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Benjamin Netanyahu’s response to Trump’s Jerusalem announcement is just beautiful

Dec 7, 2017 — Dan Calabrese

Benjamin Netanyahu's response to Trump's Jerusalem announcement is just beautiful

Enjoying the meaningful support of another world leader has been a rare experience for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It was especially rare during the Obama Administration, when even the one country that is nominally Israel’s best friend is backstabbing it at the UN and in negotiations with Iran that completely disregard all of Israel’s security concerns.

Some friend we were then.

But the sad truth is that Israel has very few friends in the world, since anti-Semitism is such a pernicious force, and most nations that are not overtly anti-Semitic themselves are far too afraid of those who are, and see no reason to stand up to their threats and attempts at coercion.

So when Donald Trump announced yesterday that the United States would finally keep its commitment and move its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem - the true capital of Israel as U.S. law has officially recognized since 1995 - Netanyahu could hardly contain his glee. And who could blame him?

Government shutdown looms, and the worst thing for liberals would be a nice long one

Dec 7, 2017 — Dan Calabrese

Government shutdown looms, and the worst thing for liberals would be a nice long one
This shouldn’t even be possible with Republicans controlling the House and the Senate. But ah, we have the filibuster, which means no one really controls the Senate because you can’t pass anything with short of 60 votes unless it complies with the Senate’s lunatic budget rules.

So with Democrats making idiotic demands and President Trump in no mood to give in to them, we’re looking at the possibility of a government shutdown as soon as Friday - since that’s when the most recent spending bill funding the government expires. (Say, how about getting back to passing real budgets that fund the government for an entire year like we used to do before Harry Reid found it politically expedient not to starting in 2010?)

Every time we get to the brink of one of these things, the two parties start jocking for position in how to most convincingly blame the other, and this time is no exception:

Jeff Flake seems to think he’s helping the country by giving $100 to far-left Democrat Doug Jones

Dec 6, 2017 — Dan Calabrese

Jeff Flake
Many of you are already mad at both Rob and me for seeing some credibility in the allegations against Roy Moore. That’s fine. Be mad. Not everyone on our team who’s accused is being railroaded, and not every situation is the same as every other situation, which is why the “Herman Cain of all people” argument doesn’t get very far with me.

But it’s one thing to say you can’t give your vote to Roy Moore. It’s quite another thing to not only give your endorsement but also your money to Doug Jones, his far-left Democrat opponent. And it takes it to a whole new level when you claim you’re trying to put Jones in the U.S. Senate for the benefit of the country.

That’s the position now staked out by Republican Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona:

Gulp: North Korea now has an ICBM that may be able to hit . . . Washington D.C.?

Dec 6, 2017 — Dan Calabrese

North Korea now has an ICBM
Forget Seattle. Forget San Francisco. Forget Denver. The west may be safe by virtue of its own relative lack of importance. If the Norks really have a missile that can hit Washington D.C., we’re way past the point of guessing as to the limits of their capabilities. It’s now just a question of whether we do something definitive to stop them before they decide to go ahead and strike.

But can they? Er, possibly, although the need to carry a nuclear warhead complicates the matter because it adds weight to the flight. But based on the successful trajectory of a launch from about a week ago, the Norks and a lot of other people seem to think they can do it by leaving the Earth’s atmosphere and returning at just the right point:

The missile was fired just before 3 a.m. Wednesday local time from a site about 20 miles north of the North Korean capital, Pyongyang, according to U.S., Japanese and South Korean authorities. It flew for almost an hour, covering about 620 miles, before splashing down in the waters between Japan and the Korean Peninsula inside Japan’s exclusive economic zone, which extends 200 nautical miles from its coast.

Um . . . recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital has been U.S. law since 1995

Dec 6, 2017 — Dan Calabrese

Bill Clinton signed the Jerusalem Embassy Act into law
The headlines over the past 24 hours have screamed that Donald Trump is breaking big time with U.S. policy with his reported decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Aside from the fact that the president can’t break with U.S. policy because he’s the one who makes the policy, Trump is doing no such thing. What Trump does that infuriates the Beltway crowd is actually do things that other politicians only say they’re going to do.

