Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Ted Cruz suggesting that we use the 14 billion dollars confiscated from El Chapo, Joaquin Guzman, to

Sometimes, thinking outside the box produces a genius of an idea. Like Ted Cruz suggesting that we use the 14 billion dollars confiscated from El Chapo, Joaquin Guzman, to fund the wall between Mexico and the United States. Regardless on your stance on immigration, the wall would serve to stem the flow of illegal drugs that is killing so many of our citizens.

The problem is so bad that at least one state, Maryland, has declared a state of emergency over the opioid epidemic and every state is dealing with crime and deaths because of the drugs.

No one can doubt that the major point of entry is the southern border, few are immune to some of the repercussions, and only the very lucky have not lost someone they care about or suffered financial and emotional stress from the epidemic.

How can we face our children and grandchildren without addressing and trying to fix or at the very least slow the rate of death and destruction? I cannot imagine a better source of funds to begin the process.

By Guest Column -- Wilma Howe- Tuesday, May 2, 2017 - Full Story

The President of our country is charged with making sure all laws are “faithfully executed”

The President of our country is charged with making sure all laws are “faithfully executed”. Yet, time after time courts are preventing him from doing so. Whether you like them or not, we have immigration laws.There is one way to allow our borders to be open and to allow anybody and everybody to enter and that is to change our immigration laws.

Why aren’t we doing just that? Because it isn’t popular with the public who believe that you have no country if you have no borders.The likelihood of changing our immigration policy to any large degree is slim. So, previous administrations have chosen to ignore or not enforce the law. So, what was the point of having a law?  An unenforced law is no law at all.

Until those laws are changed, it is the President’s responsibility to see that they are enforced. So tell me, how there can be criticism for his position on the wall or on sanctuary cities? In fact, I would argue that for him not to take these steps would be dereliction of his duties.

By Guest Column -- Bruce Butler- Thursday, April 27, 2017 - Full Story

North Korea is speeding its nuclear program

With the news that North Korea is speeding its nuclear program and the concerns expressed by the Trump administration, the American people face a tough choice. Do we believe the intelligence reports and experts? We have a long history of being fed half truths or downright lies in order to get our support for actions taken. However, if true, then the United States cannot in good conscience allow Kim Jong-un’s plans to continue.



By Guest Column -- Carolyn M. Brown- Wednesday, April 26, 2017 - Full Story

Isn’t it curious that we want less taxes, easier reporting, more jobs and economic stimulation

Isn’t it curious that we want less taxes, easier reporting, more jobs and economic stimulation. We are all in favor of the average person getting a break, but God forbid that the company building the cars, developing the drugs, searching for fuel sources, developing property so that people have a place to live, should make a profit.

By Guest Column -- Malcolm Williams- Wednesday, April 26, 2017 - Full Story

I’m I the only one in the world who didn’t understand or really even know about BOTs until recently

I’m I the only one in the world who didn’t understand or really even know about BOTs until recently?And, I’m not sure I fully grasp the concept now. What I do comprehend is that one thing they do is manipulate data to get a desired result.

A survey can be blasted by Bots to skew the results. So survey asking our impression of everything from new products to political opinion can, and are, infiltrated by robotic results to produce a specific response.

Anything that you hear about the public’s opinion on Presidential performance to whether Americans prefer oranges or apples should be suspect in your mind. It is very likely the results are not based on actual human beings.

Which should leave you wondering what and whom to believe.

By Guest Column -- Andy Bishop- Wednesday, April 26, 2017 - Full Story

Premier Wynne is touring the province as if she is the Fairy God Mother in damage control

Ontario’s provincial debt is expected by 2020 to balloon to 370 billion dollars up from the roughly 138 billion dollars from when the liberal took office. The taxpayer pays roughly 1 billion dollars a month in interest on this debt but this forecast was made before Premier Wynne added a billion dollars more a year to our provincial debt by rebating us back the 8% portion of the HST which the liberals added on to our hydro bill, to begin with.  Then she added another 25 billion dollars to our debt with her failed energy plan which made hydro so unaffordable.

Now Premier Wynne is touring the province as if she is the Fairy God Mother by handing out billions of dollars in advance of next year’s election
so the real question is how many tens of billions of dollars will she spend bribing Ontarians with our own money for the liberal vote?  The truth is Ontario can’t afford more debt, more taxes or fees.  We just can’t afford more liberal scandals and mismanagement and partisan ads in Ontario.

The liberals created the housing crisis in the GTA, by implementing the Places to Grow Act in 2006 which is restricting the housing supply, by increasing intensification and the density of new housing developments.  This Act says 40 per cent of all new developments must be within existing urban boundaries. It takes on average 14 months to get a building permit and a hundred thousand dollars in paperwork - fees and taxes then the buyer must pay roughly 48 thousand dollars in land transfer tax on a single home no need to wonder why costs are out of control.

By Guest Column -- Ross Ayotte- Tuesday, April 25, 2017 - Full Story

If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it

If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. And the strategy of charging conservatives with sexual harassment is working. No need for proof, no need for a man’s day in court, no need for waiting to see the process played out.

