Cutting off federal funds to permissive universities and police departments is a good first step

Stop federal funding for universities and police that tolerate left-wing violence

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By -- David Hogberg —— Bio and Archives April 21, 2017

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When I first saw the video of the Berkeley riots from this past weekend, I thought to myself, well, it’s good that those on the Political Right are fighting back. After a few minutes, though, I realized that unless the police and the courts stop this, someone will eventually get killed.

It’s hard to blame folks on the Right for showing up prepared for a fight, especially in radical whack-a-doodle Berkeley. The authorities there – if you can even call them that — seldom do anything about the Lefties who engage in violence.  Indeed, the police in Moscow-by-the-Bay are always ready to accommodate the Leftists.

This from the “Event Planning Checklist” portion of the Berkeley Police Department’s website shows police offering to perform “symbolic arrests”: (See Below)

That sentiment is also reflected in what the Berkeley police did when the fighting broke out on Saturday, namely standing idly by.

The administration at UC Berkeley is also useless.

Granted, these pencil-pushing pinkos can’t stop what happens off-campus like Saturday’s riot. But they don’t actually do much when it happens on campus, as was the case when left-wing thugs shut down Milo Yiannopoulos’s speech there in February.

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