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Superb, and I will be using this on the blog in the morning. You always drive the nail home in one stroke!
Posted by cmblake6  on  06/25  at  04:13 AM | #

Thanks for the article Judi. The most amazing and disappointing things for me, with politicians like Pelosi, is WHY do they keep getting elected?

Pope and Pelosi: Were they in the same room? (Pelosi practices her religion on Sundays?)

We Are Winning Our Great Country Back!!!!
Posted by Andrew Luck  on  06/24  at  03:19 PM | #

pelosi complains about "witch hunts", she would know something about "witches". would somebody please throw a bucket of water, and/or drop a house on her.
Posted by "gunner"  on  06/24  at  02:27 PM | #

Nancy Pelosi has done some seemingly irreparable damage to this nation, but IF we can awaken the people that damage can be repaired.
Unfortunately she lives in an area where the drug culture reigns supreme and through their foggy eyes they look for “What can the government give to us”.
Pelosi to the rescue, and she brings the gates of deprivation to her community and the people celebrate.
Her last proclamation that the reason the Conservative Democrats and Republicans are going after Eric Holder is because they are racists who want to destroy him. I suppose that in her drug controlled “mind” that is true, but to those who respect our government, it is an effort to bring this lawless administration back into line with the purposes they were designed to accomplish.
One of the primary purposes for the Federal government is to protect our States from any invasion force, and instead of fulfilling that obligation, they are aiding and abetting the systematic takeover of this nation and hundreds of Mexicans and a numerous Canadians and Americans have been subjected to a plethora of tragic losses.

If you drive a “friend” to the bank and he goes into the bank and robs them and murders someone in that bank, you will be charged with that death.

Now we have Holder participating in quasi legal operations which results in the death of hundreds and we are told that the reason we don’t like what he is doing is because we are racists. Only in a drug controlled “mind” could someone come to that conclusion.

Posted by JohnMinn  on  06/24  at  11:01 AM | #

Quoting Rush: She comes from Planet Stupider. Quoting myself: If cows could talk, they would utter things this insipid.......When you can't put together a cogent sentence, it's time to be "put out to pasture". Thank you, Judi, for that visual. Helps a lot.
Posted by Patricia Weir  on  06/24  at  09:20 AM | #

First: I pity anyone stupid enough to have ever voted for her.
Second: Only a wacko-institution such as the MSM would ever care what that crazy broad ever says.
Third: She can never give a straight answer..ever.

The reporter asks about Fast & Furious coverups..and she goes on some mindless rant about the Republicans are trying to shamelessly suppress the illegal voters in Florida.. Yeah..heaven forbid that we suppress the illegal voting block... how else are the Demo-nuts going to get elected?
Posted by George from Atlanta  on  06/23  at  07:01 PM | #

GREAT article about the queen bee who isn't.
Posted by Tom M.  on  06/23  at  06:33 PM | #

A US House Representative from South Carolina said this week that Nancy Pelosi is "mind-numbingly stupid". I agree. I think her botox has not only frozen her wrinkles, but has frozen her brain as well.
She may be stupid, but she is still dangerous.

Great article, Ms. Judi!
Posted by Barbara  on  06/23  at  03:32 PM | #

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Pelosi whinnies from the pastures

Posted by Judi McLeod on Jun 23, 2012 at 06:54 PM

Obama regime will be recognized as largely the work of the unholy trinity of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Senator Harry Reid with the sideline help of Obama czars

If so many of today’s incumbent politicians are yesterday, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the Day Before.

Surely the icing on the cake in 2010 midterm elections was the end to Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker.  Though she’s tried ever since to advance the philosophy that being Minority Leader for the 112th Congress is just as good, Pelosi’s clout went out with the tide of 63 lost Dem seats. 

Like the proverbial horse put out to pasture, Pelosi has been whinnying from a distance and pawing the fields with hooves no longer what they once were.


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