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Dave Merrick, Davemerrick.us is an internationally known and published artist whose works reach into the greatest diversity of audiences. Known primarily for his astoundingly lifelike portraiture, Merrick’s drawings and paintings grace the walls of an impressive array of well-known corporate and private clientele. Many of his published wildlife pieces have become some of America’s most popular animal imagery.He has more original work in the Pro-Rodeo Hall of Fame than any other artist. His wildlife and Southwestern-theme work is distributed internationally through Joan Cawley Galleries of Scottsdale AZ.

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America’s 2016 Declaration Of Independence

Feb 23, 2017 — Dave Merrick

The left’s HATRED of Donald Trump has gone beyond ‘art form’ and has progressed into a sick competition to win approval from fellow Trump haters and the liberal news-media/entertainment industry that have invented the new sport of Trump HATE. It’s quite obvious that the object of that HATE is to chastise the Donald and anyone who dared to act like a FREE AMERICAN.

Just as I had diagrammed it in my last article, Trump HATE is gaining momentum with each morning’s freshly disparaging headlines and talk shows. If you haven’t read it, you should. “The Stepford Americans” (Canada Free Press). It clearly illustrates how liberal news-media and entertainment have for decades been progressively shaping the attitudes of their consumer-audiences in priming them for whoever will buy their mesmerized allegiance. And now, as a result, our President is the TARGET of the most dangerous group of EXTREMISTS on earth: our liberal press, television/entertainment. And through their actions and ‘journalism’, who can deny that they have issued what is tantamount to a deadly fatwa on our president.

The Stepford Americans

Jan 31, 2017 — Dave Merrick

Just today one of my leftist/liberal Facebook friends posted yet another comment calling Donald Trump a really nasty name. It was so disappointing because I thought he was beyond that. But the people now attacking our 45th president are coming out of the woodwork - AND BEHAVING IN WAYS THAT COMPLETELY DEFY REASON. Right now we are in the makings of what some have called a second Civil War. But, for certain, A FIGHT IS BREWING. Why is that?

During the eight years conservatives put up with Barack Obama his fans got really upset whenever any of his critics simply pointed out facts of stuff he had said, been or done. But no conservative, during either term, ever set himself on fire because of Barack taking the Oval Office. Conservative people aren’t big on name-calling either. That’s part of why we are conservative. If you really want to dent a conservative, simply legitimately win an argument with him. We yield to fair and factual debate. If you have a high school education or even just what’s left of a functional brain, you should know that when you start calling people names your argument has run out of gas. The expressed complaints of these 2016 losers are logically bankrupt.

An Open Letter To America And Her New President

Dec 31, 2016 — Dave Merrick

Years ago in a Wal-Mart, I was walking past the toy department. A screaming four year-old was demanding that his mom buy him the little car set he had opened and scattered all over the floor. After the young mother had several times declined and asked him to come along with her, the boy threw one of the toys at her, leaving a cut on her forehead.

The rattled mom stood there and began slowly counting as some parents do before administering discipline. After she got to ‘five’, the kid stomped his foot and threw another car nearly hitting another shopper. The boy’s face was purple now. Mom started over with ‘one,’ and began counting again. A crowd had gathered, and a manager was looking at the mess in disbelief. The mother smiled at the boy, held out her hand and again pleaded with him to come with her. And what happened next is one reason why my wife never takes me anywhere with her.

Are We Disillusioned Yet?

Nov 12, 2016 — Dave Merrick

Historically it can be shown that when conservative America loses an election they douse the light, wake up the next morning, roll up their sleeves and return to work hoping for something better next time. And now we have seen that when 21st-century liberal America, the very deliberately engineered ‘legacy’ of the Obamas, loses an election, they throw a bloody tantrum which is fully intended to overpower both the rule and spirit of our laws.

And as this filthy shame is going down, the Clintons and the Obamas (who possess the power and podium to really help us) and everyone of this administration and friends who have inspired and underwritten the violence in every currency - sit on their hands in silent approval.

