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Violent rhetoric, deeds from the Left

Jul 27, 2017 — BombThrowers

Some rare good news came out of Washington this week when House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) was released from MedStar Washington Hospital after multiple surgeries from a gunshot wound, and was in “good spirits” and “looking forward to his return to work,” according to a statement by the hospital.

But the political violence that sent him to the hospital shouldn’t be forgotten.

Obviously, most Democrats don’t become physically violent over politics. But when political differences prompt violence, it historically comes from one side, and Bernie Sanders-loving would-be assassin James Hodgkinson is just the latest example.

The New York Times issues a threat to America’s Boy Scouts

Jul 27, 2017 — BombThrowers

On Monday night, President Trump delivered a funny, idiosyncratic, and inspirational speech in classic New Yorker-ese to Boy Scouts gathered at the organization’s National Jamboree.

Trump praised the Boy Scouts’ history, told anecdotes about personal success, and dropped a few political jabs at his opponents. Then the tens of thousands of Boy Scouts attending the rally went back to weaving lanyards and making delicious stews by mixing all the different flavors of Campbell’s soup in a single pot, or whatever it is that Boy Scouts do at jamborees. (A transcript of the speech is available at Time.)

But by Tuesday morning, the froth-mouthed media had seized on Trump’s speech and was working overtime to blow it up into a Hurricane Katrina-level crisis. Boy Scouts who cheered for Trump were Hitler Youth, Newsweekreported. Well, no, the media outlet didn’t quite say that: it reported other people saying it, which is Newsweek leadership’s exceedingly sleazy way of saying something they want to say without having the integrity to just come out and say it themselves.

Here is Newsweek’s headline  accusing the Boy Scouts of staging a massive Nazi youth rally in West Virginia:

Trump needs a James Carville, not a Saturday Night Massacre

Jul 26, 2017 — BombThrowers

I can’t blame President Trump for being angry about the Russia investigation. Aside from the revelations from Trump’s less-than-brilliant son, it has turned into a big nothing burger. Yet the special counsel will no doubt drag the investigation on for years, as such independent prosecutors are wont to do.

But almost all presidents since Jimmy Carter have faced special or independent counsel investigations. (President Obama was the exception, although not because he didn’t deserve to have one.) Yes, it stinks, but it is a feature of present-day Washington. Both parties encourage such investigations when their side does not hold the White House. It is a relatively low-cost method of harassing the president, and it allows the opposition to score cheap political points.

Mo Mueller, mo problems

Jul 25, 2017 — BombThrowers

So, now Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel, is going to look into Donald Trump’s past financial dealings (and his tax returns):

Bloomberg reported Thursday that investigators are examining Russian purchases of apartments in Trump buildings, Trump’s involvement in a New York development with Russian associates in SoHo, the 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow and Trump’s 2008 sale of a Florida mansion to a Russian oligarch.


The New Republic going full-commie

Jul 21, 2017 — BombThrowers

I’m old enough to remember when Fred Barnes wrote for The New Republic. Of course, back then Barnes wasn’t as conservative as he is now, but TNR was also a much more liberal-moderate magazine. It was far from the silly leftist rag that it has become.

Now it is on the verge of going full communist. The above showed up in my email box the other day.

This is the sort of advertisement you generally see on the websites of radical lefty groups where “travelling to Cuba” is a euphemism for a pilgrimage to pay homage to Fidel and Che.

Sen. McCaskill’s family foundation pays the Russians

Jul 21, 2017 — BombThrowers

As if Washington didn’t have enough Russian scandals, or supposed scandals, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) has provided another one. The Washington Free Beacon’s Brent Scher recently reported that Sen. McCaskill used a philanthropic foundation that she and her husband, Joseph Shepard, created in 2013—the Shepard Family Foundation in St. Louis—”to pay for a dinner she attended at Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak’s Washington, D.C., residence” in honor of a Missouri congressman in 2015.

