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Harry Reid’s OK with his tactics being called McCarthyite, because ‘Romney didn’t win, did he?’

- Mar 31, 2015
Who cares about my lies, as long as I beat Romney?

Hillary Clinton’s own emails destroy her ‘one device for convenience’ argument

- Mar 31, 2015
Multiple devices, multiple accounts, multiple lies.

Careful: Hillary’s people are watching to make sure you avoid the secret ‘sexist code words’

- Mar 27, 2015
Ooooooooh scary.

BREAKING: Harry Reid will not seek re-election

- Mar 27, 2015

Hey, let’s watch Dem Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton park her car. ...Because it’s hilarious.

- Mar 27, 2015
Claimed that no one has "the right to know" what the Executive Branch is doing because we have a "separation of powers" government.

Democrats announce entire immediate legislative agenda: Damage 2016 GOP candidates

- Mar 25, 2015
Putting politics above the people's business

Marxism 101: Shopping for household staples in Venezuela

- Mar 25, 2015
The People's Utopia

The ‘Draft Joe Biden’ super PAC is a thing that actually exists

- Mar 24, 2015
What does it say about Joe Biden (and the President he served) that there's so little enthusiasm for his potential candidacy?

Obama: ‘This Iran nuke deal is great!’ Khamenei: ‘Death to America!’

- Mar 23, 2015
'Is this thing on?' *AHEM* 'Death to America.'

Ted Cruz candidacy reveals Democrats’ deep-seeded racism ...or, Alinsky Rules 4, 6, and 5

- Mar 23, 2015
Ugly underbelly of the Democrat party.

U.S. Forest Service employees ordered to examine their unconscious’ racism

- Mar 22, 2015
You big fat racist, you!

Recently translated Iranian military textbook suggests nuclear EMP attack on UnitedStates power grid

- Mar 19, 2015
Peaceful purposes.

MSNBC: Even Hillary’s most loyal supporters have ‘intense concerns’ about the email scandal

- Mar 19, 2015
'Inevitable' candidate dealing with 'inevitable' scandal.

The EPA is worried you’re spending too much time in the shower - wants to monitor you in hotels

- Mar 18, 2015
Uncle Sam is a total creeper.

Penn State professor goes berserk on an airplane, launches into anti-US rant because she’s a ‘revolu

- Mar 18, 2015
Higher education.

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