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Eubulus, I did follow your recommendation and did go to, and I did look up Robert Bowie Johnson Jr. and perhaps I will find the time to study his book The Parthenon Code.

For those who did not follow those “threads”, you really did not express yourself clearly and brought some severe comments upon yourself.

Indeed the traditions of men have made The Word of no effect, and that is a result of the Miscreants efforts to pervert The Word and which they have done so all too well. Titus 1:9 to the end of chapter one explains the problem rather clearly.

I too lament Christen-DUMB, and God made that all too clear when He stated that we were to “study to show yourselves approved” (1Th 4:11)

Ignorance is not bliss, but ignorance can mean death, and far too many are not aware of that.

The God of the original texts is one thing and the god of the traditions of men bears little resemblance to our Creator.
Posted by JohnMinn  on  12/28  at  11:17 AM | #

there is an 'explanation' for evil. it really doesn't matter the explanation. what matters is that it exists and we need to protect ourselves and those we love. we protect money by arming armored car drivers but we don't protect our greatest valuables by arming those we trust to watch over them in school. schools are crawling with liberalism, progressive thinking and political correctness. these people don't care about the slaughter, at least not enough to sacrifice their pc long enough to consider the solution. Israel knows and understands evil and they train and arm many or most of their teachers.

the wise don't need it and the fool won't heed it.
Posted by jsadowsky  on  12/26  at  02:45 PM | #

if i hear one more idiot blaming mental illness for mass killings, i'm going to puke. even the mentally ill understand that if they go somewhere and start shooting they are going to be shot dead. THEY WON'T GO THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sucks to be mentally ill. liberalism is a mental illness and we all feel sorry for them. and even they know that the best place to do a mass shooting is a gun free zone. who ever thought that up is mentally ill and woefully lacking in understanding reality. the people with their hands on the levers and switches in our society are mentally ill. DEFINITION OF MENTAL ILLNESS. trying the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. liberals don't think that what they are doing is wrong, they just think that they just haven't been allowed to do enough of it yet. they don't know history because they weren't taught history. those who are ignorant of history are doomed to relive it.
Posted by jsadowsky  on  12/26  at  01:35 PM | #

God is who He is. Holiness is what it is. Evil is what it is. People suffer from their own choices. What God gives is only good things. If you are tortured then you choose to be. Our society is what it is because of people who deny what is. Man has been gathering together unto himself for a very long time. There is evil in the world. Failure to recognize that evil and prepare for it will bring suffering. Liberals lie for a living. Liberals will sacrifice all the children in support of the false agenda. Christ has provided an ever present peace and hope.

Your psycho babble doesn't change anything. God doesn't torture men, men own evil and foolishness and denial tortures them as it should be.
Posted by Therese S.  on  12/26  at  12:23 PM | #

Christen-DUMB bears much of the blame for the breakdown of American society. It continues to promote a god who torments his own creations endlessly, and insists on belief in a mysterious trinity of co-equal co-eternal "persons" that originated in a manmade unscriptural creed.
The True God cannot possibly be a God of love and yet create a place to torment most (or even one) of humanity endlessly. This continues to be Christen-DUMB's message: Believe in a mysterious, incomprehensible trinity of "persons" by an act of your so-called "free will" or you will end up in hell forever.
Young people, then, are faced with this choice: believe in a monstrous god who hates most of his creations or believe they are descended from reptiles by chance. No wonder cynicism and evil are spreading so rapidly. Please see
Posted by Eubulus  on  12/25  at  02:05 PM | #

this would be a lot shorter article if the principle or teachers had been armed. teachers in Israel are armed because they place a value on their children that is equal to or greater than the value they place on their money. not so here. liberal will sacrifice ALL the children to maintain there 'gun free' agenda. welcome to the world you created. train and arm any teacher or administrator who wants to undergo the training. group training. arm the teachers or tell yourself stories when they are slaughtered. read ann coulter's article on gun free zones and zones where a good guy has a gun.
Posted by jsadowsky  on  12/24  at  07:39 PM | #

Is religion the answer? I don't have enough information to refute or stand behind the idea that it is. I will argue, however, that censoring video games, movies and music won't fix anything. There is a reason that those things have ratings on them. Don't let your 7-year-old son watch Pulp Fiction and play Call of Duty which are clearly marked for people 18 and older.
If, as a functional adult who contributes to society, I want to sit at home and play Grand Theft Auto while watching porn and listening to Snoop Dogg, sippin' on gin 'n' juice, then that's damn well what I'm going to do.
There are no words to describe the tragedy that occurred at Sandy Hook and I can't imagine what the people directly affected by the shooting are going through. This truly is a national tragedy and we all, individually, have a responsibility to look within ourselves to find a way to better our country, our communities and our families.
Posted by Carla  on  12/23  at  11:25 PM | #

Yes JohnMinn, I think you're on to something. We have a culture of blame. Most of the mass murderers saw themselves as taking revenge. Cho, Columbine, Lanza, Discovery Channel, Unabomber. Our culture is full of blame targets, white males, Colonialism, Bush, capitalism, USA. Blame is all over the place in our culture. It's our bread and butter. Maybe that has something to do with it.

This means that a culture of Christ-like forgiveness is the cure. I guess I should start with myself on that.

Thank you for this article.
Posted by Jim Dandy  on  12/23  at  08:37 PM | #

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Christmas, Jesus & the Sandy Hook Massacre

Posted by Kelly OConnell on Dec 26, 2012 at 08:07 AM

Could a Wave of Forgiveness Sweep America?

In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre, many ask what possible rationale exists for the unprovoked, evil killing of the most innocent souls in the bloodiest way imaginable.  As some commentators have pointed out, evil has always existed and has no simple explanation. Further, the killer seemed to suffer from an abundance of mental problems which many have used to explain away the deadly assault.


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