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Arthur Christopher Schaper is a teacher-turned-writer on topics both timeless and timely; political, cultural, and eternal. A life-long Southern California resident, Arthur currently lives in Torrance.Twitter -- @ArthurCSchaper

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The Grassroots: Making We the People Great Again

Jul 16, 2017 — Arthur Christopher Schaper

Voters, pundits, political wonks are in many cases convinced that the ordinary guy on the street cannot fight city hall.

Just as an FYI, yes you can!

Check out what happened when pro-enforcement activists raise their voices against the corrupt Huntington Park City Council—the same city council which had appointed two illegal aliens to city commissions two years ago:

Mr. President, Keep Tweeting—Happy Fourth of July, Everyone!

Jul 4, 2017 — Arthur Christopher Schaper

A neighbor came up to me yesterday morning

What do you think of President Trump’s Tweets?” He asked me.

I told him I think they are great.

He is going around the media, relating his story, his narrative without the spin of the corrupt liberal press.

And we know that they are corrupt.

Intellectuals are a fairly modern invention for our society

May 27, 2017 — Arthur Christopher Schaper

One study I read labeled the prophets in the Old Testament one type of intellectual. I disagree, since they operated as revelators to a nation which had rejected the laws of God and rejected His precepts. The philosophers of Ancient Greece and Rome fall into this “intellectual” category more accurately, since they praised their reasoning, research, and logo ahead of revelation and physical effort

The common denominator among them? They were spectacularly wrong on a number of issues, whether in science or sociology

Election 2016: Trump Trumped Romney in Deep Blue California Cities: Why?

May 18, 2017 — Arthur Christopher Schaper

The Sacramento Bee did their exhaustive study on how well Donald Trump did in all California cities compared to Mitt Romney in 2012.

Trump did worse than Romney in a larger number of otherwise strongly Republican areas.

But in the most unlikely cities, Trump actually exceeded Romney.

Let’s start with the first city of note, in part because I had attended a town hall in that city last weekend: Inglewood.

Inglewood California is a decent microcosm of the political cancer that is eating out California. The city was a wellspring of growth and development. Barry Goldwater actually won Inglewood, even though he lost the rest of the state and 46 others.

Trump’s Delay on DACA Repeal: Three Possible Reasons Why

May 11, 2017 — Arthur Christopher Schaper

President Trump declared that he would repeal the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals Executive Order within days if not on the first day of his presidency.

He has not done it ... yet.

At first, I was extremely upset, and very concerned. Was Trump reneging on a key campaign promise? Was he losing his nerve? Has he stopped listening to the populist conservatism of his inner circle and started listening to the liberal New England family members?

Today, I am not worried about this DACA delay. I do not believe that Trump has lost his nerve. I also agree that he does have a heart, but that does not mean he won’t enforce our immigration laws. Nor does it mean that he won’t do anything to end this DREAMer con artist shell game.

Insufferable: John Kasich Running for President in 2020?

May 1, 2017 — Arthur Christopher Schaper

John Kasich.

As Presidential contender, all he wanted to do was make nice and preach hollow niceties all while abandoning conservative principles and pushing a smarmy liberalism that taxes us into oblivion and forcing higher spending. As governor of Ohio, he signed off on conservative reforms, but only because of a hard-core, supermajority Republican legislature.

And it looks as if he wants to run for President .... again. Give me a break.

Syria: The Middle East’s Blazing Tire Yard

Apr 10, 2017 — Arthur Christopher Schaper

Ever seen a tire fire?

They are a lingering yet cancerous domestic disaster. The rubber lasts for ages, keeping the fire alive far longer than any other substance. Tire fires threaten the quality of life—and life itself. The smoke from a pile of blazing tires can last for months. The haze pollutes the air, damages commerce, and endangers surrounding communities.
And lots of water won’t put them out right away.

In Southern California, we get heat and smoke advisories because of periodic inland fires.  At least this year, Governor Brown declared that emergency drought conditions are ending. There’s so much water in California now, even Los Angeles County does not register with drought conditions.

