Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Country is weaker, more left leaning, poorer, less sovereign but still standing

It’s a funny thing. While the IRS was denying tax exempt status to conservative groups by flagging applications containing certain words or phrases, groups
that promote or incite violence have been left alone by law enforcement agencies to feed the minds of unbalanced citizens. And entertainers are given a free pass to do or say things that would land you or I in jail.

By Guest Column -- Carolyn M. Brown- Saturday, June 17, 2017 - Full Story

Pure wealth redistribution explained

Let’s say you live in a neighborhood of 200 houses. Let’s say 150 of those homes burn oil, 10 burn wood, 10 burn coal and 30 heat with solar panels. Let’s say of the 170, all would switch to solar if they had the money.

So, the neighborhood votes to restrict all form of energy except solar and also votes for the 30 already using solar to pay for some or all of the cost for the remaining to convert.

If you are one of the 30 are you going to stay or move? Duh. You will move. Unless you are Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, you are not going to penalize your family to meet some arbitrary and unnecessary mandate. It would be irresponsible of you to do so. Your family depends on you for support and protection

The question is, would the 140 have voted for the change if they were paying their own tab? If not, they were voting to spend other people’s money. In fact, the money of those already using solar. That is pure wealth redistribution.pure wealth redistribution

By Guest Column -- Andy Bishop- Sunday, June 4, 2017 - Full Story

We have been blinded by feminism,  leftism , liberalism , communism, political correctness

We just witnessed another attack of Islam on the free world. Their ideology has an interesting saying “boko haram”.
Loosely translated it means “West is bad ” I. E. Islam is good.
Their calculus works because it is based on a very simple principle -
One Muslim kills 2-200 infidels - we won. 
One Muslim woman has 5-10 children - we won.
By this calculation Europe is vanishing swamped by Islam , Canada is not far behind.
Who cares about our great western civilization - Darwin made it abundantly clear-
you don’t survive because you’re not fit !!!
You’re a Dinosaur!!

Muslim kids will be singing songs about how they defeated the West.

Allahu Akbar!!

We have been blinded by feminism,  leftism , liberalism , communism, political correctness.

George Orwell describes it as “new speak”.
We say love we mean hate.  We say peace we mean war.
We say peaceful religion we mean we should dominate and control you, you should “submit”.
We say women’s rights - we mean killing babies.
We soon will be destroyed If we don’t stop behaving like a bunch of sheep.


By Guest Column -- P. Nisenson- Sunday, June 4, 2017 - Full Story

Actions have consequences, Kathy Griffin

Actions have consequences. It’s a fact of life that we are taught as children.

So when Kathy Griffin says, “He broke me” referring to Donald Trump’s reaction to her crude skit, she’s practicing a typical liberal tactic, shift the blame. No, Kathy, you made a choice. Public reaction was swift, sponsors pulled their money. Good for them, they have retained a modicum of decency. And good for the public for their response, we are still, at a minimum, holding on to our humanity.

I don’t know how I would react as the focus of a Griffin style joke, nor how my friends and family would react. But I’m certain we wouldn’t write it off as a free speech issue. Yes, you may have the right to be an awful person but you must accept the consequences. Let this be a lesson to others, we the people have a red line when it comes to what you call comedy, when you cross it, we will react.

By Guest Column -- Margaret Grover- Sunday, June 4, 2017 - Full Story

The Paris Climate Accord was never, I repeat never, about the climate

The Paris Climate Accord was never, I repeat never, about the climate. It was always about taking American dollars and giving them to other countries. I am so proud of President Trump for pulling the plug on the agreement.

Here are a few reasons why. One, the actual reduction of global temperatures is estimated to be miniscule. Two, the biggest polluters of the air didn’t have to change their ways until 2030 or later. Three, the United States already does above and beyond the standards to protect our environment.

Do you ever hear about the pollution in China that sometimes requires citizens to wear masks? Why should Japan be able to delay implementation of the accord? They are not a poor country?

Can we set aside the fact that this agreement was made by President Obama without Congressional or popular support nor looked at whether it is good for Americans? What are we getting for our investment? Will it actually make our lives better, safer, healthier?

Finally, if it was truly about climate change then there should be a global willingness to renegotiate it. If there is not, there is your answer.

