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Canada Free Press 2006 Archives: Lee Kaplan

  1. Whoring the US Presidency for Hamas: Carter's book
  2. The Rebuilding Alliance: Lobbying for Hamas tax –free?
  3. A Swedish Meatball in Israel
  4. Bringing ism “Wall Protests” to American shores
  5. How the ADC and ISM use "civil rights" to help make war on Israel and America
  6. Jesse James then and now: No hero except to Hollywood
  7. ISM planning yearly conference at Columbia or CUNY
  8. Georgetown University sued for $8 million dollars for attack on elderly Orthodox Jew at PSM Conference
  9. ISM photographed with guns and Al Aksa terrorist:
    Will the world do something now?

  10. The ISM recruiter
  11. The conference call to Congresswoman Anna Eshoo
  12. ISM sending "human shields" to Lebanon to aid Hezbollah
  13. One Israeli soldier who fell:
    the myth of Israeli apartheid

  14. The ISM still runs amok in the West Bank:
    Hannah Mermelstein

  15. Clandestine ISM conference of anti-Israel activists assures no peace between Israelis and Palestinians or on US campuses for years to come
  16. How I upset the Arab propaganda machine: Nigel Parry
  17. Pallywood revisited: A new fake atrocity by the PLO
  18. SFSU to host Al Awda's tax deductible war on the Jews
  19. More from the Village of Chelm, also known as Israel:
    Paul LaRudee and the ISM

  20. The International Solidarity Movement is losing some ground
  21. More about those "oppressed" Palestinians and C.U.P.E.:
    Making war by other means-photos and disinformation

  22. An ISM member's father speaks out:
    The ISM is a cult and not to be tolerated

  23. Some PLO doctored photos:
    A visit to "Pallywood"

  24. Disrupting the terrorist-support network this summer

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