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Nov 19, 2018 — Mark Andrew Dwyer

CALIFORNIA RULING CLIQUE SOLIDIFIES ITS GRASP ON POWER“Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.” Joseph Stalin

In her recent column “Are CALIF Democrats Also Cheating Their Way to Power?,  Katy Grimes described a series of elections “coincidences” that led the Democrat Party to their takeover of the US House of Representatives. As we have seen, many Republican candidates who were ahead of their Democrat rivals on the election day lost after the polls closed. At the same time, no Democrat who was winning on the election day lost to his or her Republican contender. Whether these were countings of late votes of absentee ballots, or recounts when the results were close enough to trigger them, the direction of change was almost always the same: Republicans were losing to Democrats, eventually, behind the closed doors.


Oct 29, 2018 — Mark Andrew Dwyer

The Democrat party was supposed to win coming elections on November 6, 2018.

The overwhelming majority of the “mainstream” media campaigned for it. Virtually all Hollywood celebrities were for it. Curricula in schools, colleges, and universities were crafted to make the pupils and students believe that such a win was inevitable and good.


Oct 2, 2018 — Mark Andrew Dwyer

If they break so blatantly and without regard to decency, truth, ethics, and respect for the Republic, all the rules that obstruct their getting what they want for a supposedly good cause even when they are but a minority opposition party, then what would make you think that they will not do the same for a bad cause when they grab a monopoly on political power?

If they so easily abandon the cornerstone principles of parliamentarian governance and the rights of the accused for a supposedly good cause even when they are but a minority opposition party, then what would make you think that they will not do the same for a bad cause when they grab a monopoly on political power?

Horowitz Fallacy

Jun 20, 2018 — Mark Andrew Dwyer

Horowitz Fallacy
Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz in his Office’s report “A Review of Various Actions by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice in Advance of the 2016 Election”, DOJ, June 2018, arrived at apparently false conclusion drawn from presumably true premises. Despite all the evidence of pro-Clinton and anti-Trump bias among several chief investigators that the said report quoted extensively, it made a determination that FBI investigative decisions were “not unreasonable”. From that it concluded that there was no factual basis to conclude that the said decisions were based on “improper considerations”.


May 21, 2018 — Mark Andrew Dwyer

How many innocent children must die before the “Liberalism” is forever banned?

Let’s face it. Although the American nation is among the best nations on Earth, there are evil people among us. Some of them, perhaps, can overcome their evil and become good, eventually, but many will not. Based on disappointing experience of a decades-old Liberal experiment with unqualified tolerance and inclusion as a means with which to eradicate evil from our society, untreated evil will persist and may erode the foundations of our Constitutional Republic to the point that they are no longer sustainable or desirable. If we ever reach that point, the Republic will fall, and so will our living standards, individual liberties, and chances to pursue the American dream.

Flawed “Logic” That Only Youngster And Kids Can Accept

Mar 31, 2018 — Mark Andrew Dwyer

Flawed Logic That Only Youngster And Kids Can Accept
The March for Gun Control (official name: “March for Our Lives”) that took place on March 24, 2018, in Washington, DC, and elsewhere was an event that one can have some mixed feelings about. People’s right to keep and bear arms (most importantly, guns) is arguably the most effective and practical instrument with which to prevent a pre-emption of our freedom and wealth. Any calls for “gun control” de facto place guns that we may use to defend our lives, liberty, and property, in the same category as pests and diseases, as the phrases “pest control” and “disease control” clearly indicate. This is particularly of concern under the circumstances of almost complete absence of calls for gang control, violence control, and dangerous individuals’ control.

And they had guts to call McCarthy a Witch-Hunter

Oct 31, 2017 — Mark Andrew Dwyer

McCarthy a Witch-Hunter
“McCarthyism is the practice of making accusations of subversion or treason without proper regard for evidence.” —[Wikipedia, “McCarthyism”]

According to criminal charges filed at the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia and made public earlier, today, Paul Manafort and Richard Gates face accusations of subversion and treason on behalf of the Government of Ukraine. The charges against them were based on their alleged attempts to hide from the U.S. authorities the payments that they received from the Ukraine’s Government, and on lavish lifestyles that they enjoyed in the U.S. as a result of the said payments. And so it goes.


Apr 6, 2017 — Mark Andrew Dwyer

One of the most visible effects of Mr. Donald Trump’s presidency is that it has triggered an open resistance from the stealth forces that for the last several decades now have been driving the theft of America. On one hand, the said resistance makes it more urgent to deal with the threat that the said forces pose to this nation, which adds to the already heavy burden of reversing decades of devastating damage inflicted by the Liberal demagogues, most notably, by the Obama administration, (formerly) embedded in the political branches of the U.S. government. On the other hand, it allows for a fairly accurate assessment of how deeply entrenched in the structures of political power, both at federal and state levels, they have been. I am not particularly easy to impress, but my jaw dropped when I saw the scope of the wide-spread plot of the hostile takeover of America as it recently unveiled itself in its entirety in front of eyes of mostly unsuspecting Americans.

