Conservatives are Cool, Liberals are Losers

The street artist Sabo recently introduced artwork depicting President Donald J. Trump sitting in the lotus position. His hands are not in serene mudras associated with the lotus, but are instead flipping the bird. Take that media! Take that Deep State!

Associated with the artwork is the logo “Republican Is The New Punk.” In other words, conservatism is cool—liberalism is lame. Liberalism is the establishment; conservatism is the counter-culture.

How lame is liberalism? Glad you asked. Liberalism is so lame that conservative speakers are banned from most college and university campuses because liberal stances and viewpoints are so vacuous and hollow that a few stiff conservative breezes would blow away the whole frail house of cards.

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Why did the DNC refuse to let the FBI look at its servers?

The fact that last year the Democratic National Committee refused to allow the FBI to examine its servers after Democrats claimed Russia hacked into them during the election cycle has always bugged me.

It doesn’t seem like something the DNC would do if it really wanted justice to be done. Could this refusal to let the world’s most respected law enforcement agency examine its servers be part of some kind of cover-up? And what about the scandal surrounding Democrats hiring the Awan brothers? As the Daily Caller reported, “Hina Alvi, her husband Imran Awan, and his brothers Abid and Jamal were highly paid shared IT administrators working for multiple House Democrats until their access to congressional IT systems was terminated Feb. 2 as a result” of an investigation into “a major security breach on the House of Representatives computer network.”

How the Asbestos Hysteria Led to the Grenfell Tragedy

There was no single cause of the tragic 24-story Grenfell Tower conflagration in London. The British newspaper The Telegraph lists eight factors, including lack of dual staircases, lack of sprinklers both outside and inside, and sub-standard fire doors—none of which at this time appear to have violated the law. But nothing contributed more to the sheer speed of the spread, blocking both exits and preventing rescues, and hence the horrific death toll, than what’s called “cladding.” That’s a covering or coating on the structure.

According to The Telegraph, fire safety experts warned as much as 18 years ago that the cladding used on buildings such as Grenfell Tower—used to improve both energy efficiency and aesthetics—posed a deadly threat because it essentially turns a high-rise into a chimney, funneling the heat upwards. Why? Partly it’s “breathing space” between cladding panels allowing oxygen to enter and partly because the cladding was made of aluminum and . . . polyethylene. “Ethyl” means a petroleum byproduct. And while petroleum byproducts may be good for heating and cooling insulation, petroleum burns.

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Senate health care bill shows GOP has learned nothing

The new health care bill released by Senate Republicans has exactly the same major flaw that the original proposed “American Health Care Act” did. As such, it does not fix the problems with the Obamacare exchanges. Rather, their decline will continue apace.

From USA Today:

The Senate plan does not include a House provision that would let states get waivers to allow insurance companies to raise premiums on some Americans with pre-existing medical conditions. Both the House and Senate bill would phase out the expansion of Medicaid eligibility, but the Senate bill does it more slowly.

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Uh oh: Cruz, Lee, Paul and Johnson announce they will not vote for Senate health care bill

Three conservatives and a libertarian walk into a bar . . . ah, you’ve heard this one, I’m sure.

This doesn’t mean nothing will pass next week, but it means the exact bill released this morning by Senate Republicans will almost certainly not pass. As far as Cruz, Lee, Johnson and Paul are concerned, the senators drafting the bill gave too much in order to win the likes of Collins, Murkowski and Portman. If they want 50 votes, there’s more work that will have to be done:

While the statement was not scathing, it said the current bill would not lower healthcare costs enough to win their support.

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Germany spied on the White House over years: report

Germany’s foreign intelligence service long spied on numerous official and business targets in the United States, including the White House, Spiegel weekly reported Thursday.

The magazine said it had seen documents showing that the intelligence service, the BND, had a list of some 4,000 so-called selector keywords for surveillance between 1998 and 2006.—More…

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Senate’s Healthcare Draft Includes Pro-life Provisions

WASHINGTON - Seven weeks after the House of Representatives passed the American Health Care Act, today the Senate released a “discussion draft” that would prevent women from using federal tax credits to buy plans that cover abortion and that blocks the nation’s largest abortion mill, Planned Parenthood, from receiving federal funds for one year.