A Sigh Of Relief Heard Round The World!!!

Nov 9, 2016 — Dave Merrick

It’s 3 AM my time, election night, and my feet have not touched the ground for the past couple of hours. The last active brain cells in my head are rattling around like a couple of BBs in a coffee can. The suspense of yesterday’s election was chilling, to say the least, and I am shot. I’m sure many of my readers are just as incredulously elated as I am. Finally shutting my eyes on a year of anticipation, these thoughts won’t sleep with me until they are expressed broadcast!

First, I am amazed and thankful to God that, despite all the well documented bullying and cheating that took place yesterday at the polls, Trump still took down a smashing victory! Thank God!

To America On The Eve Of Its Destruction ...

Nov 7, 2016 — Dave Merrick

Like a spitting cobra, a viper or a fox, a confident and smiling Hillary is saying anything she can to get her prey to let her in. It has taken a tenth of a second (if you are my age at least) for the Clintons to claw - tooth and nail - from Arkansas to Washington. Most of the time Mrs. Clinton has been posing as June Cleaver. Now she is masquerading as the quintessential grandma - whatever it takes to lull her lightheaded constituency long enough to seize the most powerful office on earth. (And by the way, Hillary, Captain Kangaroo called .... said he wants his clothes back.)

Nevertheless, in my entire life I have never imagined such egregiously obvious, wholesale lying followed mostly by thunderous applause from her crowds, and elephant bucks from the people who own most of the internet. It’s frightening. Shirer’s ‘Rise and Fall of the Third Reich’ tells the parallel horror of how Hitler and Joseph Goebbels strapped down Germany. Just like that, Hillary is telling her listeners whatever they want to hear. And just as brutal as a beer hall putsch, the liberal media are her brownshirts. But this time instead of clubbing people, a worse, more paralyzing violence is done to the truth.

If You Are A Christian, VOTE like It!

Nov 7, 2016 — Dave Merrick

Do you consider yourself to be a Christian? If so, I offer you the following thoughts regarding your involvement with this 2016 election.

If you are a Christian, the Bible says it’s completely because you are relying upon the only possible salvation offered through the sacrifice of God’s Son, Jesus Christ. Your good works - keeping rules, being nice to people, trying to be a good person, and so on - will not put you one inch closer to God, regardless of what you believe about your own goodness. It is only through faith in the blood sacrifice of his Son, Jesus, that one is found acceptable before God.

Jesus himself said, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:16) But if you believe that there are other pathways to God, you are effectively reckoning Jesus to be a liar. Further, if there are several avenues to God, or there is any eternal and saving validity in any other belief system, then Jesus was indeed a deceiver and/or a madman who took his charade all the way to terminal suffering on the cross.

A Vote for Hillary is a vote for Islamic Terrorism

Oct 31, 2016 — Dave Merrick

Back in the formative days of our great nation - in Boston there was a big elm tree the patriots then knew as ‘The Liberty Tree.’ That was where they met to encourage one another and to exchange ideas. That was the tree upon which notices were tacked and under which all sorts of information was dispersed. While we still have a relatively free Internet, and keeping in mind that the cyber-turf upon which we tread is mostly owned and managed by the liberal world, let’s tack these sorts of messages up in the most public places - reaching as many as we can. Literally only seconds remain until America’s most crucial election. Yesterday’s article, “A Call To Arms! A Cry For Help! PASS THIS ON!!!!” carried the same links as are today again attached (below). I’m grateful that it saw a lot of mileage and is still traveling! Let’s again, today, tack this on the Liberty Tree, and send it far and wide!


A Call To Arms! A Cry For Help! PASS THIS ON!!!!

Oct 29, 2016 — Dave Merrick

It’s only seconds away from election day. I have during the past months written well researched articles that should send any sincere voter running away from Hillary like a scalded cat. But this is not an issues-based election, in that the people who pose the greatest threat to the survival of free America are not thinkers. They comprise the same mindless crowd that came out of the woodwork and gave Obama his second term - again, entirely because he is black. The thought is not originally mine - but I will surely borrow it because it is now a tragic part of American history: “What a shame that America’s first black president was America’s worst president.”

