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The protector of Obama’s legacy declares he will not vote for Graham-Cassidy

Sep 22, 2017 — Dan Calabrese

This might turn out worse than “skinny repeal.” I really thought the fact that it was his buddy’s bill might get him on board. Guess not:

Jimmy Kimmel on health care: ‘Am I supposed to just be quiet about this?’

Sep 22, 2017 — Dan Calabrese

I rather like Jimmy Kimmel when he’s just being funny. But for whatever lamentable reason, that’s no longer the job description of late night television talk hosts. Whereas Johnny Carson gabbed with celebrities and the younger version of David Letterman gave us stupid pet tricks, today’s late night hosts have decided their job is to moralize over political issues and bash Donald Trump at every opportunity.

Kimmel has been especially lauded for this because of his emotional tale of his young son with heart problems. Because Kimmel thinks (incorrectly) that children like his son couldn’t get coverage without ObamaCare, he has tabbed himself the moral conscience of health care reform - and an awful lot of other people have decided to cede him this role.

VIDEO: CNN’s Don Lemon asks Bill Nye . . . are we doing enough to address the root cause of hurrican

Sep 22, 2017 — Dan Calabrese

You all know what Bill Nye is. He’s a non-scientist who claims the mantle of “science educator” and hectors the rest of us for not accepting every scientific claim he gets behind. Quite condescendingly at that.

Don Lemon is somewhat more interesting to me only in the sense that when he really gets rolling, he seems to totally get lost in the absurdity of the questions he’s asking. This is a guy who once wondered aloud on air if a missing jetliner had been taken by aliens, with absolutely no apparent sense of irony or humor, as humor is certainly not Lemon’s thing. So here he is, seriously asking out loud on live television if “we” are doing enough to “address the root causes” of hurricanes.

You know where he’s going with it. It’s a setup for Nye to moralize about “climate change.” But it’s really something to behold Lemon suggesting that human beings can find a “root cause” for hurricanes as if they are just like poverty or drug abuse, and to do so with a totally straight face, since self-importance leaves no room for a smile:


Graham-Cassidy is far from a full ObamaCare repeal, but everything in it is good

Sep 22, 2017 — Dan Calabrese

There’s no question we’ve fallen a long way from the heady days of, er, January 2017, when we thought we were going to get a quick repeal of ObamaCare. Republican Congresses never fail to fail, and it should not be forgotten that the latest failure to repeal ObamaCare was very much the work of Lindsey Graham’s best buddy.

But here’s what I believe about legislation: You don’t vote for something just because it can pass, but you don’t oppose something just because it isn’t everything you’ve ever wanted. If the country would be better off with a bill’s passage - even if only a little better - then you vote for the bill. If you’ve left problems unsolved, then it’s your job to come back later and solve the other problems too. But opposing the solution of Problem A just because Problems B through Z are not being solve simultaneously makes no sense. Solving Problem A is better than not solving Problem A, so solve Problem A.

It’s looking like Obama and Comey wire-tapped Trump Tower after all, and that’s just the start

Sep 21, 2017 — Dan Calabrese

Here’s a question to ponder about the “Russia interfered” story that has thus far produced nothing of substance to justify its own existence: Was the whole thing contrived in order to justify a Democratic administration wiretapping a Republican campaign?

When the FBI wants to wiretap someone, it has to go to a judge under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and present reasonable cause to believe that someone is acting as an agent of a foreign government. Paul Manafort, who briefly served as chairman of the Trump campaign in 2016, has had lots of business dealings with Russia over the years, so if you wanted to catch him talking to Russians, it wouldn’t be hard to do so.

Major League Baseball…extend the protective netting so this doesn’t happen to another child

Sep 21, 2017 — Dan Calabrese

If you read this column regularly you know that I am a big baseball fan. I go to a lot of games. This year alone I’ve attended 30 Detroit Tigers games in addition to another eight minor league games. In my lifetime I’ve gone to hundreds of ballgames.

And I’m going to confess something to you: I don’t like to sit close to home plate, especially not in the area right behind the dugout. Why? Because I’m terrified of the sort of rocket line-drive foul ball that last night struck a two-year-old in Yankee Stadium. It sounds like she is going to be OK in the long run, although everyone is being somewhat cryptic with the information they’re releasing.

Police: That ‘white power’ graffiti all over town wasn’t what it first appeared to be

Sep 20, 2017 — Dan Calabrese

The last time I brought you police news from my city, I was under suspicion for bank robbery. I didn’t do it. (I didn’t!)

This time we were told on Monday morning that some white supremacist nazi had spray-painted “white power” and swastikas all over Royal Oak, and pretty close to my neighborhood too.

