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Douglas, keep up your excellent work. This shooting has "STAGED" written all over just like the next one in Sandy Hook. Why are the court records sealed? Why indeed, unless they have things they want to hide. Just like all of Obama's records are sealed, his birth records, school records, life records, relationship records, the ownership records of his home in Chicago, which the ownership name was changed 6 times in rapid succession, the last name I saw was a local Democrat Cook County judge's name as the owner. How utterly bizarre. And I am a real estate broker. People don't go to this kind of expense and title transferring on their personal home unless they are trying to disguise the real owner and/or the real source of funding for this transaction. But, Obama, he has gone through more shenanigans to obscure just who he is and where he came from than any other person in history. And that fact alone bears repeating, he has reportedly spent in the millions of dollars in legal fees to to top notch CRIMINAL Washington and Chicago law firms just to create lengthy piles of paperwork to hinder any investigative process. Something he took care of long before he was even elected POTUS. Which means, if he was prioritizing his future as potential President of the United States, his number one priority was to make certain that nobody would be able to get a handle on his past. And that alone was worth him spending a cool one million dollars cash to achieve. Quite a tidy sum for a guy who began as a dark horse candidate, I would say. And astonishing how he, his wife and children all bear an UNCANNY resemblance to the Egyptian pharaoh Ahkenaten. Almost, as if, the four of them were all CLONED from the Ahkenaten dna that the CIA recovered from the tomb of the pharaoh with an intent to recreate not only their ideal Manchurian candidate, but (while we are at it) his wife and daughters too. But, that's just not possible, is it Doug?
Posted by Timothy S.  on  03/08  at  10:33 AM | #

It's super hard to get worked up about this because who the hell would ever want to visit the UK anyway? It's a truly awful place. I certainly don't intend to ever set foot there myself.

Posted by Buckaroo Banzai  on  01/04  at  12:31 AM | #

You are doing a great service through your articles, and explicit warnings. But as Mike (above) illustrates, there is a degree of understandable bombast predicated on the possible numbers of gun owners in America. A suggestion, Mike, consider the absolute numbers of Colonials who followed George Washington in 1776. No more than 3+% of those who lived in the 13 colonies! That is not very reassuring. and a great many more had guns, but evidently didn't use them!!!
Not that I wish to dispute your views - I certainly don't except as a cautionary suggestion that in Germany in the late 1930s, and later in Austria, the Gestapo and SS very quickly and efficiently cleaned up the possible 'trouble makers' while sweeping up the guns. It is absolutely critical that Americans recognize the severity of the present situation, and stop assuming that your neighbors will stand up for you, when they have seen the bodies of those who dared. It's like storming Omaha Beach, people. An infinite amount of guts and determination. And preparation! Hell - you know they are preparing. Millions of bullets, combat vehicles, modern weapons! Preparation! Preparation!
Posted by T. Childs  on  12/30  at  10:22 PM | #

If what I have read is true as this article outlines, then we need to take action now and we need to inform the residence about what is going to happen. It was a a reliable effort of trying to make the world believe that this can happen by this government, I beg to differ with the whistleblower at DHS and can't believe that this conspiracy will prevail. There are too many citizens that are armed in this country, we are talking in the neighborhood of 230 million. There isn't an army that's big enough to be able to disarm anyone TSA reps, local police even the military because they won't back Obama or jarett or even Napolitano . We have already discussed that with the military and there is no allegiance to this present fraudulent government. This govt is on the way out, they know it, the military know it and this country knows it. In the last few months over 10 million guns and rifles and shotguns have been bought. There are no military that will fight against their own people, even the current police know they are outnumbered and wouldn't have a chance. At this point in the world situation the way it is, the US cannot afford to have a revolution as other countries will worry about what this nation would do especially with our nuclear capabilities. Whatever this so called insider tells us about what DHS is doing, is all BS they just don't have the numbers to be able to Ban Guns or confiscate anything. This Federal Worker thinks like most of this Obama administration thinks, give people money that we don't have and they will do anything that you want. That is their philosophy, that's why they will go down first and the majority of the population knows Obam's clock is ticking and he doesn't have many hours left. We do have stupid and ignorant people in this country, however, the majority have enough sense to not allow this fraudulent government continue.
Posted by Mike  on  12/30  at  01:15 PM | #

This points out that the US Government is engaging in Thought Control. Big Brother/1984 version of Thought Control. Liberals, Progressives and Democrats outside of government are those who were easy targets and have already succumbed to the brainwashing. Barack Obama is the first president who is openly engaging in the process of brainwashing, with his overt lies especially noticeable with his twisting of facts during the campaign debates with Mitt Romney. I'm sure that Romney is now regretting that he failed to rebut the distortions Obama spoke about Romney's past and plans.
Posted by mach37  on  12/29  at  08:04 PM | #

Is the list of "no-flyers" an American list or a UK list? If a UK list, does the American government have the right to demand Dr. Savage be removed from that list? If it is our list, then we have a right to protest.

It took citizen action along with Fox News and others to protest the lack of our government to demand the release of former Marine John Hammer from a Mexican prison. It did bring about his release; otherwise he would still be chained to his bed in a roach infested storage room.

Thanks for the article, as always, informative and important!
Posted by Louise in MO  on  12/29  at  03:35 PM | #

Great story about DOCTOR Savage. He holds a doctorate from UC Berkeley. Also, there is much more than politics to this guy. If you haven't yet, I recommend giving him a listen, or checking out his books. He is truly a unique American character, and worthy of note. Also, you're right about the tyrant's agenda currently playing out in what's left of our Republic. Keep your Karma clean and your powder dry, folks...
Posted by Ed  on  12/29  at  01:58 PM | #

To paraphrase a quote which I cannot find at this moment: reason will not sway a decision made without reason, or in other words: even grandpa can't contain a child in its terrible twos. That is what we have running this country, emotional people stuck in their terrible twos.

Posted by Budd G.  on  12/29  at  01:28 PM | #

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Savage behavior

Posted by Doug Hagmann on Dec 29, 2012 at 08:16 AM

Gun ban (the real reason) – Michael Savage and the link between the First and Second Amendment

Gun and ammunition sales have been rising over the last few years, as have the number of concealed weapon permits being issued across the country. Please note I am not referring to the recent panic buying spree of semi-automatic weapons since the Sandy Hook school shooting. What is the real reason behind the rise of weapon sales and increase in concealed carry permits? Who might be to blame, or if you are a manufacturer or gun store owner, who could be thanked?  What if I told you it is national talk show host Michael Savage? Don’t believe me? Read on.


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