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Carly Fiorina hammers Hillary and Obama on equal pay for women

- May 28, 2015

A while back, we watched Rand Paul turn the standard media “gotcha” questions about abortion into a deft attack against the left. It was smart, tough, and something you’d hope to see more of. If you’ve been watching Carly Fiorina’s nascent campaign, you have.  In fact, she’s turned the idea of making opponents into their own worst enemies into something of an art form.

If Hillary refuses to answer a question, Fiorina points that out in her own response. If Hillary dodges the press for one of her supporter-only “closed-door meetings,” Fiorina sets up out front and invites the press to grill her. It’s been a pleasure to watch and, yesterday, she used the strategy to turn a gotcha into a sharp attack against Obama and Clinton.

Rick Santorum announces doomed presidential bid in interview with pretend journalist

- May 28, 2015

I may give Bernie Sanders a lot of flak for being unelectable, but I don’t want anyone to think Democrats have the market cornered when it comes to candidates with no chance of winning. Though he hasn’t announced, we assume Jeb Bush is going to seek the Republican nomination, and the party already has Mike Huckabee in the race.  Now, it will have to deal with a doomed Rick Santorum candidacy as well.

Santorum made his announcement in a televised interview with pretend journalist George Stephanopoulos, and you can watch the clip below. To quickly sum it up, he’s angling to re-fight the values-and-morality campaign that failed him in 2008, and will have even less traction this time around.

Time to duck-and-cover. Marie Harf promoted - will join Kerry’s ‘Iran nuclear deal’ team

- May 27, 2015

Time to duck-and-cover. Marie Harf promoted - will join Kerry's 'Iran nuclear deal' teamObviously, the definition is derived from the infamous moment when State Department Spokesperson Marie Harf suggested that we wouldn’t need to worry about Jihadists if we just had some kind of jobs program that would keep them busy.  This line of thinking relies on the idea that, if McDonalds would just implement a $15 minimum wage, radical Islamists wouldn’t behead Christians because they’d be too busy making them “Filet o’ Fish” sandwiches.

Bernie Sanders announces he would welcome the return of the 90% tax rate

- May 26, 2015

A few weeks ago, when Bernie Sanders announced he’d be running against the “inevitable” President Clinton, I got all excited. Why is that? Well, as I said at the time, the Vermont socialist is completely unelectable for a whole host of reasons. They range from petty things like “appearance” to completely legitimate items like “utterly insane policy positions.” In the end it all adds up to the same thing. Sanders won’t make even the smallest of dents in the primaries, let alone claw his way into the general. However, as he self immolates, he could deal a little splash damage to the Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton.

Pelosi: We’re totally winning the war against ISIS. Y’know. On Twitter & stuff

- May 26, 2015

Pelosi: We're totally winning the war against ISIS. Y'knowMSNBC has a new show! It’s hosted by former Pennsylvania Representative Patrick Murphy (D-of course). It’s called “Taking the Hill” and this weekend it featured an appearance by everyone’s favorite former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

Murphy asked Pelosi about Obama’s failing battle against ISIS, but Pelosi wasn’t interested in admitting that things aren’t going so well. Instead, she decided to highlight one of the areas where we are, apparently, making some truly “impressive advances” against our barbaric opponents.

Hillary plans June 13th rally to announce Presidential campaign. Wait, what?

- May 22, 2015

Hillary plans June 13th rally to announce Presidential campaign. Wait, whatBack on April 12th, the New York Times covered the announcement of Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations like this:

Ending two years of speculation and coy denials, Hillary Rodham Clintonannounced on Sunday that she would seek the presidency for a second time, immediately establishing herself as the likely 2016 Democratic nominee.

Saudi Arabia wants to run the UN Human Rights Council. Also places want ads for more executioners

- May 21, 2015

Saudi Arabia wants to run the UN Human Rights CouncilThe United Nations is one of the most worthless organizations on the face of the Earth. That’s not hyperbole. It’s just a simple fact. It’s a grotesquely hypocritical money pit that exists mostly in an effort to redistribute global wealth and legitimize the planet’s worst actors.