The Shepard Family Foundation supports many nonprofit organizations, most of them in Missouri.  But in 2015 it also paid $873 to the American-Russian Cultural Cooperation Foundation, Scher reports, where Russian Amb. Sergey Kislyak is honorary chairman of the board.

Black Bloc inauguration rioter sentenced

Jul 20, 2017 — BombThrowers

A Florida judge has sentenced a “black bloc” Inauguration Day rioter to four months in prison and two years of supervised probation for breaking business windows and throwing bricks, rocks and other projectiles at uniformed law enforcement officers.

Thirty-one-year-old Dane Powell of Tampa, Florida, pled guilty to throwing a “brick, large rock or piece of concrete” at uniformed law enforcement officers during post-inaugural riots in which hundreds of protesters—dressed in black—looted and fought with the police in the streets of Washington, D.C. Powell admitted to “being part of a group of rioters who moved approximately 16 blocks over a period of more than 30 minutes.” Assistant U.S. Attorney Jennifer Kerkhoff played a 10-minute video compilation of Powell breaking store windows and assaulting the police. Kerkhoff called Powell “a coward” and argued he went to Washington, D.C., during the inauguration with the express purpose of rioting. Kerkhoff described Powell as “among the most violent” of the 234 individuals arrested following the Inauguration Day riots. Powell had been seen the day before the inauguration in Logan Circle carrying gas masks, a hammer, and the same black flag he was identified with on the day of the riots.

Is Eric Holder Trump-haters’ best hope for 2020?

Jul 20, 2017 — BombThrowers

Look out Hillary Clinton. The former secretary of state and twice-failed presidential candidate proclaimed herself part of the #Resistance, but it’s a rabid left-wing movement that probably doesn’t even want her.

Now Eric Holder wants to be the leader of the #Resistance. He is even pondering a 2020 presidential run. This might seem implausible , but the prospect of a Democratic nominee with massive baggage, in this case someone held in contempt of Congress in a bipartisan vote, should bring joy to the Republican Party.

It won’t matter to the far-left hate-Trump voters, to whom the former attorney general has emerged as a hero and a leader. Never mind that Holder epitomizes the D.C.-Wall Street revolving door about as well as anyone. He has allied himself with California lawmakers who would rather not follow the law as long as Trump is president—a bunch of modern-day John C. Calhouns.

Hungary launches PR campaign against George Soros

Jul 19, 2017 — BombThrowers

The Hungarian government has launched a massive public relations campaign against billionaire George Soros for his stance on immigration. The campaign is the latest attempt by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to maintain his popularity in the country, despite the European Union‘s treatment of Hungary as a reactionary pariah.

The Hungarian government accuses Hungarian-born Soros of encouraging illegal immigration—in particular, posing a “national security risk” for wanting to settle hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern immigrants in Hungary. The government has placed billboards and posters in large Hungarian cities with the slogan “Let’s not allow Soros to have the last laugh!”

In response, a spokesman for Soros accused the Hungarian government of anti-Semitism (since Soros is Jewish and fled with his family before the Nazis occupied the nation). But Soros is not popular with the Israeli government either. Although Yossi Amrani, Israel’s ambassador to Hungary, has criticized the anti-Soros campaign, warning that it “sows hatred and fear” and recalls Hungary’s role in the Holocaust, Israel’s foreign ministry has offered its own clarification of the ambassador’s comment, saying:

Three cheers for the Republicans who let McConnellCare sink!

Jul 19, 2017 — BombThrowers

Kudos to Sens. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), Jerry Moran (R-Ks.), and Mike Lee (R-Utah) for putting an end to the proposed “Better Care Reconciliation Act,” a.k.a. McConnellCare. And kudos to Sen. Susan Collins (R-Me.) for opposing it too, even though she did so for the wrong reasons.

Now the GOP can get on with other issues like tax reform and go back to the drawing board on health care reform. (Editor’s note: As this article was being edited, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced the Senate would vote on Obamacare repeal – straight repeal, not replacement – next week.)