In fact, it is official U.S. policy to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and has been for 22 years, thanks to an act signed into law by none other than Bill Clinton:

ABC News president absolutely excoriates news staff over Brian Ross’s fake Flynn story

Dec 5, 2017 — Dan Calabrese

ABC News president absolutely excoriates news staff over Brian Ross's fake Flynn story
If you’ve ever been part of a news organization, you’re familiar with the weekly editorial meeting. Everyone on the team gathers and discusses upcoming stories, in addition to reviewing those recently published or aired and discussing anything that could have been done better.

Usually it’s run by one of the editors. When one of the really big bosses gets involved, it’s unusual. When the big boss calls in, it’s a pretty big deal. Especially if it’s because he’s mad.

So when ABC News president James Goldston called in yesterday to his crew’s Monday editorial meeting, he had a few things to say about Brian Ross’s gigantic screwup on the Mike Flynn story last week. He was not pleased. And apparently Ross has some frenemies within ABC because someone went ahead and gave audio of the call to CNN, which to its credit didn’t bury it out of concern it would help President Trump - as we might reasonably expect CNN to do given its own anti-Trump behavior.

Trump is not ‘shrinking a monument’, he’s reversing a shameless federal land grab

Dec 5, 2017 — Dan Calabrese

Trump is not 'shrinking a monument', he's reversing a shameless federal land grab
The media are wetting themselves today because President Trump is “shrinking federal monuments.” You’d think he was taking an axe to the Washington Monument and chopping it down.

But there are real monuments and then there are shameless federal land-grabs that get labeled “monuments” before a gullible news media that gladly adopt whatever language a Democratic president uses to spin his actions. The Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante monuments were just that. There are elements of these pieces of land that have some historical value, but Bill Clinton and Barack Obama exploited that to declare massive swaths of land part of the “monuments,” which put them almost completely under federal control over the objection of the State of Utah and all of Utah’s congressional delegation.

DOJ demotes official who concealed his meetings with Fusion GPS, where oh by the way his wife worked

Dec 5, 2017 — Dan Calabrese

 Bruce Ohr
How much worse is this going to get? And not for President Trump. With each passing day it seems the FBI, the Justice Department and the Mueller investigative team has more to answer for, and fewer answers to offer for their inappropriate actions, bias and stonewalling.

Remember, the big question is this: Did the FBI (which is part of the Justice Department) use the fake Trump dossier compiled by Fusion GPS, and paid for by the Clinton campaign, to convince the FISA court to approve wiretaps on Trump campaign officials Paul Manafort and Carter Page? If so, then you had a Democrat administration spying on a Republican campaign team, having used the legal system under false pretenses to gain permission to do so. It’s exactly what Richard Nixon tried to do to the McGovern campaign in 1972, but accomplished with a FISA application full of falsehoods instead of with a break-in.

Looks like Justice Kennedy will be the deciding vote in the Masterpiece Cakeshop case

Dec 5, 2017 — Dan Calabrese

Looks like Justice Kennedy will be the deciding vote in the Masterpiece Cakeshop case
I suppose this is what you’d want in a good Supreme Court Justice. He asks challenging, probing questions to both sides and doesn’t give a hint of which way he’s leaning. If that’s the standard, then Anthony Kennedy wins Justice of the Year with his performance in today’s hearing for Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission.

The problem, of course, is that this case wouldn’t be happening at all if Justice Kennedy hadn’t joined the majority in forcing gay marriage down the throats of all 50 states back in 2015. The Supremes are now being asked to decide whether Christian bakers can be forced to bake a cake for a the gay weddings that Kennedy made possible, and as is so often the case, it appears he’ll be the deciding vote on this one too:

He asked a lawyer for the Trump administration whether the baker, Jack Phillips, could put a sign in his window saying, “We don’t bake cakes for gay weddings.” The lawyer, Noel J. Francisco said yes, so long as the cakes were custom made.

