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Train of Thoughts

May 26, 2017 — Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

Am I reading right? A (railway) train jumped the tracks, right in a major city’s main train station? Perhaps I misread that (reminder to myself: get an eye-checkup forthwith!) —that must be a MISPRINT!

Doesn’t everyone know that we now live in the 21st century, with all the promises of “autonomous cars” (and everything else) “connected” to the mysterious “internet of things”? And trains run on a couple of tracks, not like cars that can meander all over the road and further afield? If the (relatively) few trains can’t keep on the track, what may happen when millions of autonomous cars are supposed to be on the road – I shudder to think of it.

Sunny Roof Tiles and Boring Tunnels

May 20, 2017 — Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

Well, on the surface, the recently touted “solar roof tiles” sound like a great idea, a roof with photovoltaic cells embedded in the tiles, barely distinguishable from ordinary roof tiles.

So, for the moment, let’s forget about the cost of the tiles and their installation, neither of which is exactly “peanuts.” There are other problems as well, like:

Your Condo on the Moon

May 13, 2017 — Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

Colonizing the Moon has been claimed to be the stepping stone for colonizing planet Mars (NASA: “En Route to Mars”). Some folks are all in favor, with headlines like “Make American First on the Moon again!

Even the renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking has been adamant in his doom scenario projections: In one hundred year or so, mankind can no longer live on earth. That’s a big “upgrade” from “... one thousand years ...” that Hawking made just a few months ago. No wonder then, the (renewed) race to the moon and planets (not limited to Mars) is just getting underway.

Soon, Everyone can be Happy, or High

May 7, 2017 — Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

Perhaps, that will be better—or not; time will tell. Of course, I’m talking about the plant Cannabis sp., known as marijuana, the new “vice of choice.”

As Money Morning reports, “Over half of the country, or 28 states, have legalized marijuana in some form. You see, the marijuana craze is sweeping the nation…”

Dear Postmaster General

Apr 29, 2017 — Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

Dear Postmaster General,

Please, have pity on me—I just can’t get the old terms out of my mind. Canada Post is now controlled by a president, CEO, and other highly-paid functionaries that certainly deserve the full support of the citizenry. Not to forget, the daily “health-exercises” of trekking to the community mailboxes to retrieve our dose of donation-seeking “Dear Friend/Supporter” letters and the like.

On behalf of all our friends, neighbours, acquaintances, in- and outlaws, our sincere thanks for keeping us on our toes. Undoubtedly, this enforced exercise regime contributes to our health, longevity and generally positive outlook.

However, if you permit me, I have some complaints too. They relate to the postage rates for anything, from postcards to my friends in the next village to books within and out-of-the-country. Our postal rates are outrageously high and are killing your business! After all, it’s easy to compare postage rates.

Growing Spuds on Mars

Mar 29, 2017 — Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

Yours truly has a preference for spuds over rice as the dietary “carb.” So, you may forgive me for being interested in news about this tuber-kind being potentially feeding the future colonists on planet Mars.

Surely now, our venerable Canadian Broadcasting Service (CBC) would not lie! As the report says “The [potato growing] experiment was conducted in soil in the Atacama Desert in Peru, which is most similar to what is found on Mars.”

Clearly, spuds are in and Mars is—give or take a few million miles—just around the corner. Is that a wakeup call for the potato-farmers in Idaho in the U.S. and on Prince Edward Island in Canada? Perhaps, the real question ought to be:

Playing Ball

Mar 18, 2017 — Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

The drive to find novel energy storage systems for all the “alternative” energy produced from wind-turbines and solar (photovoltaic) systems is fostering the most bizarre ideas.

Needless to say, government bureaucrats are just too happy to throw taxpayers’ funds at any idea that promises to fulfill the quest. One of the latest “grand schemes” involves hollow concrete balls sunk into the depths of the ocean, the deeper the better and the larger the better too.