As part of Obama’s ‘legacy,’ it is also true that he did indeed keep one promise he made when he started: He absolutely did ‘fundamentally change America.’ He has done that, to our greatest detriment, in ways that will be rippling throughout whatever time we have left as a nation. The people he placed in charge, the ‘czars’, of the various departments not nearly as visible as the FBI or the DOJ, have made changes that never earned any headlines. But the damage is done. One example is the mess of immigration policies that have effectively made America a ‘global community’ waiting to be absorbed by a United Nations globalization design that is still in its infancy.

Madonna, You Can Get Off Your Knees

Oct 25, 2016 — Dave Merrick

During the impeachment investigation of our 42nd President (1998-99), Bill Clinton’s unrestrained fun in the Oval Office allowed the lamestream media to acquaint what was left of America’s lingering innocence with alternative uses of the cigar. Of course the story was everywhere because Bill’s indiscretion opened a previously sealed file before the whole world - and so everybody could then talk about it.

Lawyers perfectly understand how that works and regularly use that reality to get needed information freed up and before a jury for the sake of their prosecution or defense efforts. If the most private aspects of someone’s life - something said or done - become ‘public record’, then even the most stringent, judicially-imposed confidentiality restraints can be thwarted, allowing for scrutiny and open discussion - in whatever context - before a jury and a courtroom full of rolling cameras.

That concept is also how some of our formerly most delicately guarded moral standards have been compromised to the point of complete undoing. In the not-too-distant past, for instance, a public news item would use the term “expletive” instead of what has today morphed into, “f**k!” or Sh*t!”, etc. And in many instances, depending upon the level of ‘artistic’ candor or hard-line ‘reality’ journalism the bad words are right there in all their unequivocated glory. And of course, given enough exposure, those bad words are less and less considered bad. Because our former vision of becoming the best people we can be has been blurred, misconstrued, compromised and now commonly ridiculed.

If Nixon Had Done Emailgate, He Would Have Died In Prison

Oct 14, 2016 — Dave Merrick

The second presidential debate pushed these two thoughts into the front of my brain: First, why are the moderators always allowed to be so egregiously, unapologetically, shamelessly biased against Mr. Trump? And, secondly, and this is not supposed to be funny - indeed, it is no laughing matter - why didn’t Hillary do her part of the debate dressed in orange and in a concrete and steel cell - pacing back and forth under an observation camera? I mean, if our principally spineless nation is going to stand around with its hands in its pockets, and allow this woman to continue her candidacy, she should do that from the same sort of ‘study’ in which Adolf Hitler wrote ‘Mein Kampf.’ She has more than earned that. And no judge would grant her bail, seeing that she is the quintessential flight risk.

[A prefatory note: For the sake of life-giving brevity, I won’t spend a lot of time and space attempting to document the obviously nefarious janitorial behavior of Hillary Clinton.  Anyone who has Internet access and any gray matter can check out the colorful history of former FLOTUS, United States Senator, Secretary of State, and now presidential candidate Clinton.  Further, the controversial Clinton Foundation is an ever-morphing dark castle that already has an abundance of good reading out there documenting its shady movement. Reciting its exploits is a temptation that would kill my story - because it’s just too much to wade through.  In fact, let’s just call this whole thing a ‘what if’ (which is really what it is). So many have seen enough of the information available thoroughly exposing both the Clintons and their altruistic-looking ‘Foundation’ as nothing short of an elaborately engineered storefront laundering money and hiding all sorts of criminal behavior.  But that’s just my opinion - and I’m still entitled to that. For now.]

Finally I Can See What ‘Emailgate’ is REALLY All About!

