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That's 10,553 days to you and me

New White House communications director is just 28 years old

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By —— Bio and Archives September 12, 2017

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Twenty-eight year old Hope Hicks, 28, born Oct. 21, 1988, a little under 29 years ago. Now in her 29th year, she is expected to turn 30 late next year. But today she is 10,553 days old. I used to have a TV set that was older. I have two bottles of liquor that are older than that. Come to think of it, I have footwear older than Hope Hicks.

Let that sink in.

Connecticut native Hope Hicks, who was just named permanent White House communications director after serving a few weeks in the post in an interim capacity, is 28 years old.

That’s 28, as in twenty-eight.

Just to make sure you got that, her age, as measured in years, the amount of time it takes our planet to revolve one time around the star that we call the sun, is veintiocho, vinte e oito, vingt-huit, ventotto, achtundzwanzig, kaksikymmentäkahdeksan, двадцать восемь, dvacet osm, huszonnyolc, douăzeci și opt, 스물 여덟, अट्ठाइस, and otteogtyve.

In other words, Hope Hicks has only been legally allowed to drink alcohol for seven years. That would make her only barely qualified to be a writer, let alone communications director for the most powerful man in the world.

Megan Fox will play her in the movie.

By the way, did you know Hope Hicks is only 28?

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