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Bombthrowers is a blog about politics and the war for the hearts and minds of Americans from a conservative viewpoint.In line with our name, we do not hold back. We have a take-no-prisoners attitude when it comes to fighting for conservative principles. The Left doesn’t play nice, and that’s why they’ve been winning. It’s time for conservatives to rise up and turn the tide.We’re not afraid to take on anyone, especially the Washington Establishment—Republican or Democrat.Bombthrowers is a project supported by the Capital Research Center. Its editor-in-chief is Matthew Vadum.

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Threat of Antifa violence shuts down “Antifa” documentary premiere

Sep 24, 2017 — BombThrowers

The September 25 premier of America Under Siege: Antifa, the latest film from Dangerous Documentaries (like Bombthrowers, a project of the Capital Research Center), at Milo Yiannopoulos’s Free Speech Week at U.C. Berkeley has been cancelled, in part due to security concerns stemming from members of the radical terrorist organization Antifa (short for anti-fascist action) — the very same group the film exposes.

The disruption of the film’s premier is extremely disappointing. Worse, it is a major blow to the First Amendment right to free speech. Let’s be clear: Antifa shut down a film screening criticizing their own extremism by using fear.

Kimmel prescribes ignorance, again

Sep 22, 2017 — BombThrowers

In his latest health care diatribe, late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel says that health care is not his “area of expertise.”

Truer words have never been spoken.

The left’s low power coup

Sep 22, 2017 — BombThrowers

Summary: The Left has discovered a new front in the ever-shifting war for media control: low power FM radio. It’s an innocuous-seeming concept with big repercussions for future audiences. But for conservatives, the fight may have been lost before it began.

The medium known as low power FM radio (LPFM) is, on the surface, hardly the stuff revolutions are made of. Yet this veteran medium is beloved of the free speech-hating Left because it offers a cheap buy-in with enormous gains. Since 2001, LPFM radio stations have rapidly developed in cities and regions across the United States. With an established network of leftist “free radio” groups ready to train, advise, and equip them, activists with no prior experience in broadcasting have the capability to organize people and spread their anti-American message.

For decades, left-wing ideologues have dreamed of utilizing low power radio as an organizing tool. Radio reaches an estimated 93 percent of everyone over 12 years old, and 200 million Americans tune in each week. It’s an enormous opportunity for the far Left, and one that conservative groups have totally ignored and are unprepared to face. With minimal funding and a handful of volunteers, progressives working in tandem with the federal government have the opportunity to monopolize thousands of licenses for low power radio stations nationwide—and all they need to run them is the power of a lightbulb.

The unbearable phoniness of Black Lives Matter

Sep 18, 2017 — BombThrowers

Like Holden Caulfield, I am always on the alert for phonies, and one of the biggest phonies to come out of the political/ideological realm these days is the so-called Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. According to, BLM is “a chapter-based national organization working for the validity of Black life… working to (re)build the Black liberation movement…(and) a call to action and a response to the virulent anti-Black racism that permeates our society.”

This is a movement whose three instigating — and supposed racist — incidents were all completely manufactured. Trayvon Martin, contrary to the pictures of a cute 12-year-old that were circulated, was a 17year-old, troubled and aggressive muscle-bound teen, trained in mixed martial arts, who initiated the fight that led to his death. Michael Brown was the huge thug who attacked a cop, and got shot. In the Eric Garner case, a morbidly obese offender vigorously resisted arrest and then died because his diseased body could not withstand the stress.

SPLC won’t label Antifa a hate group

Sep 17, 2017 — BombThrowers

Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) president Richard Cohen offered the Washington Examiner the SPLC’s views on Antifa, a violent, far-left movement responsible for many recent attacks on free speech.

They’re merely “wrongheaded” for using violence to achieve their ends, Cohen says. “We oppose these groups and what they’re trying to do.” But he won’t label Antifa a hate group, despite the group’s efforts to censor conservative speakers and disrupt lawful protests, because they don’t discriminate according to race, sex, religion, or other factors. Cohen offers flimsy reasoning:

Kaepernick unemployed = best NFL opening weekend ever!

Sep 11, 2017 — BombThrowers

Well, the first weekend of the 2017 National Football League season is over and Colin Kaepernick still does not have a job.

Hip, hip hooray!!!

Kaepernick, the former (oh, that word is soooo lovely!) quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers spent all of last season dishonoring the United States of America by kneeling during the National Anthem. He then offended victims of communism by wearing a tee-shirt with the image of the murderous thug Fidel Castro. And he insulted police officers by wearing “pig” socks.

Communists funding the resistance: the Alliance for Global Justice

Sep 7, 2017 — BombThrowers

(originally posted at Capital Research Center)

During the salad days of the Cold War, communists developed a clever tactic for infiltrating the mainstream of American society.  Whenever they founded an organization, they almost never used the term “Communist” in the name. Rather, communists would give the organization a professional-sounding title.

Groups like American Youth for Democracy, League of American Writers, and National Lawyers Guild were either fronts for the Soviet Union or established by American-born communists. By using an innocuous title, these groups were able to make themselves appealing to mainstream America.  Avoiding the term Communist, they were able to hide their true aim, the spread of an ideology that destroyed liberty and caused the deaths of tens of millions of persons.