By Guest Column -- Virginia Sparks- Friday, June 2, 2017 - Full Story

This year my vacation will be time away from the insanity in Washington, DC.

I’ve decided to allow myself a summer vacation. Haven’t had one since probably 8th grade, after that I had summer jobs.This year, it will be a little different, primarily because I am retired. This year my vacation will be time away from the insanity in Washington, DC.

As I see it, every media outlet reports the news as they prefer to see it, not as it is. They choose to avoid information that goes against their agenda. They over use “breaking news”, “bombshell”, “this just in”, “stunning revelation”, etc. to capture our attention for even the most mundane information.

International news, except as it pertains to our President, is pretty much nonexistent. Stories like the mess socialism has created in Venezuela are under reported. Except in rare cases, the activities of Bill or Hillary, George W. or Barack, are of little interest to me.

So, for the summer, I’ll check the weather, watch some Andy Griffith reruns, read a book, anything except fuel the media frenzy and my own anxiety.

By Guest Column -- Fred Kirby- Friday, May 26, 2017 - Full Story

Have you been wondering why there are so many leaks, supposedly, coming out of the White House?

Have you been wondering why there are so many leaks, supposedly, coming out of the White House? Me too, it just didn’t make sense until I learned one important fact about many White House employees. In the past they were appointees and served at the will of the President. After the Nov. 2016 election but before the Jan. 20, 2017 inauguration, President Obama made many of those people civil servants. It is a much different process to fire a civil servant.

In my mind, that was done to continue the surveillance of Pres. Trump, to impede his agenda, and to create chaos. If those employees can’t be fired, send them to the back 40 to pick dandelions or to the basement to count the bricks. They may have to stay but they don’t have to be seen and heard or to see and hear.

By Guest Column -- John Bryant- Friday, May 26, 2017 - Full Story

Sneak attack in Montana (We got Suckered)

The Democrats are so nervous about TRUMP, and losing political seats everywhere, they are hitting the “Panic Button”.  How utterly convenient that a foreign news reporter would ignite the wrath of a Republican candidate, the “Day Before the Election”.  How convenient a left wing heifer from FOX happened to be close enough, she could vividly describe what she wanted the viewers to see.  See ?  Where are the photos of the

“entire attack”?  Democrats are not brave, but they have back stabbing down to a fine science.  Like small dogs, they bark, bite the backs of your ankles and run like Hell.  How well orchestrated this little altercation was carried out, is amazing, even for Democrats.

I hope the voters of Montana are not fooled by the Press and the back biting Democrats.  Just imagine what they will do in the next election and in the midterm Congressional elections.  The Press is our biggest enemy, by the way they have chosen to “Manufacture News”. 

We have seen no EVIL as we will see Democratic evil, in less than two years.  The GOP better get their heads straight, clear and pull together.  The Republicans need to purge the back stabbers from the GOP, quickly.  I doubt we will ever know the complete, and true version of what happened.  We have Democratic News and we have Fake News, but then, I repeat myself.

By Guest Column -- Taylor- Thursday, May 25, 2017 - Full Story

Atrocities of North Korea Regime Underreported

North Korea has spectacularly gained the attention of America, the West and indeed the entire world with their continued nuclear tests and reckless threats against America and other allies. The threat is certainly real and well reported but not so well reported is their deplorable human rights atrocities.

By Guest Column -- Gerald Hall- Thursday, May 25, 2017 - Full Story


The families and friends of the most recent graduates of Notre Dame were able to see what years of study and tens of thousands of dollars have produced. A numpty individual with bad manners, poor judgment and doomed to flipping forms and documents, a thoughtless buffoon with bottomless self esteem. What a return on investment! Many have the additional reward of being indebted to the government for decades.

The lessors, the burger flippers will likely move on to better and better employment, freedom and good judgment based on experience. Some debt but far less. And one other thing, happiness and optimism.

Who actually knows more?

By Guest Column -- Hank de Carbonel- Thursday, May 25, 2017 - Full Story

College Education: It seems I’ve been operating under a cloud of misinformation for quite some time

It seems I’ve been operating under a cloud of misinformation for quite some time. I thought that one of the benefits of a college degree was the exposure of young people to new ideas, new cultures, new people. I thought college would teach them some independence, open their minds and maybe even give them a marketable skill.

