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It is time to brace ourselves to the fact that the tea party and the ballot box may not be enough to retake our country!
Posted by Ben  on  02/20  at  08:41 PM | #

As long as the legislature allows Mr. BS to rule by “Presidential” decree, there is little hope that this nation can survive the “Progressives” attack upon Constitutional government.
WHY have those in the Legislature allowed the various bureaucracies to write their own rules and allow the Department of “Justice under Eric Holder to ignore the laws they like and ignore any laws which might hinder their takeover of our government by the “Progressives”?
The house holds the purse strings, and they need to use those purse strings to “strangle” those who are systematically destroying our Constitutionally limited Republic.

Posted by JohnMinn  on  02/17  at  05:44 PM | #

For now Democrats are monolithic on issues that basically conjoin disparate groups. Creating citizens from illegal entrants, blessing non-workers with government money, health care for all at government expense, hating those nasty Republicans, and more... how could rational people not prefer the Democrats. Not one mention of deficits spiraling out of control...just continued pressure to extract more of the Republican wealthy voters cash. Not one mention of mounting tensions in the world at large...just use our military as a place to put people not able to find work. As for deficits...what not to like about deficits?

Making citizens from illegal entrants creates more Democrat voters. Deficits? Why should anyone fuss about deficits? Me worry about our military capabilities? Nonsense...nobody is about to invade the Unites States. We should let those people in the Mid-East, Korea and China tend to their own affairs. We have much to do here at home.

And then deficits are called in! The world switches to a basket of currencies and now our dollar is nearly worthless. At that point Democrats must worry.
Posted by Robert Fanning  on  02/17  at  02:19 PM | #

Erik Rush where have you been all my life? All joking aside I don't read Canada Free Press every day but a few times a week. This article is so insightful that I must pay better attention in the future. I only wish more people would see reality through your eyes. As an old person myself, I may not be affected too much by the so called transformation of America, but I have three married children and six grandchildren and would like it if they could at least continue the pursuit of happiness of my late husband and me. As it stands I try every day to teach them a little something about history and civics, plus I got them all a carry along copy of the Constitution.
Posted by swissik  on  02/17  at  01:27 AM | #

I believe that Obama won re-election by FRAUD. Romney was ahead in the polls, and his loss was a shock to everyone. Did you not notice the surprised looks on the faces of even the MSM? Obama stole the election and if he could do it in 2012 they can do it again in 2014. If elections are won by fraud and by design, then they win no matter who the conservative candidate is.

If your suppositions are correct, and I believe they are, the GOP will not win in 2014.....nor ANY conservative regardless of their affiliation. It is too late to take back our nation from the marxists. According to this article, there are many more of them than there are of us.

The one remaining chance is civil unrest/war. If the GOP is in bed with the DEMs and the elections are fraudulent then what other choice do we have?

Posted by Louise in MO  on  02/16  at  09:28 PM | #

It looks like what could happen as early as Election 2014 is more Republicans changing their registration to Independents because of their unhappiness with the GOP. Thus, what we will have is essentially a 3-Party System which splits the vote of the political right and allows the Democrat/Progressive/Marxist/Communist/Leftist to win. (They fight like cats and dogs but come together when they smell victory.)

RINOs rule the GOP because they only run 1 candidate against several conservatives who split the conservative vote. Thus, the right wing of the GOP has been forced to vote for the RINO who has won the primary or the Democrat.

If right-wing voters got behind one of the conservative candidates in the primary instead of splitting their vote then they could defeat the RINOs and move the GOP to the right. RINOs would have to hold their nose and vote, instead of vice versa.

Rand Paul is trying to build a coalition of conservatives and libertarians to support him in a presidential run for the Republican nomination.
Posted by Ann  on  02/16  at  06:06 PM | #

Thank God for people of the caliber of Erik Rush.... First time I ever heard of, or read him.... And I'm sincerely pleased and impressed!!!

Posted by Tom Lyons  on  02/16  at  05:19 PM | #

Jackson Pearson,

You are exactly correct. Obama is a total and complete fraud and all in Congress know it. The Republicans were complicit in getting an unknown, ineligible candidate elected in 2008. He also turned out to be an identity thief and all-around con-artist. Congress complicity opens them up to charges of treason should the complete truth about Obama ever be revealed. This is why they will never attempt to impeach Obama or openly discuss his ineligibility or other crimes. They are protecting themselves from possible severe penalties for the crime of treason.

Saving America takes a back-seat to self-preservation and it allows Obama to know he can do anything he wants without meaningful reprisal by Congress.

America cannot be saved without this issue being openly acknowledged and dealt with. Everything else is a distraction.

Posted by Bob69  on  02/16  at  03:44 PM | #

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You Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists – or Democrats

Posted by Erik Rush on Feb 16, 2013 at 12:44 PM

GOP leadership and its prominent operatives are wholly complicit in the fundamental transformation of America

Leaving aside for the moment the likelihood that parties and party politics in America will become moot within the next few years (owing to the emergence of a single party or the country’s dissolution into civil war), conservatives and libertarians are finding themselves at an unpleasant crossroads. While some observers gave up on the leadership of the Republican Party long ago, it is now becoming apparent to rank-and-file Republicans that the GOP leadership and its prominent operatives are wholly complicit in the fundamental transformation of America.


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