Hillary finally answers some questions - badly. CBS calls her out for dodging

- May 21, 2015

Hillary finally answers some questions - badly. CBS calls her out for dodgingIf you’re the kind of person who thinks Hillary Clinton is trying desperately to avoid questions from the media, you owe her an apology. She’s nothing if not completely forthcoming. Despite the fact that she went almost a month without answering a single media inquiry, Mrs. Clinton is an open book - and she’s eager to show off her love of complete and utter transparency.

Democrat Rep. worried about morale - because Congressmen haven’t had enough pay raises

- May 19, 2015

Out in the real world, pay increases are usually tied to performance. Do a better job, grab a better position, and make more money. It makes a lot of sense.

Unfortunately, Congress is not part of the real world.  When you live off the largesse of the American taxpayer, the sky is the limit. No matter how terrible a job you do, you can always demand more.

Documents reveal Hillary was informed ‘within hours’ that Benghazi was an attack planned ahead

- May 19, 2015

According to documents released Monday, Hillary Clinton (as well as other top federal officials) received a striking amount of intel within hours of the Benghazi attacks. The memos, which were obtained via a Judicial Watch FOIA lawsuit, indicate that President Obama and then Secretary of State Clinton were informed that the attacks had been planned “at least 10 days in advance” and were designed to “kill as many Americans as possible.”

Al Sharpton’s daughter suing New York City for $5 million after spraining ankle ‘real bad’

- May 18, 2015

If you’ve ever sprained your ankle, you’ll never forget the shame, the inconvenience, and the outright agony that you’ve endured. You remember the crutches, you remember how hard it was to hop around while holding a beverage, and you remember hobbling about in that big, ugly, boot.

ICYMI: The WaPo has a timer to let you know how long it’s been since Hillary answered a question

- May 18, 2015

Hillary doesn’t like being forced into situations where she’ll have to answer uncomfortable questions about her income, her age, her whiteness, her status as “America’s inevitable President,” or about rampant accusations of highly illegal influence pedaling while she was Secretary of State. So, she’s not crazy about the press.  In fact, for almost a month she’s been avoiding the media like it’s patient zero of the zombie apocalypse.

Obama on Syria red line: weaponized chlorine isn’t ‘historically’ considered a chemical weapon.

- May 15, 2015

If you’re having trouble keeping track of all the promises, threats, and “red lines” that Obama has applied to Syria and Assad, you’re not alone. There have been so many that things tend to get confusing. However, one constant through it all has been a warning that, if the Assad regime uses chemical weapons, it would trigger a US military response.

Now we have widespread reports of the Assad regime deploying weaponized chlorine gas. So, if you’re a President who’s absolutely terrified of backing up his own proclamations with actual action, what are you to do?  That’s right. You move the goalposts.

What bias? Stephanopoulos defends Clinton Foundation on show, fails to mention he’s a major donor

- May 14, 2015

What bias? Stephanopoulos defends Clinton FoundationOn April 26, ABC News chief anchor George Stephanopoulos interviewed “Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer. During their back and forth, Stephanopoulos repeatedly pressed his guess about the lack of a “smoking gun” which would prove an inarguable link between Clinton Foundation donations and favors from Hillary Clinton’s State Department.

Collapse: Hawaii squandered $205 million on its soon-to-be-shuttered ObamaCare exchange.

- May 13, 2015

Collapse: Hawaii sqaundered $205 million on its soon-to-be-shuttered ObamaCare exchangeBack when ObamaCare was first rolling out, we chronicled the horror stories associated with the various state exchanges. In the initial months of the ACA launch, the effort put forth by Hawaii was easily one of the biggest failures, managing to register a whopping zero customers for “quality, affordable, healthcare.” Still, they pressed on - determined to make their exchange the kind of “liberal utopia” success story they believed it could be.

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