Yet, in what seems to be a growing trend on college campuses, there are segregated dorms, safe zones, and “no whites allowed” places. I ask, what is the lesson in that? We are not teaching tolerance and understanding. We are not teaching how to learn to get along. As a side note, on the SAT application, whites and middle eastern are one category (which is another subject for another day). So, are people of middle eastern decent prohibited wherever whites are banned?

I find it shameful, after all the heartache we suffered in the 60s over segregation, that we are now falling backward. I question the legality of taxpayer funded institutions using dollars to promote segregation, and it is interesting that students find this acceptable.

By Guest Column -- Alice Vann- Sunday, May 21, 2017 - Full Story

For decades raw lumber has gone to Asian countries to be returned as floor boards and cupboards

You could NOT write a better letter than the one written by M. L. Clark of Camrose.

For decades raw lumber has gone to Asian countries to be returned as floor boards and cupboards etc. Because we lack ‘refining’ ability of crude oil, it is shipped out as ‘cheap’ (along with technology jobs).

Repeatedly politicians report how rich we are in raw resources while resulting is dependencies on the getting the raw unprocessed products out just to add to their government coffers. YET the imports manufactured overseas with our raw material, where both human and worker rights and poor quality control have been allowed into our country with NO impunity – except to us as high tech jobs are NOT developed.

The ‘brains’ of our elected officials to understand this is while has been absent, (as so well put by M. L. Clark), and our ability to keep trained and brilliant minds in our country has been abysmal.

It is time to start to turn this country around fast and invest in ‘getting it done’ at home.

By Guest Column --L. G. Anderson- Friday, May 19, 2017 - Full Story

Rising tide of anger, violence in our country, an increase in rude behaviour, shorter fuses

It feels to me like there is a rising tide of anger and violence in our country, an increase in rude behaviour, and shorter fuses everywhere, especially in young people. I suppose some of this can be attributed to their age. They are idealistic and don’t possess the wisdom of a life lived in the real world. But, that has always been the case so what is new? A disconnect from the greater community, fractured families, violent video games that depersonalize such actions, total frustration, or a combination of all these and others?

When I talk to them on issues they repeat the babble fed to them by the media and circulated on the internet. They are so brainwashed that all the rich are bad, that corporations are the devil, that the earth will perish without climate initiatives, that free healthcare in an inalienable right, that socialism is the only correct path and that conservatives are ignorant fools.

Trust me, they believe these things with all their hearts. So, no wonder they are angry.

It isn’t their anger that bothers me, it is how it manifests itself. Have we created a generation without the tools to handle conflict except by violent actions?

By Guest Column -- Michael Chandler- Friday, May 19, 2017 - Full Story

Our military deserves our support, financially and morally

I have heard of people who are upset with our country spending money on our military.  So that got me wondering, how do you think we could prevent us from being occupied by an enemy.  And I also wonder, of the countries who could invade our country, which would be preferable to you? Do you wish that Putin was your leader, or Xi Jinping, Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, or any other person on the world stage?

Try to imagine the outcome if we had not stepped in during WWII? Would that carnage have been acceptable?  There is a difference between protecting our country, helping our allies, and standing on our principles vs. being the policemen of the world.  A well protected home with a security system, locks, homeowners insurance, maybe cameras is less likely to be robbed than the one with the door ajar, lights out and no cars in the yard.  A cop on the beat will do a better job if he has proper equipment, is well trained, has strong support from his or her chief and from the neighborhood he or she is charged with protecting.

Our military deserves our support, financially and morally. And our future depends on our military.

By Guest Column -- R. Earl Warren- Thursday, May 18, 2017 - Full Story

Get a grip people. We survived 8 years of Obama who was far less qualified and far more intent on ha

It seems that every effort is being made to discredit our President. Let me ask, what will that accomplish?Well, it will advance the agenda of the far left. It will weaken our standing in the world even further. It will put our country in the cross hairs of ISIS. It will leave us open to raiding of our businesses, real estate and intellectual properties. It will cause a stock market crash. It will send our healthcare system over the edge without the benefit of an alternate. It will cause Trump supporters to rise up even more. The intended and unintended consequences would be catastrophic. Get a grip people. We survived 8 years of Obama who was far less qualified and far more intent on harming our country.

