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Dear Hillary, Trey Gowdy would like to have a word with you about those private emails

- Mar 4, 2015
Says Hillary's secrets justify Benghazi investigation

Hillary wasn’t just using private email. She was running an entire private email server out of her h

- Mar 4, 2015
Your 'inevitable' President, everyone.

Ben Carson releases new video regarding his not-so-‘potential’ presidential run

- Mar 3, 2015

Saturday Night Live’s ‘ISIS recruitment ad’ has people upset. We think it’s funny. You?

- Mar 2, 2015
People need to relax.

ISIS can rest easy - Pentagon plans to retake Mosul are on ‘indefinite hold’

- Mar 2, 2015

Obama’s own former intel chief: John Kerry ‘out of touch with reality’ on terrorism

- Feb 27, 2015
Tell us something we don't know.

Lois Lerner emails are now the subject of a criminal investigation

- Feb 27, 2015
'Potential criminal activity'

Politics: U.S. Congressman visits Temple Mount - is greeted by Muslim women screaming ‘allahu akbar

- Feb 26, 2015
Tolerance - 'religion of peace' style

In Iraq, ISIS goes on book burning rampage - destroys libraries, schools, churches

- Feb 25, 2015
'Strategic patience' in action.

State Dept. Director of counterterrorism programs arrested for soliciting sex with a minor

- Feb 25, 2015
Transparent administration won't confirm his identity.

Obama vetoes bipartisan Keystone XL bill - and his reason is comedy gold

- Feb 24, 2015

Obama & allies claim that 99.9% of Muslims are totally moderate, and the data says they’re wrong

- Feb 24, 2015
...Or they have a scary definition of "moderate."

If threatened with firing, Debbie Wasserman Schultz planned to label Obama anti-woman & anti-semetic

- Feb 23, 2015
But he didn't fire her, so I guess he's not.

DHS Secretary warns: terrorists want to attack malls, so ‘be careful’ when you go shopping

- Feb 23, 2015
Now, back to jobs and global warming

DHS Report: Forget ISIS, the REAL terrorist threat comes from the domestic right-wing. Yes, really

- Feb 21, 2015
Mark my words: The next step in this madness is to equate the Tea Party with the insanity of ISIS ahead of 2016

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