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Mr. Minn, you are absolutely correct that all treaties are contracts, by legal definition. With that settled, it is important to recognize that Agenda 21 is not in fact a treaty and is in no way legally binding. After studying the document in detail, it is clear that it does not call for the confiscation or appropriation of land or property, nor does it empower the UN or any other international organization to encroach on the sovereignty of the United States. I in no way wish to appear contentious or inflammatory but these facts are incontrovertible. I must thank everyone who has contributed to this discussion and provided the impetus for my research into Agenda 21. It has been an educational experience.
Posted by William Knox  on  12/23  at  01:39 AM | #

William Knox, A treaty is a contract. That is specifically why the treaty clause was put in the Constitution and if that clause was not in there a number of States could not join the union because to do so would violate the treaty (ies) they were already obligated to.
Go back and read Agenda 21 once again with the background thought being this is a contract.

If you ever enter into a contract, be absolutely sure that you do not violate ANY of the conditions in that contract or you will soon learn the meaning of the word contract. Once you have signed a contract, that contract CAN NOT be changed unless all parties under that contract agree to the amendment.

freckles, Indeed every knee shall bow, but recognizing Him as King of King and Lord of Lords at that time is one of those “Oops I should have ____ " moments and is just a bit late.
Posted by JohnMinn  on  12/23  at  12:19 AM | #

Gentlemen, contrary to your implied expectations, I have no intention of labeling your statements as offensive or presumptuous. I understand the importance Christians place on sharing the words of your Messiah and I greatly value the sincerity of your attempts to reach out to me and my brethren with love and compassion. In the immortal words of Dr. King, "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."

You need not guess at my political agenda. I would be happy to share my exact position with you since you express such keen interest. First, I utterly reject Marxist socialism as I agree that the philosophy does not reflect traditional American values. I do however support increased social egalitarianism, productive endowments and far greater investment in educational opportunities for our citizens. We must insure our ability to thrive in the increasingly competitive global environment.

I do not suggest that income redistribution is the ideal method of achieving these ends, preferring instead to increase revenue by broadening the base. We must focus our domestic efforts on emphasizing personal responsibility while working to decentralize the power of government. It is absolutely imperative that we drastically reduce all non-essential federal spending and establish a fair, balanced budget to achieve our common goals. I proudly admit that I advocate the protection of our environment as it is incumbent upon us to preserve the ability of our children and grandchildren to enjoy the wonders of forest, field and stream, just as we did in the vanished days of our youth.

It is true that our differences often seem insurmountable but I truly believe that by working together we can secure the future of our Republic. Our past divisiveness has yielded no positive benefit, succeeding only in damaging our credibility on an international level while suppressing our natural inclination to stand on the side of justice and freedom, both at home and abroad. I pray we find the wisdom to follow the road less travelled for only then can we finally achieve peace.
Posted by William Knox  on  12/23  at  12:03 AM | #

Having read through the comments, I come back to the thought that "every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord". I presume that applies equally well to anyone who ever has, or will inhabit the Earth, regardless of their current belief system. I wish those who are currently atheistic, nonthestic, pagan or some other than Christian in belief, well, when it comes time to "bow the knee and confess", because I firmly believe it shall indeed come. The question WILL come, "Why did you CHOOSE to believe in something other than Me? Did you not have a proper chance?", and the question will demand an answer, having been posed by Christ himself. Because, you see, he will employ no other person to ask those questions. I shan't provide the source; they're contained within what is STILL the best selling book printed. But again, I wish you well when the time comes.
Posted by freckles  on  12/22  at  07:32 PM | #

@JohnMinn. Are you picking up anything from this exchange with Mr. Knox? Talented, isn't he? He could fool some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time.
(Sorry if I sound like a prosecutor)
He is NOT a centrist when he designates Christians like us as "right wing". He is very much left wing.
Here's what I picked up from a previous post:
His use of "far right" brought to mind what far right means: chaos and anarchy. The realization then came that Mr. Knox himself is " far right", in moral and spiritual values. At the same time he is far left socially and politically.
He is far right AND far left! Now there's a strange amalgam for you.
He's the man behind the curtain.
Posted by Carlos  on  12/22  at  06:23 PM | #

Anything coming out of the UN is suspect. Nothing coming out of the UN contains interest in America. Now don't let what you don't know affect what you do know. The UN bad. Why would you want to surrender anything American to the UN. Maroon! I think is the word.
Posted by jsadowsky  on  12/22  at  03:07 PM | #

@JohnMinn Thank you for your eminently diplomatic response. You, Sir, embody the measured grace that I have come to expect from a true believer in Christ’s message to the world. While I respect your beliefs and sincerely appreciate the value of your scripture, the basic theological positions of our respective religious communities are quite different. This does not mean that we cannot find common ground to work toward peace and understanding, striving to move forward and promote constructive interfaith dialog whenever possible. Maintaining an aggressively negative policy of heated denial and unrelenting hatred clearly is not the answer. I think it is important to acknowledge that while our passions may conquer our patience from time to time, we recognize and love each other as unique, precious children of God.

In reference to Agenda 21, I have researched the subject and I cannot agree with the Republican platform’s official assertion that a voluntary, non-binding plan designed to promote sustainable development is somehow damaging to the sovereignty of the United States. It is an action plan promoted by the UN, nothing more. While I appreciate your advice on where to locate pertinent articles on the subject, I prefer to acquire my news and important information from a neutral, reliable and clearly non-partisan source. As a committed, independent centrist I hope that we as a country can find a way to end the terrible divisiveness that plagues American politics before the social and economic damage becomes insurmountable. May the peace of God be with you this Yuletide season and through the upcoming New Year.
Posted by William Knox  on  12/21  at  05:19 PM | #

William Knox, “Love your enemy”. If you have a child who is running amok, you correct that child because as a parent you love that child and do not want them to destroy themselves. As with a child you first warn those who want you to be their enemy of the hazards of their conduct. For those who still seek to destroy you, you also correct them lest they destroy themselves and you. That is how we “Love your enemy”.
As for Agenda 21, you would do well to study it carefully. This site has had many exposes of agenda 21 and you can get a rather in depth study of Agenda 21 right here. In the comments section of those articles on Agenda 21 there are links to other sites which also study Agenda 21.
In the upper right of this page you will find Google custom search. Just enter Agenda 21 in that search engine, and the articles on this site concerning Agenda 21 will come up.
Posted by JohnMinn  on  12/21  at  08:00 AM | #

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Is America Becoming a Pagan Kingdom?

Posted by Kelly OConnell on Dec 19, 2012 at 07:49 AM

Will Our Return to Ancient Ideas Doom USA?

It must be some kind of joke to suggest the United States of America is turning resolutely towards paganism, the antithesis of Christianity—correct? Sadly, this is exactly what appears to be quickly happening to this most Christian of all nations in terms of origin and practice. We see this in our views of government, family, economics, freedom, law and especially religion. We are now presented with a kind modern homo paganus, a modernized version of ancient man. Paganism is defined as:


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