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Scott Walker owns the Iowa Freedom Summit - Dropkick Murphys attack!

- Jan 26, 2015
The wannabe Pogues are all wound up.

No time for Paris, no meeting with Netanyahu, but this woman? Obama will meet with her.

- Jan 23, 2015

White House threatens Netanyahu over D.C. visit - ‘There will be a price’

- Jan 23, 2015
We're sure he's really scared.

White House aide says Obama will crush Dems who dare oppose him on Cuba, Iran, Keystone, etc…

- Jan 22, 2015
Scorched Earth.

Not even MSNBC’s Chris Matthews & Andrea Mitchell are buying the BS in Obama’s State of the Union…

- Jan 22, 2015
He's "not close to reality."

Joe Biden says ‘Yes. There’s a chance’ that he’ll run for President

- Jan 21, 2015
Ooooooh please, please, please.....

130,000 pages of USAF documents related to UFO investigations now online

- Jan 21, 2015
Someone get Major Briggs or Fox Mulder on the phone.

In 2013 Debbie Wasserman Schultz vowed “to end obstructionism.” Now she seems to love it!

- Jan 21, 2015
It was horrible when Dems were in charge, but now....

Surveillance video illustrates why you may not want to attack a Marine with a baseball bat.

- Jan 20, 2015
Messing with the wrong guy...

Jimmy Kimmel asks, ‘Did you enjoy Dr. King’s new speech this morning?‘The answers are hilarious

- Jan 20, 2015
....Or depressing.

NASA: There’s only a 38% chance we were 100% right when we said that 2014 was the hottest year ever.

- Jan 19, 2015

Now they’re just trolling us… Lindsey Graham discusses Presidential bid

- Jan 16, 2015
Because you demanded it!

US sends geriatric hippie, James Taylor, to Paris in effort to patch things up with France

- Jan 16, 2015
Oh, and John Kerry too.

Nancy Pelosi exploits Charlie Hebdo attack to defend Obama’s immigration policy

- Jan 14, 2015
However things shake out, this will be a media battle that will likely emerge as the first real test for the new Republican majority. Hopefully, they're ready for the fight...

Romney inches closer to a run - seeks the support of John McCain

- Jan 14, 2015
Besides, who isn't a fan of the sure-to-be-exciting political strategy cooked up by Mitt Romney and John McCain?

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