The oil price drop is really gutting Obama’s green agenda

Falling Oil Prices and the Climate Change Agenda

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By —— Bio and Archives December 22, 2014

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The latest falling oil prices to $55.96 (West Texas Intermediate), dropping from a high of $105 per barrel in June 2014, as a result of increased domestic oil production from fracking, is making the price of $150 per barrel of renewables look ridiculously expensive, not counting the wasted government subsidies in bankrupt solar power companies. The green agenda, which has become a climate change industry, is very lucrative for wealthy climate alarmists and for the United Nations.

Dick Morris said, “The oil price drop is really gutting Obama’s green agenda.” And the reasons are clear:

  • There is no longer a dire need to fund the green agenda
  • There is no climate change other than natural changes occurring over the millennia
  • There is no need to dole out the $3 billion dollars U.S. promised to fund U.N.’s International Climate Fund, a foreign aid slush fund to distribute money to third world dictators in the name of environmental justice; fortunately, Congress has stripped the $3 billion dollars from the budget
  • Natural gas is replacing coal at a faster pace, with half the emissions
  • The administration and progressives can no longer use the faux outrage against oil companies
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