Too politically biased to succeed at the job of national security, the FBI has much in common with Christopher Steele in trying to pass off as truth bogus information

Disgraced ex-MI6 agent Christopher Steele hired by FBI for Further Research

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By —— Bio and Archives March 7, 2017

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The FBI is not just part of a USA intelligence apparatus that systematically spies on its own American citizenry, it intends to pay—with taxpayer dollars—for filth completely made up against a president they apparently did not want elected.

The Bureau has been caught planning to pay ex-MI6 agent Christopher Steele, who salaciously claimed in a dirty dossier that Donald Trump hired prostitutes to urinate on a bed the Obamas slept on at a Moscow Ritz-Carlton— to do further research for the Bureau.

Steele’s dossier has been roundly discounted as unsubstantiated.

You can’t make this stuff up—unless that is, you’re the CIA, NSA or pay-for-filth-from-the-sewer FBI.

As of today skullduggery is traveling as lightning fast as the skewered News of the Day.

Steele, identified as the dirty dossier author, so “terrified” for his and his family’s life, that he fled his £1.5 million Surrey mansion on Jan. 11, leaving his three cats with his neighbors,  has suddenly resurfaced and is back at work today at the Orbis intelligence firm he founded after leaving MI6, according to the Daily Mail.

The FBI, planning to pay him for the same dossier that caused him to go incognito, also has plans to rehire him.

Shouldn’t someone be asking what changed in the life of the 52-year-old father of three between the flight in terror and today?

Who or what enticed him back from the shadows of incognito?

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