By Guest Column -- Arnold Avery- Wednesday, May 17, 2017 - Full Story

A Different Frame Will Not Change the Appearance of a Repeated Subject

Accumulating enormous wealth has ramifications in how it is acquired. We can assume no matter who ever possess it aren’t squeaky clean, due to the process in how whom one must deal with, to obtain it. It doesn’t mean they are all evil, but measured in how the wealth is used.

Long ago a man of good intent was brought forth to face the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem to defend himself, because He spoke of God and His influence was a threat to the power structure of various groups who controlled and counted on the ignorance of the people to maintain that position of power.

By George Giftos - Tuesday, May 16, 2017 - Full Story

Canada’s inglorious return to mediocrity

After Justin Trudeau and the Liberals surprised the country with a majority government, Trudeau uttered those famous and dubious words “We’re back.” The significance and meaning of these words becomes a little more apparent every day he and his government underperform.                                                                                                             

A veritable litany of broken promises, misplaced priorities, reckless spending and scandals are becoming more reality than perception for this government. Trudeau may well have undercut himself greatly in the pre-election campaign with his misleading and reckless promises made to voters and special interest groups, many of whom have now quickly become impatient as they see little hope of these promises being kept. In his incessant obsession with diversity and gender equality Trudeau seems to have overlooked the equal importance of competence with the resultant mediocrity on full display by a number of his cabinet choices. Waffling on electoral reform and inaction on promises to the First Nations are but two examples of his inaction which is fueling the increasing impatience by many of his voters. His campaign promise of three consecutive years of only 10 billion dollar deficits has proved to be a preposterous work of fiction as the deficit hit 29 billion in the first year of this government. You can use your imagination to project what the deficit will be after four years. Particularly disturbing is that in his first 100 days in
office out of a total of $5.3 billion in spending $4.3 billion was spend outside of Canada, pushing back important spending priorities in Canada.                                                                                               

Media darling status is rapidly fading for this “sunny ways” Prime Milnister. Canadians want a Prime Minister who demonstrates leadership, competence and putting Canadian interests first. A generous man might give Trudeau and his government a grade of “C” but that might well be overly generous based on his performance to date. Unless he starts delivering on promises he can expect lower grades yet.

By Guest Column - Monday, May 15, 2017 - Full Story

From Oliver Cromwell to scandal-plagued York school board

From Oliver Cromwell to scandal-plagued York school board:

“You have sat too long for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!”

By William Bedford - Sunday, May 7, 2017 - Full Story

Ted Cruz suggesting that we use the 14 billion dollars confiscated from El Chapo, Joaquin Guzman, to

Sometimes, thinking outside the box produces a genius of an idea. Like Ted Cruz suggesting that we use the 14 billion dollars confiscated from El Chapo, Joaquin Guzman, to fund the wall between Mexico and the United States. Regardless on your stance on immigration, the wall would serve to stem the flow of illegal drugs that is killing so many of our citizens.

The problem is so bad that at least one state, Maryland, has declared a state of emergency over the opioid epidemic and every state is dealing with crime and deaths because of the drugs.

No one can doubt that the major point of entry is the southern border, few are immune to some of the repercussions, and only the very lucky have not lost someone they care about or suffered financial and emotional stress from the epidemic.

How can we face our children and grandchildren without addressing and trying to fix or at the very least slow the rate of death and destruction? I cannot imagine a better source of funds to begin the process.

By Guest Column -- Wilma Howe- Tuesday, May 2, 2017 - Full Story

The President of our country is charged with making sure all laws are “faithfully executed”

The President of our country is charged with making sure all laws are “faithfully executed”. Yet, time after time courts are preventing him from doing so. Whether you like them or not, we have immigration laws.There is one way to allow our borders to be open and to allow anybody and everybody to enter and that is to change our immigration laws.

Why aren’t we doing just that? Because it isn’t popular with the public who believe that you have no country if you have no borders.The likelihood of changing our immigration policy to any large degree is slim. So, previous administrations have chosen to ignore or not enforce the law. So, what was the point of having a law?  An unenforced law is no law at all.

Until those laws are changed, it is the President’s responsibility to see that they are enforced. So tell me, how there can be criticism for his position on the wall or on sanctuary cities? In fact, I would argue that for him not to take these steps would be dereliction of his duties.

By Guest Column -- Bruce Butler- Thursday, April 27, 2017 - Full Story