Winning for Pro-Family Groups: Target Makes Itself a Target, and Loses

Mar 20, 2017 — Arthur Christopher Schaper

Target, a major, publicly traded company, decided to jump into the culture wars and impose transgendersim on its entire clientele.

California MassResistance, the Golden State branch of the hard-hitting successful pro-family activist group MassResistance,  staged three protests in 2016 to boycott Target.


The Full Display of La Raza Hate in Cudahy, California

Mar 4, 2017 — Arthur Christopher Schaper

The vast majority of voters in the United States recognized the looming threat that a Hillary Clinton presidency would pose—and impose—on all of them.

She was creepy, crappy, corrupt, crooked.

The media would promote her campaign to the utmost, even though she could only draw in 100 to 200 voters to her events.

Trump’s rallies brought in thousands, if not tens of thousands.

Hillary Clinton was the culmination of elitist, globalist, Beltway tyranny all the way.

And We the People said “Hill No!”

Truth and Error about Prop 187 and the California Republican Party

Feb 25, 2017 — Arthur Christopher Schaper

Mid-year 2016, the Sacramento Bee trotted out their same tired line about Prop 187 and the long-lasting damage it caused to the California Republican Party. The media narrative loves to demonize conservatives as anti-immigrant bigots who pushed this agenda so far in 1994, which in turn caused the GOP brand to suffer.

OFA Made the DNC DOA: Obama’s Community Organization Ruined the Democratic Party

Feb 20, 2017 — Arthur Christopher Schaper

Well, this is welcome news, isn’t it? Organizing for Action has turned into a big fat failure for the Democratic Party.

Who would have guessed?

Those obnoxious organizers are so out of touch with reality. They don’t seem to recognize that working men and women of all backgrounds are barely making ends meet. Democrats really believed that a bunch of spoiled, screaming razor-blade snowflakes invading town halls and lecturing people about their Western, white privilege was going to be well-received.

Generation X Conservatives Rejoice! Here Comes Generation Z

Feb 16, 2017 — Arthur Christopher Schaper

Conservatism is indeed the new counter-culture.

Of course liberal lunacy as a dominant cultural trend, it had to be this way.

I would also go one step further. Conservatism resonates because it’s true and bold, specifically with President Donald Trump in office.

Trump Derangement Syndrome Strikes Los Angeles, California, per Left-Wing Alernative Rag LA Weekly

Feb 2, 2017 — Arthur Christopher Schaper

As a Los Angeles County conservative, I think that Trump’s election and first two weeks of his Presidency haev been the greatest thing to happen to California and the country in 36 years.

Finally, we have a strong leader who is not ashamed to be an American. He wants to fight for citizens. He wants to Make America Great Again. He’s run huge businesses, sometimes into the ground, but he’s also bounced back and risen up to higher heights, much like the skyscrapers in his Manhattan, New York City stomping grounds

He has more than impressed me, and he has assuaged many fears and concerns so far about his commitment to this country, our Constitution, and his solemn promises to put Americans first and uphold the rule of law.

James Carville Was Right ... That The Democrats Are Toast, and Trump is Kicking Rump

Jan 27, 2017 — Arthur Christopher Schaper

In 2016, Democratic strategist James Carville (who incidentally enough is married to former Republican operative Mary Matalin) played up whatever political acumen and integrity he claimed to have (nil), and wrote another book called: “We’re Still Right, They’re Still Wrong.”

Carville was not original enough to write a new title, but merely modified the old one which had published twenty years ago, when Bill Clinton won re-election, in large part because Republicans failed to field a stronger candidate to challenge Bubba.

Robert Reich: The Democratic Party is on Life-Support

Jan 22, 2017 — Arthur Christopher Schaper

They have lost an election which DNC leaders rigged to ensure that their prized queen would win, first through engineering her victory in the primary against Weekend at Bernie’s, then through media frauds and collusion during the General Election.

And Democrats still lost.

Crooked Hillary actually believe that she could lie, cheat, and steal her way through this election, just as Barack Obama had demagogued key issues to shame conservative opponents into silence in the two previous elections.