To see the above plot from a better perspective, let’s start from some basic facts.


Mar 6, 2017 — Mark Andrew Dwyer

As the plots of the Democrat Party’s operatives and their useful idiots to impede the functioning of the Executive Branch of the U.S. government unravel before our eyes, it becomes more and more obvious what has been the real purpose of engineered diversity that was being imposed on our country for last five decades.

  • It was not to alleviate social discontent among America’s minorities in the aftermath of race riots and other unrests in mid-1960s.
  • It was not to promote harmonious coexistence of different races in the U.S.
  • It was not to ensure a more equitable distribution of wealth and power among country various racial and ethnic groups.
  • It was not to make up for past injustice, both real and alleged, done to the previously under-represented minorities.

Please don’t go there, Mr. President

Feb 13, 2017 — Mark Andrew Dwyer

Regarding: President’s plenary power to suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants as vested in you by the Immigration and Nationality Act, 8 U.S. Code § 1182 (f).

I applaud you for keeping your campaign promises, particularly those pertaining to immigration and border enforcement. For the first time since 1993, I feel that my country is headed in the right direction in this respect.

I would like to urge you, though, to not yield to the Judiciary Branch even one tenth of one percent of your plenary power invoked in the “Regarding” line of my letter.


Feb 5, 2017 — Mark Andrew Dwyer

Many of us knew that our country, America, suffered from a deadly disease of Liberalism. Some of us noticed that the progress of said disease followed the patterns typical of cancer. But only a few of us had an idea of how deeply entrenched in the fabric of the Republic that political cancer was. Brought  over a century ago to the U.S. by a trans-national cabal that was generally hostile to Western ethno-states and their peoples, the cancer initially affected some fringe areas of American life only to metastasize later to such vital organs of the American society as entertainment, academia, news media, public education, labor unions, political parties, and - in the past few decades - the government.


Dec 1, 2016 — Mark Andrew Dwyer

There has been a common misconception about the nature of the American political spectrum. In a naive man’s view, the American electorate is like a coin with its two opposing sides, the Left and the Right. At times of elections, one of the two sides of the coin ends up on the top and the respective party prevails, much like in a football game when one team wins and another loses. After the game, the teams and their fans go home and life returns to normal until the rematch during which the losing side has a chance to recover its loss. That familiar pattern, typical for sportsmen-like competitions, is supposed to describe the American elections, according to the said misconception.


Nov 26, 2016 — Mark Andrew Dwyer

Gun control nuts of the Left are pushing for the national registry of gun owners. It’s a “common sense”  measure that, according to the anti-gun zealots, is worth imposing on America if only one life can be saved by it. Never mind that those who are targeted with the registration are law-abiding individuals, for otherwise they would not have passed the background check that is required for lawful acquisition of a firearm. Never mind that gangsters and criminals do not show much desire to comply with the law and are not going to register their tools of trade. Never mind that the right to keep and bear arms is guaranteed by Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and registration of all those who wish to exercise their Constitutionally-protected rights smells like an invitation of oppression and enslavement.


Nov 18, 2016 — Mark Andrew Dwyer

The post-election anti-Trump protests and riots began in California before they metastasized to some other parts of the nation. Left-indoctrinated students, unassimilable Mexicans, radicalized Blacks, and other misguided individuals, took to the streets their disappointment with the election’s outcome. Although most of Americans seem to disapprove the expressions of hatred and acts of violence that often accompany these street unrests, only a few reflect upon their root cause, seeing only the tip of an iceberg that the SS America may be on a collision course with. Even fewer seem to understand the grave consequences for the nation that may result from these disturbances, never mind the fallout of hitting the whole iceberg.


Nov 7, 2016 — Mark Andrew Dwyer

I couldn’t believe my eyes. The man who has been sworn the President of the U.S. openly encourages illegals to vote in national elections and hints that no one in his administration is going to prosecute them for illegally voting. (A link to the video is included at the en of this article.) In essence, he is telling those who have invaded our country that it’s time to deliver the final blow and take over it.

If this is not an outright act of treason then nothing is. Well, there are consequences of electing a narcissistic and ethnocentric individual the historic first anti-American President who didn’t even try to hide his grudges towards our country for past slavery, racism, and discrimination. He got his once-in-a-lifetime chance to retaliate for the wrongs that he suffered from (in his cushy, affluent life), and he sure hasn’t missed that chance.

But it should not have surprised me. His Evil Party, firmly under control of the hostile ruling clique, represents (in addition to some confused but otherwise decent people): criminals; social parasites; Leftists; disgruntled minorities; individuals hostile towards Christianity, the American Republic, and the majority of citizens; illegal aliens; unassimilable immigrants incompatible with the Western civilization; and other element from the lowest strata of the American society.