In 7-2 vote, Supremes let Trump’s travel ban go into full effect

Dec 4, 2017 — Dan Calabrese

In 7-2 vote, Supremes let Trump's travel ban go into full effect
There’s no running back to Judge Derrick Watson anymore. He’s been overruled, and the law matters once again:

The nine-member court, with two liberal justices dissenting, granted his administration’s request to lift two injunctions imposed by lower courts that had partially blocked the ban, which is the third version of a contentious policy that Trump first sought to implement a week after taking office in January.

The high court’s action means that the ban will now go fully into effect for people from Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen seeking to enter the United States. The Republican president has said the travel ban is needed to protect the United States from terrorism by Islamic militants.

Former U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy: The Flynn guilty plea is probably small potatoes

Dec 4, 2017 — Dan Calabrese

 Flynn guilty plea is probably small potatoes
I know I cite Andrew McCarthy a lot. I do it because he not only has the experience to prove he knows his stuff, but he explains it extremely well.

And if you can show me a time he’s been wrong, go ahead.

Contrary to the mouth-foaming we’re getting from the media and pretty much everyone else who hates President Trump, former U.S. Attorney McCarthy doesn’t think Mike Flynn’s plea deal is likely to amount to much. Why? Simple: When a witness makes a deal to plead guilty in exchange for taking down the leaders of the bigger scheme, the witness usually has to plead guilty to being part of said scheme.

Here’s why those forecasts you hear of weak growth from the tax cut are probably way off

Dec 4, 2017 — Dan Calabrese

Tax Cuts, Forecasts, economics
The left was pretty excited, and some tepid Republicans were pretty nervous, when the Joint Committee on Taxation came out last week with a supposedly “dynamic” forecast that showed even with likely economic growth factored in, the tax cut proposal would still add more than $1 trillion to the deficit over the course of a decade.

The reason? Joint Tax estimated the likely economic growth effect of the tax cut at only about $400 billion in new revenues to the Treasury.

Now: How would they know to that level of precision? They don’t. But they base their expectation of growth on some very limited models, which completely fail to account for the impact of tax policy on the movement of capital in international markets.

Here are the major differences between the House and Senate tax cut bills

Dec 4, 2017 — Dan Calabrese

Here are the major differences between the House and Senate tax cut bills
We’re not quite there yet. The Senate vote late Friday on the tax reform bill was necessary but not sufficient. There still isn’t a tax bill for President Trump to sign.

I realize many of you know this either because you studied it in school or - even better - because you watched Schoolhouse Rock. But let’s just hit the highlights so we’re all on the same page:

Before a bill can become a law, it has to be passed in identical form by both the House and the Senate and then signed by the president. The House and Senate have each passed their own respective tax cut bills, but they are not identical, so the differences need to get ironed out in a House-Senate Conference Committee. Once the Conference Report is complete, both houses have to vote to approve the Conference Report and only after that has happened can President Trump sign the bill into law.

ABC suspends Brian Ross for his Flynn/Russia fake news fiasco

Dec 3, 2017 — Dan Calabrese

ABC suspends Brian Ross for his Flynn/Russia fake news fiasco
He deserves to be fired, not only for this screwup but also because it’s far from his first. Ross is astoundingly reckless when he thinks he’s got himself a scoop and can’t wait to get it on the air.

But I guess it’s something:

ABC News announced Saturday that Chief Investigative Correspondent Brian Ross would be suspended for four weeks without pay over a botched “exclusive” about former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Yesterday ABC reported Trump told Mike Flynn to collude with Russia; Today? Oh, gosh, never mind…

Dec 2, 2017 — Dan Calabrese

Yesterday ABC reported candidate Trump told Mike Flynn to collude with Russia; Today? Oh, gosh, never mind
Trump-haters were awfully excited yesterday when the Mike Flynn guilty plea for lying to the FBI was announced. But nothing excited them more than a report from ABC News’s Brian Ross, who claimed Flynn would testify he’d been ordered by candidate Trump - before the election - to contact the Russians. If true, it would be the first real indication that something might have happened that could amount to election collusion with Moscow.

