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The Passion of Christ as told by the Shroud of Turin

Mar 25, 2016 — Bob Shoup

Good Friday marks the anniversary of the Passion of Christ. Forensic evidence from the Shroud of Turin; combined with an understanding of Roman history and the story of the Passion as told in the Bible, can give us a better understand just what Christ endured on our behalf. The story told by the Shroud is more gruesome than what we have traditionally heard.

The Garden of Gethsemane

Christ was aware of his pending torture and death by crucifixion. He knew what he was facing, and yet remained to endure it rather than flee. In the Garden of Gethsemane, Christ did pray to be spared the beating, pain and torture he knew was about to face. The stress and fear Christ felt as he faced a most gruesome death was so great that he sweat blood, a rare medical phenomenon known as hematohidrosis (Jerajani, 2009).

Lying for the Good of Society

Mar 7, 2014 — Bob Shoup

Dr Stephen Schneider, a well known climatologist at Stanford University, stated in a 1988 interview with Discover Magazine:

Elitism or Arrogance

Aug 30, 2010 — Bob Shoup

Lately it seems as if conservatives have been barraged by insults. Think that climate change may be natural, you are labeled a denier. Concerned about the record-breaking deficit, you are a tea bagger or a statist. Don’t want a mosque built near the site Islamic terrorists killed over 3000 Americans, you are a racist. Think that the current administration is taking the country too far to the left, there’s that racist charge again.

The Truth is Not the Story We Want to Tell

Jul 17, 2010 — Bob Shoup

May was an interesting month in Bangkok Thailand. Thousands of protestors, “the red shirts” had been in Bangkok for almost a month. Although they had caused financial hardship for many businesses by effectively shutting down a portion of the downtown, their protest of the current government was pretty quiet. More like a picnic than a protest. And for many of the protestors, poor farmers from across Thailand, it was more of an outing than a protest.

Agendaism and Fraud; the Sordid Tale of Climate ‘Science’

Jan 13, 2010 — Bob Shoup

The theory of Anthropomorphic Climate Warming (AGW) rests on a three-legged stool. The first leg of the stool is that is that global average temperatures are at historic highs. The second leg of the stool is that CO2 levels are also at historic highs. The third leg of the stool is that peer-reviewed articles on global warming show a clear consensus of opinion.  The recent release of e-mails from Britain’s Climate Research Unit, dubbed “climategate” by the media, have made available information that kicks all three legs out from under the stool.

Grand Theft-Climate

Oct 25, 2009 — Bob Shoup

Grand Theft-Auto is a popular virtual reality video game. The game allows players to commit a series of crimes in order to rise through the ranks of an organized crime syndicate. The IPCC and its handling of human-caused global warming has many parallels to the game Grand Theft-Auto.

Can America Survive its Sharp Left Turn?

Oct 14, 2009 — Bob Shoup

In November of 2008, with the assistance of a compliant media, a poorly educated electorate, and widespread dissatisfaction with the Republican Party’s abandonment of its conservative base, the Democrats swept to power in 2009. In less than one year, President Obama, with the help of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and a gaggle of radical czars, has steered our Country into a sharp turn to the left.

Fighting Back? Then Know How the Enemy Fights

Aug 7, 2009 — Bob Shoup

Based on the turnout and anger displayed at Tea Parties and Townhall meetings, it looks like many folks are now ready to fight back. To make that fight effective, it is important to know the enemy and how they fight. The enemy is the far left and their principal weapon is radicalism.

Preparing for the coming Economic Tsunami

Jul 20, 2009 — Bob Shoup

As discussed in parts 1 though 3of this series, the global demand for energy, and fossil fuels are expected to increase. At the same time, the supplies to meet that demand are declining. We examined how the gap between supply and demand is at risk of becoming too large and making the current economic crisis far worse. Finally we examined how a comprehensive policy that includes increasing U.S. supply and decreasing U.S. demand for fossil fuels can help ensure that we have access to a cost-effective and reliable source of energy for the foreseeable future.

Facts versus Myths about the US Energy Industry

Jul 16, 2009 — Bob Shoup

As we discussed in parts 1 and 2 of this series, the global demand for energy, and the fossil fuels that are the source of that energy, is increasing while at the same time, the supplies to meet that demand are declining. We examined how the gap between supply and demand is at risk of becoming too large and making a current economic crisis far worse. Finally we examined a number of ways that the government can help avoid this crisis.

Economic Prosperity and Fossil Fuels

Jul 13, 2009 — Bob Shoup

The economic prosperity of the United States, and for that matter, your own personal quality of life, depends on reliable access to low-cost energy. If you are not sure of the validity of that statement, simply imagine your life without energy. No air conditioning, no travel, no imported goods, no plastics. Assuming that a life without those things is not what you want, then it is very important that you understand the real nature of the energy you depend on because the media is not telling you.