I suspected as soon as this story came out that it was another hate-crime hoax. Was it? Well, here’s what the Royal Oak Police Department reported back to the community after a mere day of investigating:

Trump rally invite Black Lives Matter up on stage—two minutes to say what they want to say

Sep 20, 2017 — Dan Calabrese

I’ve seen things like this before. One that comes to mind was during Michigan’s 2010 gubernatorial campaign when Democrat nominee Virg Bernero showed up at a rally for Republican nominee Rick Snyder. Bernero’s intent was to create a confrontation. Snyder diffused it by inviting Bernero to join him on stage and turn the rally into a joint Q&A, which reflected well on both men and was actually much more informative than a media-moderated debate would ever be.

But the potential for trouble in that situation was not what it might have appeared to be here. I watched the video once and suspected that “Now This” had staged the whole thing. But a little more research generated enough independent coverage that I’m convinced this really happened. We need more of it, but this is an excellent start:

Hmmmmmm . . . could the GOP kill ObamaCare simply by disavowing one thing?

Sep 20, 2017 — Dan Calabrese

I bet no Congress has ever done this before: Intentionally change a law specifically for the purpose of making it unconstitutional. A legislative poison pill of sorts. Yet has there ever been a law that needed it as badly as this one does? ObamaCare is unconstitutional on its face, yet Chief Justice Roberts saved it in 2012 with a rather novel interpretation that said the individual mandate isn’t really what it clearly is.

Why not clarify via new legislation that the law is every bit as unconstitutional as Roberts should have found it to be in the first place? James Blumstein, director of Vanderbilt University’s Health Policy Center, thinks it just might work:

Legacy media going bananas over Trump threat to ‘totally destroy’ North Korea if they nuke us

Sep 19, 2017 — Dan Calabrese

Rob’s already posted the entire speech so you can see that it wasn’t “menacing” at all, but like I said, that’s the Washington Post. What do you expect from them?

ABC liberal Terry Moran is so beside himself that he’s ready to re-open the Nuremberg trials with Trump on the stand:

New study from British scientists: OK, maybe climate change isn’t that dire a threat after all

Sep 19, 2017 — Dan Calabrese

You are required to believe this. It’s science. Science! That is incontrovertible. You can fully expect the entire American left to immediately disavow their previous predictions of worldwide calamity, because science now says otherwise.

OK, they’re not going to do that. But you can probably relax:

Trump-bashing Emmy Awards pull worst ratings ever

Sep 19, 2017 — Dan Calabrese

The Dodgers were on. I like the Dodgers. I don’t much care one way or the other about the Atlanta Falcons (sorry, boss), but I love to see the Pukers getting their heads handed to them, and that’s what the Falcons were doing.

So even if you’ve got two TVs on the same wall, it’s hard to think of a reason you’d want to take up space on one of them to watch a bunch of self-admiring actors giving themselves made-up awards. Add to this the fact that almost everyone who gets up on stage starts bashing Donald Trump, and you have to think people will be tuning out left and right.

Who is going to tell Black Lives Matter that mobs don’t get to decide trial outcomes?

Sep 18, 2017 — Dan Calabrese

Before St. Louis police officer Jason Stockley was found not guilty on Friday of murdering Anthony Lamar Smith, black activists warned Judge Timothy Wilson that there would be riots if he did not find Stockley guilty. That was a clear attempt to intimidate the judge into tossing aside his assessment of the case on the facts and the legal merits, and to enter a verdict of guilty simply to appease the angry mob that would accept nothing else.

To his credit, Judge Wilson ignored this threat and ruled on the facts of the case as he saw them, and the result of that was that Stockley was found not guilty.

Enough with the nonsense that Kaepernick’s cause is worthy and it’s just his method of protesting th

Sep 18, 2017 — Dan Calabrese

Let’s dispense with a serious bit of nonsense where Colin Kaepernick is concerned. This is the nonsense that says people need to get over the manner of his protest - refusing to stand for the national anthem - and listen to what he’s saying. The premise here is that people are getting too caught up in a protest style they find offensive, and that as a result they’re missing his truly worthy message.

If only people would focus exclusively on Kaepernick’s message, this argument suggests, they would agree with him.

And the price tag of Bernie’s single-payer bill would be . . . $3.2 trillion a year

Sep 18, 2017 — Dan Calabrese

That almost doubles the entire federal budget, but hey, the 1 percent probably have it sitting around under their couch cushions.

The entire federal budget is just about $3.9 trillion. That’s a lot of money. So you might think, hey, how much more could it cost to pay for the health care of everyone in the country? Or as some liberals like to ask: “If Canada, Finland and Norway can afford to guarantee everyone health care, why can’t we?”