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Robert Rohlfing


Robert Rohlfing runs The Drumbeat of Liberty, Liberty and the Preservation of Freedoms

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The Engineered Collapse

- Dec 9, 2012
Half of this nation and leaders from both political parties have now embraced our road to collapse

Let’s Be Honest And Call The Modern Democrat Party The Socialist Party

- Dec 4, 2012
Big Government is rooted in Marx's Ten Planks of Communism

$80 Trillion In Unfunded Liabilities The True Noose Around Our Necks

- Dec 1, 2012
Economic collapse does not only effect the United States alone but also the world economy as a whole

The Bait and Switch that the Left would like for you to follow

- Apr 25, 2012
Representative Congresswomen Barbra Lee

“War On Women” A Fallacy That Has Deeper roots than What Many On The Left Want to Admit

- Mar 18, 2012
Democrats have not always been the champion for women's rights that they would like you to believe.

Action and Reaction; ‘Occupy Oakland’

- Oct 27, 2011
This so called "Peaceful" protest is anything but peaceful in intention

Reflections Of Character

- Oct 23, 2011
Honor, Faith, Hope, and Reality will win out over the dark forces that work against it as the truth prevails, let not the sunset dampen your charity or inner strength

Early Divide

- Oct 3, 2011
Birth of the Republican Party, Slavery, Dred Scott

Some Of The Lost History In The Civil Rights Movement

- Oct 1, 2011
In the mad dash to vilify the Republicans and Conservatives today many have forgotten the fact that it was the Republican Party that was the champion of Civil Rights and freedom for African Americans

The Consensus, Is It Always Right?

- Jun 12, 2011
The modern day Pope presiding over today's inquisition of naysayers of Man Made Global Climate Change is of course Al Gore

What Is The Plan Of The Democrats To Move Forward?

- Jun 6, 2011
If the Democrats are unwilling to lead then they need allow those that are willing to do so no matter the political fallout.

Your Absence Is Revealing

- Mar 21, 2011
Obama and the silence from those on the left over our involvement in Libya and the double standard on issues that are raging in this country

Is “This What Democracy Looks Like?”

- Mar 18, 2011
The class warfare card is being played on a scale reminiscent of the rise of Communists in Imperial Russia

Facing Harsh Realities

- Mar 7, 2011
Death or Liberty was Patrick Henry's rallying cry that day in March of 1775

Don’t Jump To Conclusions Over A Senseless Act

- Jan 9, 2011
We have those on the Left right now calling for violence in the streets from; Frances Fox Piven to President Obama's former "Green Czar" Van Jones

Disregarding Facts Of History To Advance Divide

- Jan 7, 2011
Congressman Jesse Jackson, Constitution, 3/5th clause, Fredrick Douglas

Braving Historical Fact Over Emotional Chains

- Jan 5, 2011
Sheep we are not! Misinformed we have been! Those days are coming to a close!

Moving Forward Or Mired In The Past

- Jan 3, 2011
Public and private sector unions

2011:  A Year That We Can Reject Those Who Want To Divide Us

- Dec 31, 2010
Accountability and Responsibility for our actions are not as painful as many would like to make them out to be

What Are You Thankful For?

- Dec 25, 2010
Focus should not always be on the material things that we can give or events in our lives that we may have considered troublesome

Realities In Life

- Dec 24, 2010
The enduring love of a family member and the kindness of a friend are things that money cannot buy

Has The 13th Amendment Truly Brought About Freedom?

- Dec 19, 2010
Democrat Party that was the Party of the "Clan"

Technological Advancements: A Path To Freedom Or a Path To Serfdom

- Dec 15, 2010
RFID chips are a pathway to losing our individual right of freedom!

Alternative Energy For Climate Change Alone

- Dec 12, 2010
"The diversion of land meant for food crops to agro fuel production is a "crime against humanity."

The Pillars Of Manipulation

- Dec 10, 2010
Class warfare is center stage in the whole debate over the extension of the Bush tax cuts

The Recession Bubble That Was Delayed

- Dec 10, 2010
Dotcom bubble, Housing bubble

The Welfare State

- Dec 6, 2010
To have a welfare state stay viable you need to have a burgeoning economy

Uncle Sam Or Is It Now Mommy Dearest?

- Dec 3, 2010
We have been slowly nudged into believing that Mommy Dearest will be our salvation and saving grace.

Wikileaks: Does It Have More Implications Than What We Are Led To Believe

- Nov 29, 2010
Freedom of Information, Internet Censure

America At War: Internal and External

- Nov 27, 2010
Americans are being forced to give up those essential liberty's at an alarming pace

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