This bill would also repeal and replace Obamacare and give states wider latitude in opting out of its regulations.

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Canadian Sniper sets world record with 2-mile kill shot against ISIS operative

When it comes to amazing snipers and their even more amazing abilities, we have a new world-record holder.  An unidentified Canadian special forces operative has obliterated the old longest-confirmed-kill record with an astonishing 2-mile shot. The previous longest shot was made by a British sniper at a distance of 8,120 feet or 2,475 meters.

At 11,319 feet, the new record is almost 3,200 feet (or almost 1,100 meters) longer.

From Toronto’s Globe and Mail:

The Canadian Armed Forces confirmed Thursday that a member of Joint Task Force 2 made the record-breaking shot, killing an Islamic State insurgent during an operation in Iraq within the last month.

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Senate releases ‘secret health care bill’ for all the world to see

To read the media today, you’d think the only thing noteworthy about the Senate’s health care bill is that it was “drafted in secret.” Almost every MSM headline on the plan’s release emphasizes this Democrat talking point, which leads me to a fairly obvious question:

Isn’t everything “secret” up until the point it’s made known?

The real news, of course, is what’s in the bill - and obviously, its prospects of passage. For a supposedly secret bill, we sure know a lot about it now.

The Wall Street Journal has some excellent summations:

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Trump: Why no, I’d rather not have a poor person as my economic advisor

One of the dopiest complaints a president will ever get is not all that surprising given the tenor of the times: How dare you appoint a billionaire as your economic advisor?

That one actually got fired at President Trump yesterday in reference to his choice of Gary Cohn, the billionaire former president of Goldman Sachs, to advise him on economic policy. Now, you could cite some issues with Cohn, one of them being he has a reputation for not being all that conservative on economic policy. But that’s not the complaint of the aggrieved masses. The complaint is that he’s a high-powered billionaire, and how dare Trump seek his advice?

Now you do understand, I would hope, that the purpose of economic policy is to create circumstances that promote prosperity. One might consider it fairly obvious that you’re better off getting advice from someone who’s achieved some prosperity, and knows a little something about how this is done. That will help the president develop policies that might assist others in reaching prosperity.

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McCabe’s FBI Hosts Gay Pride Summit

The FBI may not be able to detect and prevent left-wing violence directed at Republicans playing baseball. But it sure knows how to pander to and entertain the LGBTQ community with a full-blown conference featuring discussions about the oppressive “identity hierarchy.”

In an amazing development, acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, whose wife ran with Hillary’s support for the state senate in Virginia, has now put the entire FBI apparatus at the disposal of a key Democratic Party constituency group, the LGBTQ lobby, with “Q” meaning queer.

It is a direct affront to the conservative Christians who voted for President Donald Trump.

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EPA’s suspect science

President Trump’s budget guidance sought to cut $1.6 billion from the Environmental Protection Agency’s $8.1 billion expectation. Shrieks of looming Armageddon prompted Congress to fund EPA in full until September 2017, when the battle will be joined again.

Then EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt said he would prioritize Superfund cleanups based on toxicity, health-impact and other factors. The ensuing caterwauling suggested that EPA had no priorities since Bill Ruckelshaus (EPA’s first administrator, 1970-1975). But consider some standard EPA practices:

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For two solid years CNN ran its mind-numbing, transparent-to-anyone not wholly deluded, anti-Trump diatribes, 24/7 non-stop. Their hosts parroted one absurd conspiracy theory after another, as their talking heads and “guests” bounced the latest Trump-hating fairy tales, one off the other.

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Hysterical Democrats react to GA-6 loss: ‘Our brand is worse than Trump!’

If you want to steal a seat in a red district, it might help not to run a candidate who carries a major creepiness factor and seems to be doing a Barack Obama impersonation whenever he talks - but without any of Obama’s charisma.