As usual, we have conservative commentators accusing these senators of being purists. Jim Geraghty thinks these Republican senators opposed McConnellCare because it left in place some of Obamacare’s tax hikes, ones that could have been removed in tax reform later in the year. “But no,” Geraghty writes, “these guys have to torpedo this particular bill, and its effort at improvement, in the name of some theoretical much better version that has yet to be written.”

The Left’s next step: Redefining ‘hate speech’ as violence

Jul 19, 2017 — BombThrowers

An article in the Sunday Review section of the July 16 New York Times posed a question which, once upon a more innocent time, would have been considered nonsensical: “When Is Speech Violence?” The response of any person who cares about the clarity of language would properly be “Never,” but Lisa Feldman Barrett, a professor of psychology at Northeastern University, asserts in the Times piece that the science is settled: “speech that bullies and torments” is “literally a form of violence.”

It might seem obvious, Barrett begins, that “violence is physically damaging; verbal statements aren’t.” Yes, that should be obvious to anyone except illiberals, who know that whoever controls the language controls minds. So they are hell-bent on weaponizing words to advance their totalitarian agenda.

The Left stakes out new frontiers in sexualizing children

Jul 18, 2017 — BombThrowers

Cut Videos is the source of this repellent video apparently depicting real parents teaching their young children how to use sex toys and masturbate.

The children, some of whom appear to be as young as six, squirm and cover their eyes as the adults hand them vibrators and coax them to participate in sex talk before cameras. Asked to say out loud whether she masturbates, one young girl fidgets in embarrassment. “Cameras everywhere,” she whispers.

The children are being forced to participate in explicit sex talk, holding vibrators, in front of a camera crew, their faces fully exposed.

Both legally and ethically this is child porn. According to the U.S. Department of Justice:

Rebecca Solnit achieves peak oppression

Jul 13, 2017 — BombThrowers

Writer Rebecca Solnit is the awful sort of virtue-signaling leftist woman whom one hopes never to meet, not on a sidewalk, not in an airplane terminal, not on a city park trail, not with a cat, not in a hat, though all of these scenarios are, as she informs us rather helpfully, possible if you live in the wrong kind of city, or even pass through it briefly.

You see a lot of her type these days. They are the ones complaining about mansplaining (a term Solnit is credited with inventing) while wearing slutty miniskirts and not much else in the commercials you can’t skip on Hulu. They are your freshman (fresh-zee?) orientation instructors informing you that your first semester will be spent examining your white privilege. If you’re especially unlucky, your brother (or sister) is dating one, and she’s going to tell you and the rest of the family exactly what she thinks about Christopher Columbus at Thanksgiving dinner.

GOP rallies behind idiotic bill

Jul 13, 2017 — BombThrowers

Republicans are about to do something very stupid. Using bribery, threats and cajolery, they intend to pass a catastrophically unpopular bill on a party-line vote.

GOP: Obamacare is unpopular, so let’s pass a new health care bill that’s even MORE unpopular.

Normal Person: Why would you do that?

GOP: No, you don’t understand. Obamacare is totally imploding, so if we pass this bill now, all its problems will be blamed on us!

The perils, and benefits, of whataboutism

Jul 13, 2017 — BombThrowers

NPR, other left-wing sources, and even some conservative columnists, have discovered a grave new danger coming from the always dangerous President Trump.

Trump, they claim, “has developed a consistent tactic when he’s criticized: say that someone else is worse.” This dreaded tactic is labeled the doctrine of “whataboutism,” which is described as:

Party A accuses Party B of doing something bad. Party B responds by changing the subject and pointing out one of Party A’s faults—“Yeah? Well what about that bad thing you did?” (Hence the name.)

In an NPR article, writer Danielle Kurtzleben points out that Trump is following in the footsteps of…the Russians (GASP!), and President Vladimir Putin, and before them, their predecessors the Soviet communists. According to NPR, the risk is that: