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What we see in the real world, is the rich and industrious leaving this country by the millions to escape this country which is now under a terroristic “Democratic” dictatorship.
The last figures I saw on that exodus is that over 500,000 of the rich who have left this country.
I do wonder where those dictators think they will get their trillions of dollars to run their dictatorship when all but a very few productive individuals have escaped their “loving” government of, by and for the government.

Will their next move be to disarm the people and confiscating not only their means of defense, but the taking of their lifetime earnings and savings and property by further terrorizing the people with their voting base and others whom they have allowed to enter this country fully armed and unencumbered?
Posted by JohnMinn  on  12/24  at  12:14 PM | #

Outstanding analogy and article! Great job laying out what's gone and going on in America.

Posted by G. Cole  on  12/24  at  12:06 PM | #

Your metaphor for the last Flight USA, reminds me of the brave citizens on 9/11/01 who decided to STOP THE MADNESS by forcing the plane to crash in a field in Western Pennsylvania. The motto "DON'T TREAD ON ME" is meaningless unless we get out of our seats and do the same. "LET'S ROLL...."
Posted by Brooklyn  on  12/24  at  11:50 AM | #

Well... When the Pilot decides to illegally 'dis-arm' all the passengers carrying guns on the flight, who are doing so in accordance with their 2nd amendment rights, the volume of fire will instantly rupture the 'pressure vessel' and explode the planes fuselage. Hmmm... That doesn't sound like fun; I wonder if they have parachutes?
Posted by Tom Peasley  on  12/24  at  12:21 AM | #

The flight has been hijacked. The airport as well. There no traffic controllers.

Barry Soetero is the hijacker (with a team). The agencies are in charge of the airport (the plane will land on foreign principals to this Republic), the traffic controllers i.e. ALL branches and CONgress specifically are AWOL and derelict of duty. Hence, the crash is imminent.
Posted by 2discern  on  12/23  at  10:15 PM | #

Amazing analogy Doug...but not surprising coming from you...It is BECAUSE of God fearing men like you and Joe that I believe WE CAN and WE WILL (win the War, ultimately) and each of the battles we WIN will establish a NEW AMERICA to be handed down to our children and grandchildren...I am of the "baby boomer" generation and if we can continue to awaken the "boomers" to the call for Freedom we will be an unstoppable force for Restoration...I have followed your 3 hour radio program every night since its' inception and have watch your audience astounding growth both here and around the world...Your message of TRUTH is COMMON SENSE based upon our Judeo-Christian heritage...and...the United States Constitution of America, as our original gift from Almighty God...What we all share in common is the knowledge that God loves obedient servants and His servants can only be obedient if they are FREE to HONOR and WORSHIP Him in Spirit and Truth! May God Continue to Bless and Protect You Doug and Joe and Your Family.
Posted by AzDebi  on  12/23  at  08:32 PM | #

Excellent analogy Mr. Hagmann!
Posted by apilgrim  on  12/23  at  05:46 PM | #

There is only one option for any kind of return of ANY kind, and that is a return to God! Can you see America repenting? If you're like me then the answer is an astounding NO! Americans in their pride and arrogance cannot even grasp why they should have to. So welcome to the asskicking that God is about to give this nation! Don't like it? Oh well! It's coming! Just not quick enough for the likes of me. But then I'll argue that point with Him when the time comes. Even though I'm sure I'll lose. If that which people of this day and age do absolutely disgusts YOU, wonder how HE feels. I see things everyday, hear things every day, that make me want to puke for the wickedness of it. Sodom and Gomorrah had NOTHING on the U.S. and look what God did to them! So... wait for it! No doomsday preparations are going to prepare ANY for that which is coming! If you're not on your knees now, You Might as well get ready to take it like a man, flat on your fricken stupid face! I laugh at the stupidity of man, yet weep for the sadness of it all! It's Your death! Your destination! Enjoy the ride! And Thank-You for flying Idiot Airlines!
Posted by Stephen  on  12/23  at  02:46 PM | #

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Flight of the U.S.A.

Posted by Doug Hagmann on Dec 24, 2012 at 07:54 AM

Have reached the point of no return on our journey aboard the aircraft known as the United States of America

Imagine the United States as one big jumbo jet on a lengthy journey to what our travel brochures described as the land of “milk and honey.” We are all passengers aboard this marvelous airbus of state-of-the art comfort along with a litany of well-trained pilots, crew members and support personnel, each taking their respective shifts on this multi-generational journey. The flight is complete with in-flight movies, food service, all of the latest technology, along with a flight staff seemingly dedicated to our comfort.


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