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Shatnd down and let them die , because I want to be re-elected.
Posted by Alex  on  01/13  at  02:39 AM | #

Charles Woods is a liar, as are you. There is no cover-up because there's nothing to be covered up. There was never any order for the military to stand down.
Posted by Cal  on  01/09  at  01:40 PM | #

Great article and right assessment.
Our government was illegally dealing in guns in Benghazi, just the same as they were in Fast and Furious. I hope all of those who sat and watched these murders taking place in real time have nightmares about it for the rest of their lives.

We know half of America is ignorant, half of the remainder is complacent, and the balance is arrogant to a fault with only a small portion of honest law-abiding. Constitutional supporters, and concerned citizens trying to do something about the treasonous affairs of our so-called "trusted" leaders who believe themselves righteous.

Hillary Clinton boasts of visiting 112 countries. What was the accomplishment other than an expensive joy ride for her and 70 + traveling companions at our expense. Billions of dollars wasted on non-essential executive travel and vacations. These people are not "royalty," although Obama has granted himself kingship. John Kerry will do none the less. Bet he spends most of his time in Paris, since he loves that place so much as he had numerous stop overs to and from Iraq an Afghanistan at huge expense to taxpayers.

The political appointees we are seeing are nothing more than props. Makes one think there are NO qualified people left in America to do the nation's business, including Congress.

How much of our Constitution is left?
Posted by Jean  on  01/08  at  07:33 PM | #

I agree with Dick's comment: "We Americans are very fortunate that you folks are doing what our Media refuse to do. Kudos"

In addition to offering "kudos", I bought the author's most recent book: Following Orders at

Glad I did - although the events chronicled in the book are disturbing, it also provides us with Hillary’s roadmap for deceiving the American people about her betrayal at Benghazi – and it’s not going to stop there.

I appreciate the opportunity to support these hardworking, diligent and courageous journalists by purchasing their excellent material and I encourage others to stand with them as well.

Posted by Chester Fields  on  01/07  at  03:10 PM | #

We Americans are very fortunate that you folks are doing what our Media refuse to do. Kudos

Posted by Dick  on  01/07  at  01:26 PM | #

Questions on Benghazi?
Posted by Tatersalad  on  01/07  at  01:09 PM | #

There certainly is nothing “new under the sun” when it comes to John Kerry and his duplicity.
The reason the little creep is in office is because there is no act so treasonous that the little mutton head won’t perform it if told to do so.
The commander of cheat has but to suggest to some that a treasonous act is good, and they will do it. “Way back” when Clinton gave ALL the patents in the patent office to the Communists, how many ever heard of his treason? So few that the ignorant sing praises to Silly Willy the Sodomite. Truly, there is nothing new under the sun.

“In a just and God fearing America, Senator Kerry would have recused himself from any involvement in the Senate Foreign Relations hearing”

In a just nation, Kerry would live as a hired hand on a pig farm, and his job would be to slop the hogs and scrape the pens clean. “Senator”??? In a just and God loving nation we would never put titles such as “Senator” on slimy little creeps.
How can I possibly say that? Because I DO watch what they do, but far more importantly, they are writing the particulars of their judgment in the book and few will leave the suicidal path they are on. Now that is truly sad.
Posted by JohnMinn  on  01/07  at  09:26 AM | #

The Fix is in Part IV: Benghazi Cover-up: The Hand Shake

Posted by Marinka Peschmann on Jan 8, 2013 at 07:00 AM

Accountability Review Board report (ARB), a whitewash, that conveniently ignored important details

Click here for The Fix is in Part I, Part II and Part III

The best part of political theater, otherwise known as the ‘ah ha’ moment for truth seekers, can often be found when the show ends. In this epic tragedy, called the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Hearing: Benghazi: The Attack and the Lesson Learned, held on December 20, 2012, starring Senator John Kerry (D-Mass), as the Chairman, it happened right after Kerry’s dramatic closing statement concluded. The lights dimmed, the press started packing up their gear, the stars/senators, in crisp suits, with their shine-free faces courtesy of heavy pancake make-up, exited stage left. It was a quick moment but a telling one. Did you catch it?


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