Two problems: 1. Every other media outlet was reporting that Trump or one of his top deputies ordered the contact after the election, which would be no big deal, so ABC was an outlier in its take on the story. 2. The reporter was Brian Ross, who has a history of getting big splashy scoops spectacularly wrong.

OK, three problems. 3. Ross was wrong, and was forced hours later to admit it:

Meanwhile, African migrants in Libya are being sold into slavery for $400 a pop

Dec 1, 2017 — Dan Calabrese

Meanwhile, African migrants in Libya are being sold into slavery for $400 a pop
I understand the impulse to distrust anything that comes from CNN, but this is not Chris Cuomo and Wolf Blitzer yammering about American politics. This is a well-reported and verified story that’s gotten the attention of governments throughout the western world.

Libya has been in chaos since that guy in a Yankees hat killed Khadafy, not because there was anything good about Khadafy but simply because no one had an idea what would come next - and the forces poised to seize control and influence were nefarious to say the least. How nefarious?

You have to see it for yourself:

Cornyn: GOP has the votes to pass tax reform, likely to happen before Friday is out

Dec 1, 2017 — Dan Calabrese

Cornyn: GOP has the votes to pass tax reform
Apparently Ron Johnson and Steve Daines won the concessions they wanted on pass-through businesses, and the GOP leadership thinks that’s enough to put the bill over the top. Does anyone have any doubts where Mike Pence is today? Look for a vote before close of business today:

A key Republican, Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, says he’s backing the sweeping GOP tax bill. That’s according to an aide.

Johnson’s support for the legislation is a major boost for Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as he tries to muscle the measure through the Senate.

Senate tax cut bill also opens up oil drilling in ANWR, probably to get a certain Alaska Republican

Dec 1, 2017 — Dan Calabrese

Senate tax cut bill also opens up oil drilling in ANWR
This is a very fluid story so we’ll see if it’s in the final bill, let alone the conference report, but this is more than 20 years late in happening so if this is the Senate’s idea of a sweetener to gain support for the whole thing, sign me up.

I don’t think I was the target, though. I think Lisa Murkowski was. And it might be working:

VIDEO: Trump in Missouri on tax reform and, er . . . lots of other fun, Trumpy things

Nov 30, 2017 — Dan Calabrese

The main reason I want you to watch this is that you could pull any number of lines from it and make it sound like he said something outrageous and irresponsible. Yet if you watch the whole thing and catch the feel of it, you understand exactly what’s going on:

Most of what Trump says that gets portrayed as outrageous is nothing different from what you and I say in the privacy of our own homes. I know, I know, he’s president and it’s different because of the force of his words given the office and all that. We’re used to the idea that presidents have to have a certain comportment because I guess we can’t handle too much bluntness from the man who occupies that office.

Or maybe we just thought that was true, and Trump is now making us uncomfortable by challenging us with the proposition that it isn’t and never was.

There are a lot of reasons he’s president, but I think this is at the top of the list: What you see here is pretty much the real guy, warts and all, and you know it and he knows it, and yet there it is. Can you deal with it? Given the choice between this and the phony baloney, carefully rehearsed theater we’re used to getting, most of you answered with a resounding yes.

Uh oh: Rubio and Lee want a smaller corporate tax cut so they can pay for bigger child tax credits

Nov 30, 2017 — Dan Calabrese

Uh oh: Rubio and Lee want a smaller corporate tax cut so they can pay for bigger child tax credits
I’m becoming more convinced by the day that Marco Rubio doesn’t really understand economic growth as the primary driver of tax policy, nor does he understand how markets work in general. Where Mike Lee got lost down this same path I’m not sure, but the two of them are making last-minute trouble as we near a Senate vote on tax reform, and they’re possibly endangering the new plan’s ability to really spur growth.

Why? Because they’re playing class warfare politics in the apparently belief that individual are hurt when businesses are helped. We already have 48 Democrats in the Senate who labor under this illusion. They don’t need any help. But Rubio and Lee want to cut corporate taxes less so they can write checks to people who don’t even pay any income tax. How is that pro-growth? It’s not. It’s the sort of thing Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi would want to do.