Oct 2, 2016 — Dave Merrick

To date, I’m not real certain that anyone has logically put all the parts together regarding the puzzle/debacle of Hillary’s homemade, basement Internet server. I want to keep this a quick read, mainly because I think the issue has already been sufficiently obscured by the sea of words put forth surrounding it. And if someone else has made this point, well, I will own my ignorance and surely wear that throughout the balance of my writing career. As anyone who does conservative commentary will attest, unless you employ a staff of researchers it is impossible to read (or write) fast enough to keep up with all the garbage taking down our country today. So this angle may not be news to some of you.

My problem with the Hillary deal has always been this: Though it hurts to acknowledge it, she is far from stupid. And she has decades of experience in ‘handling’ all sorts of data, records, evidence - call it what you will. She has stolen, clouded, shredded, hidden, twisted, traded, etc., all manner and form of vital communication - some believe she’s maybe even killed for it. Nevertheless, the notion that this particular woman would be ditzy or negligent enough to set up a little server there in her Chappaqua parking shed, without having completely thought that move through to its every possible consequence and in its every micro-detail, is the height of naïveté.

Transcending everything else: The Man Behind the Curtain

Jul 4, 2016 — Dave Merrick

Former full-time genius, Winston Churchill, once added this to his bottomless library of brilliant quotes and observations: ” A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” And so it is with our archenemy’s principal weapon in the battle that rages between free-willed mankind and the adversary of our souls, a very real devil. He is the father of all lies, and when he speaks he doesn’t waste a word. And he wastes no time in getting his message out.

The dead religiosity found in much of today’s organized Christian ‘churches’ has successfully kept most of an ungodly, amoral and God-FEARLESS generation estranged and rightfully critical of the present stereotype of 21st century Christianity. And exacerbating the problem are churches full of ‘good people’ (many of whom are saved) who generally look down their noses at all of the ‘bad people’ who are very guilty of acting just like lost people. The churchgoers, of course, forget that they were once lost ‘bad people’, themselves. (Christ, after all, did say he came for those who need him [‘the sick’], and not for those who don’t [‘the well’].)

Brexit: The Shot Heard ‘Round The World!

Jun 24, 2016 — Dave Merrick

“The party is over. Everybody out of the pool - at least for the moment.” Britain, by only a very small margin, elected to leave the European Union. This, most probably the Brit’s last stand for independence, is an object lesson that absolutely should not go unheeded by the United States that is aspiring, tooth and nail, to be the next Finland.

It was Finland’s former prime minister, Alexander Stubb, who last night tweeted that Great Britain’s leaving the European Union was the beginning of a ‘bad nightmare’. The Finns have to think like Finnish people because they are nothing like a world power, but one of many little nations who have chosen to lean on the might and subsidy of a union with other nations (that have similarly caved) in order to feel strong. What every member of the EU knows but does not easily admit, is that the cost of that union will eventuate in the relinquishment of the freedoms and individuality of each of its parts. The United Kingdom is gasping its last breath trying not to be absorbed into that totally compromised obscurity.

Islam: The ‘Light’ That Is Darkness

Jun 22, 2016 — Dave Merrick

A couple of weeks ago a woman working at a sandwich shop on the West Coast was venerated by a local TV station for refusing to do business with some guy who hurled anti-Islamic criticism at a couple of girl patrons wearing hijabs. In the shop’s video, you can hear his disparaging remarks regarding the bad things Islam is bringing upon America. The crusading employee who expelled the name-caller was proud and bubbly as she detailed her defense of the two ‘Muslim’ girls and how she wouldn’t accept the man’s money (and took back her food).

When it came their turn, the two ‘Muslim’ girls (all smiles and in heavy makeup) were so authentic in their Islamic ‘presence’ that it whirled me back in time. I thought I was listening to a holy narrative flowing from a couple of Mohammed’s young wives centuries ago (words to this effect) “We were just like, sitting here? And, all of a sudden, he, like, got all racist? And then we were like, all, mmmm ... And so she like wouldn’t take his money? And so he was like all freaking out and mad, and racist?”

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