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George Clooney supports President who caves to dictators - Is outraged that Hollywood caves to dicta

- Dec 20, 2014
Hollywood Hypocrisy

Super: Aides say a ‘liberated’ Obama is finally able to be ‘the President he always wanted to be’

- Dec 19, 2014
Oh goody.

North Korea-set film starring Steve Carell the latest casualty of ‘The Interview’ fallout

- Dec 18, 2014
Cancelled before it was even made.

Texas theater offering free screening of ‘Team America’ in place of ‘The Interview’

- Dec 18, 2014

Obama to announce normalization of relations with Cuba today at noon

- Dec 17, 2014
Castro Si, Freedom no!....

Navy creates robotic underwater drone that looks and swims like a shark

- Dec 17, 2014
Cue the Jaws theme.

Obama skips 60% of his intelligence briefings. Spends most of his time ‘watching ESPN in the morning

- Dec 15, 2014
Now his foreign policy makes sense.

Ben Carson announces his announcement about running for President

- Dec 15, 2014
The pre-game show.

300 Obama staffers pen letter urging Elizabeth Warren to run - so you know how bad she’d be as Presi

- Dec 12, 2014

Update: 7 more states join lawsuit to stop Obama’s amnesty - total up to 24

- Dec 12, 2014
The President's legal troubles are getting worse....

U of Maine bans Santa Claus, ‘trees with presents,’ candy canes, and menorahs - cites ‘diversity’

- Dec 11, 2014
Please have an enjoyable non-denominational secular giving season and winter celebration.

Senate GOP forces all staff to use ObamaCare - dares reluctant Democrats to do the same

- Dec 11, 2014
Dems love 'closing loopholes', right? preparing million dollar ‘draft Elizabeth Warren’ campaign

- Dec 10, 2014
Hillary who, now?

Reid: It wasn’t ‘issues’ that cost us the midterms, it was that darn ObamaCare website!

- Dec 10, 2014
Cool. Keep telling yourself that.

Elijah Cummings: I spent a year ramming ObamaCare down your throat, and Gruber is screwing it all up

- Dec 9, 2014
Outraged. Outraged I tell you!

VIDEO: Because you demanded it, Trey Gowdy VS. Jonathan Gruber

- Dec 9, 2014

GOP Elites: Let’s nominate Christie, Bush, or Romney quickly as possible!

- Dec 9, 2014
Ted Cruz's M.O. seems to be broadcasting the inner machinations of the GOP brass. Ideals before party? No wonder they're out to get him.

MSNBC: Hey, Obama’s not so much of a dictator. ...If you compare him to Kim Jong Un!

- Dec 8, 2014
Damned with faint praise.

HHS: Please don’t make our officials sit next to Gruber during his House Oversight testimony

- Dec 8, 2014
Pretty please?

Conspiracy theorists at CNN have figured out why there was no indictment in the Eric Garner case

- Dec 7, 2014
'Conservatives are racists'

Wisconsin: GOP decides to pursue Right to Work - cue the left wing freakout

- Dec 5, 2014
Nicely done.

Florida approves satanic ‘holiday display’ for State Capitol - right next to the nativity

- Dec 5, 2014

Report: Boehner asks Pelosi to help defeat GOP opposition to his budget

- Dec 4, 2014
I'll be over here banging my head against the wall.

17 states join forces to sue Obama for ‘changing the law’ on immigration

- Dec 4, 2014
Who cares what a third of the states think, right?

White House: Obama didn’t mean he ‘changed the law’ when he said he ‘changed the law.’

- Dec 3, 2014

IRS refusing to release thousands of docs related to White House requests for taxpayer info

- Dec 3, 2014

ObamaCare author Tom Harkin: ObamaCare is a complicated train wreck

- Dec 3, 2014
Dems lining up behind Hillary

Mary Landrieu losing so badly that she just accepted an endorsement from Obama

- Dec 2, 2014
The final nail.

ObamaCare incentivizes hiring amnestied illegals to the tune of $3000 each

- Dec 1, 2014
Why hire citizens? They're so pricy!

Landrieu chief of staff caught on camera promising Landrieu will vote with Obama 97% of the time

- Dec 1, 2014
Oops. There goes the narrative.

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