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Thank you. A friend emailed me your P.R.A.Y. article and it was very uplifting to me! It was exactly what I needed to hear, in essence an answer to a prayer I prayed last night. It's interesting how God works! He really does hear us.
Posted by Theresa  on  03/13  at  03:04 PM | #

Judi, Thanks for a truly great article. You are a true voice of reason in times of trouble. It is really hard not to get discouraged with all of the turmoil going on now, but I am constantly reminded that God is in control and not me or any man. Thanks again for being a beacon of light. 60orso
Posted by 60orso  on  01/16  at  11:10 PM | #

@LMQ... Full Agreement!
It is from weakness that people reach for dictators and concentrated government power. Only the strong can be free. And only the productive can be strong. — Wendell L. Willkie
Posted by D. Bene  on  01/16  at  03:15 AM | #

He surrounds himself with weak insiders who have absolutely no true American grit! The US military has taken an oath to protect and serve America not the traitor. We The People and the US military "know" who our enemies are. We have a treasonous traitor at the helm who's bent on destroying the Constitution and the freedoms that it protects! We The People and the US military will NOT let that happen. Esprit deCorps...
Posted by LMQ  on  01/16  at  12:14 AM | #


The problem with these people is that they gloat without a trace of dignity and class. They forget that the only way for them now is down. Just look at Pelosi, Biden and you will understand what I mean. They are terrific winners, but wait until they lose.

A lot of good advice in this column. You are so right about GOP losing its way, but maybe that is to be expected of American politicians who have just had their butts soundly kicked. My problem is that more than 51% of American voters (if you believe the polls are accurate) voted to retain this administration. That is the biggest worry, the most disturbing revelation of the American today. And as one pundit offered, they did it for candy.
Posted by J. M.  on  01/09  at  05:17 PM | #

Kevin Janow, at the risk of giving you the attention you crave, I offer this quote to you:

"If you have to rob Peter to pay Paul, you will always get the vote of Paul."

Another quote: "Spending your way out of debt is like standing in a bucket of water, trying to lift it by its handle."

That bit of wisdom isn't over the heads of the Progressives and statists. They know very well what they are doing and the doom it brings down on our beloved country.
Posted by JGC  on  01/09  at  12:43 PM | #

Kevin Janow, Surely you jest. To begin with, read the CFP banner. That says it all. I am not a Canadian, but I was born in the US, raised in the US but traveled to other countries.
“Shut up if you don't have a dog in the race, because I do ... And it's me.”
If you think that stupid little communist and his communist close “friends” have your best interest at heart, you are delusional. Just for beginners: Have you noticed the price of everything “going through the roof”? Do you have so much as a clue as to why that might be?
“Ah yes, it is those greedy manufacturers and suppliers who are just ripping the people off”.
Now that we have covered the propaganda (Bull Manure) you seem to love, let’s get back to reality. Who do you think pays ALL those taxes placed on every step of production including the inflated fuel costs for transporting the goods? YOU and I pay all those new taxes because those taxes are added to the cost of everything we buy. Have you even a clue as to how many taxes have been added to health care thanks to the stupid little Communist and his fellow travelers?. The answer is OVER 18. And “you ain’t seen nothin” yet.
If you like Communism so much, why do you live here? There are many Communist paradises you can go to, we have that wonderful paradise called Cuba just 90 mile south of us.
Posted by JohnMinn  on  01/09  at  11:47 AM | #


WHy don't you give up your sweet Canadian Citizen ship and come live in the cesspool of America that BUSH created. I will gladly move to Canada in your stead. I'm stuck with my American citizenship hoping that America can return to the strong middle class nation it used to be. You have it great in Canada and then you stick your nose in America's business telling Americans how Obama is ruining America. HE IS SAVING US. THANK GOD FOR OBAMA. If he could make America 1/2 of what Canada is/has I would be thrilled. BOTTOM LINE -- Shut up if you don't have a dog in the race, because I do ... And it's me.

Posted by Kevin Janow  on  01/09  at  11:07 AM | #

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P.R.A.Y. (Please Restore America Yourself) an idea whose time has come

Posted by Judi McLeod on Jan 8, 2013 at 07:55 AM

All roadblocks to the Fundamental Transformation of America have been quietly removed

Find a foxhole.  Your president is about to declare war on you.

Have it ready before Barack Hussein Obama brings out the truncheons directly following his second inauguration.

Obama did not hightail it back to a $4-million Hawaii holiday for R&R after the fiscal cliff fiasco.  Whatever is coming after inauguration is being planned against America far away from Washington, DC.


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