These are textbook Saul Alinsky tactics who said, “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it.”  Why would they change their battle plan?  It’s working, folks, recently 2 big names have been brought down.  Whether or not the messenger is flawless, the message is still important.

With the help of Newt Gingrich, Bill Clinton was a pretty very good President but a very flawed human being.The problems in this country are too monumental to be focused on rumors and allegations. Let’s fix problems and let the tabloid stories play out as they will.

By Guest Column -- Wayne A. White- Tuesday, April 25, 2017 - Full Story

Sick to death of the double standard for conservatives and liberals

I am sick to death of the double standard for conservatives and liberals. When Bill Clinton was using his power and influence to seduce interns and his wife was dutifully standing by his side, there was little public outrage or calls for him to step down. Impeachment hearings resulted in censure but not removal from his job.


By Guest Column -- Margaret Grover- Friday, April 21, 2017 - Full Story

Jason Chaffetz will not seek reelection in 2018

It was with tremendous sadness that I heard the announcement that Jason Chaffetz will not seek reelection in 2018.

I have considered him one of the smarter and more honorable members of the House of Representatives. He has shouldered
some heavy committee assignments and been persistent in search of the truth.

Being the upstanding person that he is, he understands that public service should not be a career. He has given his service
and returns to the private sector. While he may be from Utah, the entire country benefitted from his time in the House of Representatives. It is my sincere hope that, in the future, he will return to public service. In the meantime, I wish him well and thank him for his service.

By Guest Column -- John Bryant- Friday, April 21, 2017 - Full Story

Political correctness and blurring of the truth

Here we go again with the Political correctness and blurring of the truth. A person with the last name of Muhammed, shot 3 people in Fresno California. He was reportedly heard to shout “Allahu Akbar”. But will we label this terrorism. Nope, it’s a hate crime. Obviously, killing 3 white people because you hate white people represents hate. It also appears to represent Islamic extremism thus terrorism.

Does the media or law enforcement think the public is fooled because they call it a hate crime rather than terrorism. News flash-we aren’t. Killing people is both hate and terrorism. And, guess what, places like Chicago are terrorized by gangs. Many of those killings are terrorists acts, just different terrorists.

We need to wipe out lawlessness in this country before we are all the way back to the days of the wild west. Secure our borders, enforce our laws, put people to work, fix our ghettos, and lift up the downtrodden. Until we make the necessary social changes crimes like these will continue, regardless of the label.

By Guest Column -- Virginia Sparks- Wednesday, April 19, 2017 - Full Story

Are we oblivious or selfish?

Are we oblivious or selfish? I sure can’t decide. In one small piece of time I saw a driver fail to wait 30 seconds to allow a big truck with a long trailer a little extra room to make a turn. A mere quarter mile down the road, I stopped for 4 pedestrians jaywalking and didn’t get one wave or nod,  zero recognition of my thoughtfulness. Then, there was the lady who stopped her cart just outside the swinging doors so that no one else could get out. And finally, there was the broken ATM with a line queued up because there was no sign stating that it was broken. But if you went inside, they said, “Oh, yes, it is broken”.  Was it just too much effort to put up a sign?

Common courtesy has become very uncommon. I’m sure this one factor adds to our feelings of anger, isolation, and disconnect. What a shame because it is perhaps the easiest of problems to fix.

By Guest Column -- Fred Kirby- Wednesday, April 19, 2017 - Full Story

We have a big opioid epidemic and our response to an aggressive sheriff is criticism for a video

Are we not avoiding the real issues and discussions? In an era where drugs are killing our youth, making our streets unsafe, and increasing crime statistics, we are having a discussion about the image of Sheriff’s Grinnell addressing drug dealers. He was flanked by 2 officers with faces covered, one would assume for their safety, and the headline is that it looked like an ISIS video. That is simply wrong.

We have a big opioid epidemic and our response to an aggressive sheriff is criticism for a video. How about being grateful? Grateful for his tough position, grateful for his protection, grateful for him and his department doing their job.

We have become a nitpicking, finger pointing populace that looks for any little thing to label politically incorrect. We are a glass half empty or half full people?  Let’s try being a “glass half full” country for awhile. We might learn that it works a whole lot better.

By Guest Column -- Alice Vann- Monday, April 17, 2017 - Full Story

VP Pence and his wife deliver a message of strength, resolve, cooperation and friendship

Don’t you just love sending Mike Pence out into the world to represent us?  It brings joy to the heart to see images of VP Pence and his wife as they deliver a message of strength, resolve, cooperation and friendship.

We don’t have to be weak to work with others and we don’t have to be non-committal to be good partners, and we certainly do not have to cede our sovereignty to be part of a global community.

As human beings, we are encouraged to set boundaries for ourselves. Don’t over commit, don’t over spend, protect our personal space and protect our privacy. All apply to our nation as well.

I’m very proud to be represented by VP Pence.