But panicky Democrats are right: It’s not enough just to run against Donald Trump when the voters don’t think too highly of you either, and when they know full well that if they put you back in charge, all they’re going to get is more of the policies that gave us eight years of piss-poor growth, mounting debt and record low labor participation rates.

Democrats don’t think like that, though. At least not most of them. They still seem to think the whole problem is mere branding:

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Both Sides Aren’t Violent

Free speech is under assault in America. And in California, free speech is being bushwhacked. People are attacked just for having patriotic bumper stickers on their cars. Trump supporters who attend rallies are threatened, assaulted, beat up, and in a weekend attack in Santa Monica, a 28-year old man was knifed nine times! The only people being attacked are Trump supporters. The media lie “both sides do it” is repugnant; both sides are not violent.

The Navy Jack flag flying from my house was set on fire shortly before the November 8th presidential election. We fly it at the behest of our son, a Naval officer, who was deployed to the Middle East at the time. It’s an historical flag. But the dunderheads who set it afire have no idea that the Navy Jack flag is flown from all commissioned naval vessels. Duh.

In my urban Sacramento neighborhood of 6,000 homes, I counted three Trump signs and one Trump flag being displayed during the election. However, it appeared that every other house had HILLARY signs displayed, and every Prius and Subaru wagon displayed I’m With HER bumper stickers next to COEXIST, BOYCOTT ISRAEL, Proud Witch, and Obama 2008.

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Planned Parenthood’s Desperate Attempt to get Jon Ossoff Elected

If the truth, rather than media propaganda got to tell the story, this is what really went down in Tuesday’s special Georgia election:

Planned Parenthood poured big money in trying to elect Democrat pro-abortion crusader Jon Ossoff to Congress in Tuesday’s special election in Georgia—but ended up instead aborting aborting his election chances.

“With $734,000 in campaign contributions, the abortion giant was the second-biggest spender on the Democratic side of the ledger — only trailing the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which poured $4.9 million into the race.” (Washington Times, June 21, 2017)

Nor did the millions sent by Hollywood to the $30-million race find success.

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Unions make an offer Illinois can’t refuse

Thanks to Big Labor’s political machine, Illinois and California are in a race to see whose economy can go belly-up first – and they’re happy to let their taxpayers foot the bill.

Economic insolvency is the catastrophic result of making expensive promises the states cannot keep, euphemistically referred to as “unfunded liabilities.” It’s what George Will calls “the blue-state model” – suicidal tax rates, unmitigated deficit spending, and public employee pensions stretching as far as the eye can see – and it’s killing two of the country’s most populous states.

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Call your Democrat Congressmen and let them know you support Nancy Pelosi as House Minority Leader

In the wake of the Democrats’ costly, humiliating, loss in the Georgia special election, the knives are out for Nancy Pelosi. Rather than blame their platform, their rejected positions, or their radical-left-wing agenda, they’ve chosen to place responsibility for their current predicament on a scapegoat. Many in the Democratic Party have been questioning Pelosi’s leadership, and there are now calls for her to step down as House Minority Leader. 

From UPI:

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The Comey/Mueller Tag Team

In a prior column, I pointed out how strange it was that Robert Mueller, the former FBI director, was leading the investigation of the Trump administration for its alleged collusion with Russia to hack and steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton. Mueller was appointed to lead the investigation even though one of the main witnesses in this investigation happen to be his protégé, James Comey, who was also Mueller’s successor at the FBI. Comey — it should be obvious — has a vested interest in embarrassing or harming Donald Trump, the man who fired him.

I didn’t think things could get weirder, or more unsavory, but somehow, they have. James Comey was called to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee on this very subject.

As an aside, it sure is funny how the Democrat minority still seems to direct the agenda of the U.S. Senate committees and Congress itself. There is currently no investigation of the alleged Obama surveillance of the Trump campaign, and possibly other conservative/Republican partisan targets, in the Senate, but there is an investigation of the “Russia hacking scandal” in both houses.

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