Nov 3, 2016 — Mark Andrew Dwyer

In the Soviet Union, a.k.a. the Evil Empire, over 90 percent of eligible citizens voted in national elections, of which over 90 percent voted for the members of their ruling clique. All the candidates were government-approved, and national propaganda (all Soviet main-stream media) were 100 percent in favor of those whom the ruling clique wanted to get elected. Although formally a democracy (“People’s Democracy” was sometimes used to describe it), the above insidious arrangement was the main instrument in the hands of the Soviet ruling clique with which to decide what the next Soviet government was going to be. And they did use it with professional virtuosity, making sure that the candidates favored by the ruling clique always won on a landslide. For all that was required to control Soviet elections was that most of the voters were duped into believing that the clique’s candidates were the best that the country could offer.


Oct 24, 2016 — Mark Andrew Dwyer

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good voters do nothing.

There is a wide-spread misconception, fueled by the so-called “mainstream” media (MSM), about the actual significance of the election polls. Regardless of whether the polls are accurate or not, they do not measure, generally, what they purport to, that is, the preferences of the likely voters when they will have to choose between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

What the election polls do measure is how the American public reacts to the massive out-and-out anti-Trump pro-Clinton propaganda that they are exposed to about every time they turn to MSM for the news. The polls are, de facto, multiple-choice tests that the respondents take after being lectured on whom to oppose and whom to support. They provide a valuable feedback information to the MSM propagandists that tells them which tricks work and which do not. They also constitute an effective tool with which to manipulate public opinion since many prospective voters want to go along with whatever they perceive as the mainstream. It is a vital part of an effective command-and-control structure run by the hostile ruling clique and its useful idiots; the latter sometimes referred to as the “intelligentsia” - college-educated professionals with leanings to the Left.


Oct 9, 2016 — Mark Andrew Dwyer

Those who watch election polls may be up for a stunning discovery. Here we have a mediocre Democrat candidate with no accomplishments (if you don’t count Benghazi fiasco and its cover-up as an accomplishment) or popularity (just compare the size of Trump rallies and her rallies to see who is really popular), pushed up to the top by her former president husband using his influence and connections (remember his private “conference” with U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch when his wife was under FBI investigation?), and presumed untruthful and corrupt (Clintons amassed a private fortune of about $140 million after he left the Oval Office, of which she alone made about $40 million, without credible business or investment profit, just on “consulting” fees, royalties, and speeches honoraria that looked more like kickbacks than bona fide income) by so many, and yet, poll after poll, she is floating on the top of the wavy waters of likely voters’ measured preferences. What are the chances that without behind-the-scene manipulations this would have happened? Practically, zero.

At the first glance it may look like the polls are cooked. While some undoubtedly are, this persisting phenomenon cannot be fully explained just with biased sampling and the duping of the polled alone. There is something definitely more sinister going on here, and I am going to expose it. In my opinion, there is no reasonable doubt that the election process in today’s America is controlled by the ruling clique that uses the state-of-the-art information technology, and gargantuan amounts of money, to maintain its grasp on political power and crush the popular anti-clique revolution which Donald Trump is the harbinger of.

Just take a look at the RCP Trump vs. Clinton poll average a recent snapshot of which is shown below:


Sep 12, 2016 — Mark Andrew Dwyer

Many of you, probably, have not noticed it, but the unarmed invasion of America by Muslim Arab hordes is on its way. Unlike the Latino-Mexican invasion by illegal “immigrants” from the South of the border, this one is not just encouraged and facilitated by the executive branch of our government; it is being orchestrated by it under the pretense of humanitarian relief and refugee resettlement. And it appears that of all the threats that we have ever faced in our country’s history, this one is going to become the gravest threat to our ownership of the Republic that we and our ancestors have built. Although they are coming here as the “refugees”, they look like anything but the refugees. Well dressed, well fed, assertively imposing themselves and their failed theocratic system on Americans, they talk, walk, and act like presumptive future rulers of this country.

Two main destinations of the current wave of the invasion are Michigan and California. Michigan already has strong beachheads formed by the previous waves of Muslim immigration. In several localities in Michigan, Muslim immigrants have already an upper hand in the power struggle with non-Muslim Americans. In some cases, those immigrants are beginning to force the natives out unless the latter surrender to the Islamic new order that the former have brought with them to America.

Iowa Election Manipulation

Feb 7, 2016 — Mark Andrew Dwyer

If you lived in Soviet Union and tried to run for the Supreme Soviet (an elective body with powers similar to those of the U.S. Congress) with a political program different from the one advertised by the Soviet ruling clique, you would have everybody against you: the establishment, the press (and its propaganda), the political organizations, and for obvious reasons. But suppose you managed to politically survive until elections, and all your name ended up on the ballot. Obviously, you would lose, badly, on election day. But it would take extreme naiveté to conclude that the citizens of the Soviet Union rejected you and your program. The Soviet “elections” system was controlled by the ruling clique to assure the continuity of their monopoly on power.

No one at his right mind in free world lent any credibility to Soviet “elections” that were often the subject of ridicule and jokes. But how about the system that we have in the U.S.? Are the results of elections here a true expression of the will of the People? Or are they - at least in part - the result of fraud, voter deception, and other manipulations of that sort? Our election system used to enjoy a public trust, but with election fraud becoming more and more rampant and the tools of persuasion becoming more and more effective, the presumption of fairness of election results is fading quickly.