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I read last night a comment on another site, that someone went to vote. As they did so, they held back the tears, realizing this could be our last free election. This to, is my fear! I'm deeply afraid of how Obama can cheat to win this election. I just pray that Romney will not only win, but if he loses by a small margin, he fights it tooth and nail!
Posted by LR  on  11/03  at  04:53 PM | #

Masterpiece, a Grand Slam JB Williams and Judi!
Posted by Paul Revere  on  11/03  at  04:21 PM | #

I haven't stopped crying since I read this. When you say Americans have been beaten down, you ain't kidding. We've not only been beaten down by the international leftists but by our own "president", his crass and profane staff and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Companies have been threatened by this president, successful producers have been ridiculed and maligned. Small business owners are taxed out of business, but ironically Obama has been quite friendly to the big, mega corporations. Everything exceptional about our country has been destroyed by this one-man wrecking ball: NASA, energy production, the auto industry, family prosperity - but most importantly the American spirit itself. The American spirit & optimism are issues I wish Romney would have spoken about more. The spark in Americans' eyes is dwindling, just like I've seen in Europe. What has bothered me most is that the leaders of these entities (NASA and many businesses) seemed to go quietly into the night, afraid to speak out until recently. Perhaps they were afraid of reprisals.

You're right that Americans, particularly the Republican Party do not know or seem to be interested in an incremental approach to winning. The left is patient. Drip, drip, drip. It used to be that Americans could survive a horrible leftist president. I'm not so sure anymore because of the institutional changes in our laws. Obamacare, which will ruin us and is impossible to enforce, will be the nail in the coffin. So too, the 2-3 Supreme Court judges Obama will appoint in a 2nd term and hundreds of federal judges. These activist judges have already overturned the will of the people time and again. Just look at the unbelievable Supreme Court decisions recently: Obamacare as a tax, and Carbon Monoxide as a pollutant allowing the EPA unprecedented power and funding. The unelected, unaccountable EPA has done more to stifle prosperity & energy production than people know.

So as the election approaches I am praying for a Romney win. But as he opted for Mr. Nice Guy after the 1st debate, Obama and his thugs have played dirty. With a complicit press, a natural disaster, and a fat governor, Romney's lead is gone.

God Bless you and God Bless the United States of America.
Posted by Claudia  on  11/03  at  03:51 PM | #

We know how to win. WE WON LAST TIME and were defrauded out of it.
That is my greatest concern. Voting stations have already reported voter fraud. When they vote for Romney, the vote is going to Obama.

IF OBama wins, it will be due to voter fraud.
Posted by Elaine  on  11/03  at  02:34 PM | #

5 GENERALS & ADMIRALS SUPPORT OBAMA – HOW MANY FOR ROMNEY? ONLY ABOUT 300!. Barack Obama’s campaign released a new ad featuring General Colin Powell from the Bush administration declaring his support for Obama. It’s a 30 second ad talking mostly about economic issues but it’s clearly an attempt to show that Obama has support from the military. How much support does …READ MORE:
Posted by bisoncookie  on  11/03  at  02:20 PM | #

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Americans Must Learn How to Win Again

Posted by JB Williams on Nov 4, 2012 at 08:58 AM

Exclusive: Americans have been beaten down by International leftists for so long that they have totally lost sight of how to win

Think of Tuesday as America’s next turn at bat in the ball game, after the seventh inning stretch.

As firebrand patriot JB Williams points out: “We need to load our bases and wait for the pinch hitter to send it right ‘outta the park.” It’s a metaphor, but a good metaphor…

Just like baseball fans have done down through the ages, voters need to file into the biggest ballpark of all, the one called the voting poll. It’s the final game in the World Series for freedom and liberty.

Surfing the net and glued to television on Tuesday, we’ll still be waiting to hear that sound that gets the crowd jumping to its feet: the sweet sound of the bat hitting the ball.


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