Robert Spencer: Southern Poverty Law Center won’t classify Antifa as ‘hate group’

Sep 6, 2017 — BombThrowers

Robert Spencer at the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s Jihad Watch website notes that the Southern Poverty Law Center, a leftist attack dog which the mainstream media insist on citing as a legitimate and unbiased judge of so-called “hate groups” in America, won’t label the violent anarchists at Antifa a hate group. The SPLC, remember, is the same organization that has labeled the Freedom Center, Jihad Watch, and even our own Daniel Greenfield as “hate groups.” Check out Robert’s piece below, posted originally at Jihad Watch:

Of course. The SPLC and Antifa have the same overall goal: to destroy the freedom of speech and allow only Leftists access to the public square. The SPLC demonizes and tries to destroy dissenters (including foes of jihad terror) by lumping them in with the likes of the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazis. Antifa, a genuinely violent and hateful group, doesn’t make the list because it doesn’t dissent from the Leftist agenda, it works to advance it.

Gorka goes, and Trump lets him

Sep 4, 2017 — BombThrowers

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, a deputy assistant to President Trump, and an aide to former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, has resigned (or was fired). This is totally expected, after Bannon resigned, but still tremendously unfortunate.

Gorka is a good man, who I must stress, is not an anti-Semite or an Islamophobe. It is sad that I have to lead with these facts, but then again, that is the world we live in. The Forward, a dishonest leftist Jewish newspaper, has written more than 30 articles maligning Gorka as an anti-Semite. The crux of the slur arose out of a video from 2007, in which Gorka was interviewed in Hungarian, in which the Forward completely and deliberately misedited and mistranslated what Gorka said to portray him as a Jew-hater. Luckily, a fellow Hungarian speaker was able to expose the truth to those – outside of the Forward and much of the mainstream media – who were interested in getting to the truth

Why the media is in a never-ending hunt for right-wing violence

Sep 1, 2017 — BombThrowers

After I’d spent a decade begging Republicans, including a few presidential candidates, to take up the immigration issue, Donald J. Trump came along, championed the entire thesis of Adios, America, and swept all contenders aside.

It’s too late for the likes of Marco Rubio, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to avoid humiliation, but if they don’t want to keep making asses of themselves in public by, for example, praising today’s version of the KKK, they should read my entire corpus of work, starting with Demonic. (Trump somehow grasped the whole point of that book, too.)

The reason normal people are suspicious of the media’s narrative on Charlottesville is that we’ve heard this exact same story many, many times before.

Republican spokesmen aren’t very good Republicans

Aug 31, 2017 — BombThrowers

Another dispatch from the dusty, dangerous political trail by Clint Carson

Since Inauguration Day, Republicans and (some) conservatives have decried the relentless media assault on the Trump administration. From Russia to Charlottesville, members of the Fourth Estate have almost without exception given this nascent presidency no quarter.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the so-called Russian collusion investigation highlights the enduring problem (in fact, fatal weakness) of Republican administrations since Reagan—there is a dearth, if not an outright lack of existence, of Republican communicators who articulate the philosophical underpinnings and principles that define the Republican Party.

Obamacare penalties for uninsured are higher than ever

Aug 29, 2017 — BombThrowers

One essential aspect of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), better known as Obamacare, is the health insurance overhaul’s individual mandate. Under the 2010 law, Americans lacking health insurance coverage beginning in 2014 are required to pay a penalty. The Obama administration billed that penalty as a minor fine, but the numbers show otherwise.

According to numbers reported by the Washington Free Beacon, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) collected $2.8 billion in ACA penalties on 2016 tax returns from 4 million Americans. That’s down from the 5.6 million who were penalized in 2015 returns, likely in response to President Donald Trump’s January 20th executive order to “minimize the unwarranted economic and regulatory burdens” of the ACA by waiving the individual mandate. Specifically, the order calls on the IRS and the secretary of Health and Human Services to

Affirmative action is failing minority students

Aug 28, 2017 — BombThrowers

A new analysis of the top American universities by the New York Times finds that black and Hispanic students are more underrepresented in higher education than they were 35 years ago – despite affirmative action policies aimed at increasing college attendance for minorities.

According to the study, which looks at percentages of freshmen attendance in 100 universities, black students continue to make up 6 percent of college freshmen and 15 percent of the nation’s total college-age population, a position unchanged from the 1980s. Hispanic freshmen, however, have grown significantly, and today make up 13 percent of freshmen and 22 percent of the total college-age population. In that time, white students’ enrollment declined, but Asian American enrollment increased.

Michael Bennett, Confederate statues, and uselessness

Aug 26, 2017 — BombThrowers

Some people look at Michael Bennett, the defensive end for the Seattle Seahawks who is now kneeling during the national anthem, and see someone who is heroic. 

Others look at the people working to remove Confederate statues from public parks and see people who are earnest.

But what matters about such actions people isn’t whether people engaging in them are brave or sincere. What we should be asking is whether their actions will actually make any difference? Black Americans lag behind most other ethnic groups in education. Will the actions of Bennett and others help close those gaps?

The Left’s playbook revealed

Aug 22, 2017 — BombThrowers

A confidential “Plan for Action” detailing the strategy behind the Leftist smear artist David Brock’s strategy has leaked to the media. The plan reveals his intention to influence every level of government in the United States during the presidency of Donald Trump with the hope to turn the U.S. solidly progressive by 2020.

The playbook lays out a four-pronged approach to remove President Trump, either through impeachment or at the ballot box, by undermining his support among voters – delivering overwhelming electoral victory to the Democratic Party by 2020. The strategy assigns specific tasks to four Leftist organizations which are all funded by liberal billionaire George Soros, with the overarching goal of morally discrediting any voice on the American Right: