Jimmy Reed

Jimmy Reed is an Oxford, Mississippi resident, Ole Miss alumnus, Army veteran, former Mississippi Delta cotton farmer, and retired college teacher.
Jimmy's latest book, One Hundred by Five Hundred is available at Amazon.
His collection of short stories is available via Squarebooks.com, telephone 662-236-2262.

Most Recent Articles by Jimmy Reed:

Willingness To Fight

Aug 14, 2010 — Jimmy Reed

If only peace weren’t short-lived; if only history hasn’t proven it to be a period rest and rearming between wars.

Contemporary Cassandra

Aug 13, 2010 — Jimmy Reed

Troy’s King Priam had everything going his way until Agamemnon gave him a wooden horse concealing a bellyful of Greeks.

What Does He Know?

Aug 12, 2010 — Jimmy Reed

My old Army buddy Jake called a few months ago … said he was depressed and needed someone to talk to.

Brewster Quit Baking

Aug 10, 2010 — Jimmy Reed

My father hated liars. His worst rebuke of a man’s character was, “He lies when the truth will do.”

On Whose Side Is Our Side?

Aug 9, 2010 — Jimmy Reed

Once, when I told my dad that the schoolyard terror, Brick Bratton, pushed me down in front of a bunch of giggling girls, he said, “Bullies are bullies as long as they’re allowed to be. What did you do?”


Aug 5, 2010 — Jimmy Reed

Though he professed neither faith nor disbelief in God, Civil War veteran and famed orator Robert Ingersoll was certain about man’s relationship with nature. “In Nature,” he once said, “there are neither rewards nor punishments: There are consequences.”

November 2010

Aug 4, 2010 — Jimmy Reed

If I’d supported America’s “Dreamer-in-Chief,” as political observer Charles Krauthammer calls him, and had plastered stickers on my truck’s bumper touting the promised hope-and-change hokey (which became instead the exchange of “change” in the gazillions for hopelessness), by now I’d have scraped it off so as not to advertise how badly I was duped in November 2008.