Team Obama’s fraudulent spinning and self-congratulations

Second Coming of Christ – Beware of the Gainsayers

- Nov 24, 2014
New twists in prophetic exploration are good for selling books and packages to the unsuspecting, but they are largely nonsense

Three Days Left to Support Our Troops for Thanksgiving

- Nov 24, 2014
Give our troops a little piece of home that will remind them that we support them and their mission

Join the Veteran’s Revolution: 1:00 - 4:00 PM Every Sunday

- Nov 24, 2014
Bring Our Homeless Veterans HOME.

Eleanor Clift’s Third Grade Constitutionalism

- Nov 24, 2014
Eleanor Clift is the token unapologetic liberal contributor on The McLaughlin Group

How Travis Crockett Leaned on God and Helping Hands to Lift Himself From Poverty and Mean Streets

- Nov 24, 2014
If it weren’t for Jubilee, Travis says, he still would be on the streets.

That’s amnesty!

- Nov 24, 2014
Deliberate attempt to subvert our sovereignty, pander to a hostile sentiment that supports your criminal quest to redistribute America's wealth, independence, founding values

A Thankful Heart

- Nov 24, 2014
I vowed to banish from my life the weakness of taking for granted the countless blessings a loving, heavenly Father bestows upon me every day. I vowed to express my love for Him with what matters most: a thankful heart

Latest News on Border Crisis and Immigration

- Nov 24, 2014
Liberals fall for fake Palin story on immigration, respond with hate | Obama Defends Amnesty On Facebook: Illegal Immigrants 'Are American As AnyImmigration amnesty will hurt Obama's most loyal supporters: African-Americans |

Latest World News

- Nov 24, 2014
Today on the Hill: Committees look at the threats to Canadian security | Wellesley Fires Hillel Leaders Even as Anti-Israel Activism Rises | Grace’s dirty tricks could hurt Mugabe |

Needed: Accurate climate forecasts

- Nov 24, 2014
Focusing on carbon dioxide (because that's where the money is) threatens forecasts, and lives

VA: From Wax Museum to Muppet Show

- Nov 24, 2014
Misappropriation of veterans’ property in LA County: Nine separate illegal real estate dealings

I’m sick of the race card! Obama’s a failure in any color!

- Nov 24, 2014
A caller puts me over the edge with this nonsense.

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