So, what am I talking about, specifically? Of course, hollow concrete balls, the latest scheme in the quest to provide “free energy,” see the photo of a hollow concrete ball, nearby!

Uh, “Internet-Connected Mousetraps”

Mar 11, 2017 — Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

Some financial gurus claim such “connected” things are soon to become the “new standard” of a “multi-trillion” dollar industry. Just invest now in this or that and, in no time flat, you’ll be able to share in the pie and become rich beyond belief. Even “Sharks” are now trying to feed on little mice (see the screenshot nearby), still I wonder:

2017—Year of the Blue Rooster?

Mar 4, 2017 — Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

According to the Chinese calendar, this year (2017 A.D.) is also the “Lunar Year of the Fire Rooster.” In accustomed fashion, Canada Post (CP) has issued a special stamp that celebrates the occasion with a new rooster issue (Fig.-1b), surely with more vivid colors than in the previous “Wood Rooster” (2005) issue, shown in Fig.-1a:

With the Lunar calendar cycle repeating every 11 (Gregorian) calendar years or so, what’s different now? If you are an artist, you might note that (as per CP), the 2017 issue is significantly more red than the previous stamp, more or less artistic and so forth. In both stamps the color blue is essentially absent. However, the rooster may not be as important as other “elements” for this year, namely the color BLUE and the element cobalt.

What’s on Your Mind?

Feb 12, 2017 — Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

Never mind! Soon it may not matter anymore what you say or write as science will be able to detect what you TRULY THINK, just by looking at your brain activity! Now, think about that for while!

As The Argus reports, the new technology researched by two University of Cambridge neuroscientists “...includes whether brain scanning should be used for a Minority Report-style justice system in which ‘criminals’ are singled out before they commit any crimes.” The Mirror pipes in with the headline “Pioneering brain scanning technology could allow scientists to read people’s minds.”

My guess: George Orwell (1903-1950) would be fascinated by the speed of development. His (1949) futuristic novel Nineteen Eighty-Four is rapidly becoming outdated and obsolete.

It’s about Time…

Feb 5, 2017 — Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

Rock hounds” (like myself, in younger years) are searching the ground for any type of crystals, like crystals of quartz, that are found in many places on earth. For example in New York State they can occur as “Herkimer diamonds”, or in the Alps, occasionally as brown or nearly black appearing “smoky quartz,” also known as “morion,” and so on.

Smoky quartz crystal (5 cm length) from the Austrian Alps, collected by and photo by the author.

Dear Aunt Climate—a letter from your nephew Wiarton Willie

Jan 30, 2017 — Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

My Dear Aunt Climate,

First of all, somewhat belatedly, my best wishes for your continued happiness and prosperity in this new year of The Lord, 2017! And when you change your attire with the seasons, from white to brown, to green, and back again to white, please be mindful of and stay within accustomed-to conventions.

Just a fraction of one degree above or below the global mean temperature could cause some folks to become upset.

Downhill at Davos

Jan 19, 2017 — Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

The town of Davos-Klosters, population 11,000, in the Swiss Canton of Graubünden is famed for its sport attractions, especially downhill ski-slopes and important downhill ski-race competitions like the Parsenn Derby. The top speeds in such events would result in apprehension and fines by any highway traffic cop in North America.

Davos is also the home of the World Economic Forum (WEF), held there annually since 1971. That’s when the world’s leaders in industry and politics like to congregate for the annual WEF meeting. For this year’s event, the 47th World Economic Forum Annual Meeting currently under way, some 2200 participants were expected and 500 journalists.

No Justice for Justin?

Jan 13, 2017 — Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

Jane’s still enamored by “good looking liberals” but appears to have lost her previous penchant for “high hopes that [Prime Minister] Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government would follow through on commitments made there [in Paris, 2015],”

Must be the climate, or time of year that made her come to that conclusion, or something else. Even the Globe and Mail (G&M) writes that “Jane Fonda says Trudeau betrayed hopes for climate action”