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The Obamas, Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin and their entire ISLAMIC THUGOCRACY - should be ARRESTED - and held for TREASON - as ENEMIES of The United States of America.

Hillary Clinton is an absolute disgrace in covering for Madman Usurper Obama - over Benghazi and Benghazi-Gate.

HC: What is the difference now - that FOUR Americans died?

BHO/BS/HJB: It is just a Bump in the Road.
Posted by FinaBiscotti  on  02/18  at  04:50 AM | #

Let's establish here say is not factual. I heard, nope I want to see it in the record.
Ratio of contractor to soldier is Contrator 1 Soldier 1.7
Who coined the word CIA ANNEX? Was there a sign? Listen I have been about many embassies and I know that CIA are operational most likely they are attaches. They don't hang out a shingle telling the country look we Re here.

Contractors make serious money. I know American contractors that sign on for a time and then lose there job or whatever but move around outside the states. A few I know are in Canada now so they don't have to return here in the USA to pay taxes. There are many contractors out of Canada. The Seals were working for Bechtel or Dyna corp.
Let's look at weapons and how it works. Tis is gonna be lengthy. Do you want me to give you the lowdown? Just let me know

Posted by PJ. Wilcox  on  02/10  at  07:28 PM | #

@ PJ Wilcox

Gunrunning: Several reports have mentioned a ship stopped off the Libyan coast bound for Syria that was carrying weapons. Then I heard someone in the Senate hearings on Benghazi mention reports of guns and weapons being removed from Libya

The ratio of military to contractors to CIA operatives in Benghazi would be interesting to know.

I had not heard/read who hired the SEALs who were killed but they wee defending the CIA Annex.

You might like this article about a book that is coming out next week about Benghazi:
Posted by Ann  on  02/10  at  07:02 PM | #

Na, your making the gunrunning issue simple, remember what you see is not always what it is. The two seals that died were not acting for American interest, they were employed by contractors, there were more contractors than soldiers in the areas. Sometime contractors guarded contractors.. I don't at this time have any info to support your allegation about the transport of weapons to the rebel forces in Syria. I don't know how that is being done. People like Victor Blount were excellent at that kind kind of work. He resides in some American prison but the Russians want him back. This kind of operations have been going on since WW11. I am sure this form of assistance exists in the war on terror. President Ron did not know about Iran Contra, President Barrack does not know about fast and furious. There is an element that exists that's sideways to what our leaders know. I just gave you 2. I hav a whole timeline (not opinion) backed up by credible sources and historical facts that I need to find a home for. I wish Judy would allow me to publish this in canda free press without edit. We may not agree on political points of view but history is history and it can't be denied. What I have has never been seen
Posted by PJ. Wilcox  on  02/10  at  02:06 PM | #

Benghazi.............please submit any information you have have that we need to expose so we can get the truth. The Obama regime is with holding information and it has been six months now:
Posted by Tatersalad  on  02/10  at  01:05 PM | #

So many unanswered questions... and here's another?

Why were the people who flew into Benghazi from Tripoli to answer the call for help detained for hours at the airport? Did this happen?

The more we learn about events the more it appears Benghazi was a CIA undercover gunrunning operation to get American-supplied weapons in Libya to the Muslim Brotherhood in other hot spots such as Syria. This would explain why Obama was not monitoring the events.

Then someone is likely to follow the evidence and ask if the Ambassador was not helped because he was a witness to the gunrunning operation?
Posted by Ann  on  02/10  at  02:31 AM | #

I don't understand all the rhetoric and mud slinging against President Obama and his staff. You much entitled not to like him but your accusations have no steam or power in a military tribunal in any country. Most of you throw out accusations with no basis at least you don't provide them in your opinions. One person semi blamed the Egyptian problem on Obama. Don't think so, Wiki leaks is the source of that by them releasing confidential conversation. Don't get me wrong I am no a fan of Obama but there should be a proper way to address intelligently the accusations. Believe me there are enough people in the government that have no love for him at all. His problem is he is not coming from the same direction as the Federalist or the Fundamentalist, or the white power entity. Those 3 elements are prevalent. I am waiting for someone to accuse Obama for the Canadian issue of whether you should yield and give immigrants dual status even if they commit terror actions. That's a Canada issue. Canadians should spend there time on there problems. Tar sands, immigration, border security. You have enough on your own plate than to inject your hatred for my country. Deal with your treacherous ones leave us alone.

Posted by PJ. Wilcox  on  02/09  at  10:16 PM | #

Paul Vallely,

Please, PLEASE continue your efforts to uncover (and bring to the attention of all Americans) the truth surrounding the Benghazi attack on 9/11/2012.
Posted by Kathleen K  on  02/09  at  09:46 PM | #

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Benghazi – Where was the Commander-in-Chief?

Posted by Paul E. Vallely on Feb 9, 2013 at 12:33 PM

Where was Obama

After the testimonies of Secretary Panetta, General Dempsey, and Hillary Clinton on the Benghazi tragedy, it appears the Commander-in-Chief, Barack Obama was off duty and not available to make a hard decision to press the military Chain of Command to rescue Americans under attack. The cover up appears to be a White House order to “Stand Down” and not issue a rescue mission operational order. For over seven hours he did nothing; no communications with his National Security team, and then he flew to Las Vegas for a campaign stop. “Weakness and dithering and flying to Las Vegas the next day for celebrity fund-raising parties are somehow better.”


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