By Guest Column -- Linda Barrington- Monday, April 17, 2017 - Full Story


Greg Gutfeld,

On the flip side of this North Korea thing is the fact that UN has a 5 million standing Army and has two satellites over the US! These satellites are capable of a ‘air burst’ type attack with nuclear to render our electric grid useless.Then he could wait and invade. This is no joke. Our defenses would be USELESS! All the tanks and cars and trucks and modes of comms are gone. CB ability gone. Motor scooters useless.Gas stations useless.Food not delivered.Farm equipment useless.Water pumps dead. Scary stuff there Greg.OH and do you think China and or Russia will come to our aid? Hell NO!

Jim Sherwood

PS this grid thing is scary as hell.It must be addressed, and not just for the military…

By Guest Column -- Jim Sherwood- Sunday, April 16, 2017 - Full Story

There is real news to cover.  News we need to know.

We are going to quickly lose the biggest benefit that was gained in the Nov. election - an engaged population.  The dysfunction of Congress, the overreach of the courts, and the inability to get to the truth in any number of investigations leaves the people angry and disinterested. More and more are tuning out.

Did Russia meddle in our elections? On one side or both? Was surveillance part of that? Who did the surveilling?  Who ordered the surveilling?  In the absence of answers, we don’t want to hear it.  It is conjecture and innuendo without a lick of proof.  I wish that nothing was revealed until the investigation was complete and then, just the facts.

There is real news to cover.  News we need to know.  What we do not need is air time filled with the opinions, biases, and sensationalism of the news outlets.  Maybe if we all go watch the sunset or have dinner with friends at 6:30 PM and left the TV off, the message would be received.  One would think the advertisers would wake up.

By Guest Column -- Sylvia E. Warren- Friday, April 7, 2017 - Full Story

We certainly face a societal dilemma as we go forward

We certainly face a societal dilemma as we go forward. As Barack Obama has spoken eloquently about, we are a nation of tribes and instead of blending and moving forward with a united front, we are more divided.  New tribes are being formed. We have the ethnic tribes, the sexual identity tribes, the religious tribes, the education tribes and the economic tribes. All tribes are clamoring for (even demanding) special treatment.

Once upon a time, in America, the Irish, Greek, Polish, Italian, and German immigrants settled into their neighborhoods. They celebrated their heritage, ate their traditional foods, worshipped at their traditional churches but not once did they demand special treatment.  They were grateful for the opportunity. Now, giving opportunity isn’t enough. Now all the diverse tribes want special places, special laws and rules, special help.

If the goal is inclusiveness, then how can separating ourselves out accomplish the goal?

Lois Virgo

By Guest Column -- Lois Virgo- Wednesday, April 5, 2017 - Full Story

The rules are the rules until they are changed. That explains the “nuclear option”

The rules are the rules until they are changed. That explains the “nuclear option”, so called because it represents the biggest, baddest weapon in the Senate arsenal. Before 2013 it took three fifths (60) votes in the Senate to end debate on a bill or nomination and two thirds (67) votes to end debate on changing a senate rule. The nuclear option lets the Senate change the the rules to allow for a simple majority vote of 51 to override a rule or precedent.

This practice of changing the rules has been employed by both parties. Most recently and most famously by Harry Reid to block a Republican filibuster of executive branch nominees. A filibusters is essentially a stalling tactic.

Whether or not you agree with filibusters, nuclear options, 60 votes or 51 votes the trend to cap or eliminate discussion and to call for cloture (stopping discussion) has had a marked increase. From a fairly flat trend starting in 1917 to the late 60s, then rising steadily to 2004 and spiking in 2008-2010. The bottom line? We have a Congress that is totally unable to solve any sort of problems or make any sort of decisions.

By Guest Column -- Jennie Veary- Tuesday, April 4, 2017 - Full Story

70 percent of the H-1B foreign visas come from India

70 percent of the H-1B foreign visas come from India according to a Washington Post article.  And that was only the first of the statements that could make your blood pressure jump.

Let’s start with the fact that the reason we are importing people from India to do our high tech jobs is that they are better educated.Two, they work for less which helps suppress wages here. Three, it is a path to permanent green card status.

However, green card applicants cannot change jobs without starting the process all over and with the 10 year backlog of green card applications a company has a lock on an underpaid employee for a very long time. There is a lot wrong with this system. Hopefully, it will be given a careful review by the new administration, in the meantime, they have promised to keep a close eye on companies who hire foreign workers.

By Guest Column -- Victoria Vaughn- Tuesday, April 4, 2017 - Full Story


Dear Editor

Bill 68 affects you. 

We haven’t heard much about Bill 68, but it’s now in Committee and headed to 3rd and final reading – meaning government will be passing this Bill if we don’t do something to get them to stop it.

Remember when people were not going to get their day in court if they received a parking ticket, or if they violated any municipal by-law – it’s back in this Bill.  Some of these by-laws can have fines of up to $10,000.00 per day and these fines will be applied to your property taxes if you don’t go in and pay them a.s.a.p.  What an easy way for municipalities to take your land for non-payment of property taxes.  Think about it.

By Elizabeth Marshall - Monday, April 3, 2017 - Full Story