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Psst. Want good cheap health care? there's a service if you look for it on the internet. You get to talk to a doctor in Singapore about your problem, and then you can decide if you need to go further.. There's also a service you can get that will shop around for you to find the cheapest price for your tests. If you don't mind driving for a couple of hours, you'd be amazed how much you can save on medical tests.

The only problem is with prescriptions. However, a trip down to Mexico can solve that for many drugs.
Posted by Patrick Dornen  on  02/25  at  01:27 PM | #

MizDixie, Thanks for the reminder and "heads up".
With the billions of dollars he has funneled from the taxpayers pockets and into the pockets of his followers, we can expect that he has far more in his little army than those in his close private army.
I am sure it is before your time, but Adolf had his private murder squad which he called the "Brown Shirts".
Every time there is a gun confiscation bill offered in DC there are those curious mass murders. You don't just suppose that Mr. BS's private army might be involved?

Those of us who have lived so much of history and have seen all this before are all too aware of the fact that registration is ALWAYS used before the confiscation begins, and some wonder why some gun owners groups favor registration. I don't, but then again I am called a right wing extremist astro turf terrorist from fly over country by this administration and I wear that as a badge of honor.

It may not be in your history books, but many of us have seen all this before "up close and personal".
Posted by JohnMinn  on  02/22  at  11:04 AM | #

Tucked into Sec 5210 of the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act is abomas' 'Ready Reserve Corps'. The group he stated would be as well-trained, well-armed and as well-funded as our US Military. He stated he needed this cadre is case of a national disaster or a national emergency.
If I remember correctly, Gaddafi also had his own private little army.
Posted by MizDixie  on  02/22  at  01:20 AM | #

The more valiant the name, the more devious it becomes. There is nothing affordable about the Affordable Care Act. But the press jumped all over Romney when he spoke against it. They claimed that he did the same thing in Mass. Romney implemented a state level insurance plan which fit the needs of the state at the time. Obamacare is a government mandate, implemented by the states, set up to harm states. I really hope the politicians who voted for this mess feel the pain of Obamacare like the rest of us. If not directly, maybe they can get an earful from friends and family members.
Posted by Kage  on  02/21  at  02:48 PM | #

We had excellent coverage through my husbands employer, Harley Davidson but Obamacare is destroying it for my family . For eleven years we had a $150 deductible , it's now 33 times more at $2750 and that's for each of us , totaling $5000. We had a $1500 out of pocket max for both of us together , it's now $18,000 out of pocket !!! We have no help with prescriptions until we put out $ 5400 . in other words we will do without expensive meds. Thanks Obamacare.An elective surgery that was considered necessary only last year is now not covered , thanks Obamacare. Since it would have been cheaper to help those who truly needed help , without this monstrosity called Obamacare , it proves one thing. Obamacare was never about helping Americans.Obamacare was written by the Bankster owned major insurance companies and BIG PHARMA ! It is a massive redistributive scheme from the middle class and working Americans who pay federal taxes to the BANKSTERS ! The insurance companies have a lucrative law that will reap them trillions . With very high deductibles they won't pay squat for our medical needs. We have to buy these expensive plans with high deductibles and still won't benefit. HOW CORRUPT ! EVERY DEMOCRAT WHO VOTED FOR THIS NIGHTMARE SHOULD BE CASTIGATED !
Posted by Julie  on  02/21  at  01:34 PM | #

I remember in the '90s, when hospitals started to outsource their transcription recording to a far eastern country, a lady threatened to make public personal records of patients in a hospital in California if she was not paid the salary she requested. We did not have YouTube and the Internet to make the story viral, so I do not know how it was resolved. It did make the news because it involved medical records of liberals.
Posted by ILEANA  on  02/21  at  12:56 PM | #

The name of this act, "Affordable Health Care", reminds me of the old marketing trick of "Advertise your weakest point." It isn't affordable and it doesn't give a care.

It won't be fixed until Congress and the President have to live with the same level of non-service and expense that we do and make their medical records public to all of us. The last one is the kicker. How many would stand for that their medical records being public?
Posted by JGC  on  02/21  at  10:21 AM | #

Dr., What do you suppose a person’s personal medical files are worth on the “black market”?
Those files will now be open to any bureaucrat who wants to look at them.
We had a woman at the county level who was selling confidential material she had access to but was caught “with her hand in the cookie jar” when she tried to sell a file to an honest person.
She had made tens of thousands of dollars selling those files.

Many warned of this possibility in the Obama “Hell cares” bill but no body believed it because Mr. BS said that was not possible and the un-news media backed his every lie. He also said the death panels did not exist and the un-news media said that hose who claimed that there were death panels were racists who hated all black men, but the lawyers and others found that under Obamacare that indeed the death panels were provided for in the bill. I have a question: If you don’t like Obama, why are you a racist? He is ½ white, 7/16th Arab and 1/16th black, so what race am I racist about? Must be that I am racist about whites since I do support individuals such as Dr. Carson, Mr. Cain and Walter Williams, Allen West and many others who ARE black men and not just 1/16th black.

For those who want to know what Mr. BS is up to, just listen to his speeches and on all critical situations and you will find that what he says is just the opposite of the truth. Follow his deeds, NOT his words which are deigned to “tickle the peoples ears”.
Posted by JohnMinn  on  02/21  at  09:06 AM | #

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The Affordable Care Act Nobody Can Afford

Posted by Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh on Feb 21, 2013 at 09:48 AM

Welcome to the destruction of our stellar healthcare and patient/doctor confidentiality, compliments of Obamacare

I was just handed the Phreesia computer tablet by the receptionist under the guise of updating my medical and insurance information. I had seen this orange notebook in another doctor’s office and I became suspicious. Is this really meant to verify, as the website claims, my insurance eligibility automatically and help doctors collect on their insurance while easing the load of paperwork? Or is it forced electronic data compliance to Obamacare?

As soon as I started reading each screen, I realized that it was asking me to consent to third parties to obtain my medication prescription history from my pharmacy and to my entire medical history.


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