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MSNBC - yes that MSNBC - offers a blistering, in-depth assessment of Hillary’s email scandal

- Jul 27, 2015

In case you’ve haven’t been paying attention, you should know that Hillary’s email scandal is getting worse. The story, which involves classified material being emailed from her secret, private, and now-erased, home server isn’t going away.  In fact, every few days we’re treated to new revelations that seem to further cement her status as 2016’s least trustworthy candidate.

Obama: The IRS is great and Congress stinks. The ‘real IRS scandal’ is that the IRS is underfunded

- Jul 24, 2015

As The Washington Times notes, the IRS’s internal auditor has concluded that the agency targeted conservative groups. The Times also notes that Obama’s DOJ is still conducting a criminal investigation into the matter.  But so what? This is Barack Obama. He can’t simply allow “facts” to get in the way of his rhetoric.

Hillary facing possible criminal investigation over ‘hundreds’ of emails containing classified mater

- Jul 24, 2015

Uh-oh. Watch out, Clinton faithful.  There’s fresh trouble in Hillary-land.  According to the New York Times and NBC News, Mrs. Clinton is sailing into choppy legal seas. Two inspector generals, from two different federal agencies, are demanding that the DOJ undertake a criminal investigation into what they say are “potentially hundreds” of classified emails Clinton sent from her private email server.

Obama admin: ‘We should expect’ Iran to use some of its nuke deal money to fund terrorism

- Jul 21, 2015

Thanks to the President’s glorious, perfect, and absolutely imperative nuclear deal, Iran will suddenly have access to $150 Billion in previously frozen assets. This is great news for terrorists and despots the world over because we will have absolutely no say in how they choose to spend it.  In fact, as Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice points out, the Obama administration assumes that at least some of that money will go to fund terror operations.

Seattle Mayor wants to make it easier for Sharia law followers to buy homes in his city

- Jul 20, 2015

Those poor, poor, followers of Sharia Law. Whether they busy being offended by cartoons or telling virtually everyone else on Earth how they should live, they’re always so put upon. Why, sometimes it can even be tough for them to get a mortgage. For the record, it’s not because they’re being discriminated against. Even though we’re pretty sure someone will try to phrase it that way, they’re not. Instead, it’s because Sharia strictly forbids its adherents to pay interest on a loan.

CDC issues new warning: don’t snuggle or kiss your family’s pet chickens

- Jul 17, 2015

I have to admit. I’ve been caught off guard by this. I had no idea that people were keeping chickens as pets. I get raising chickens for eggs.  I understand grilling their tasty meat. I was not, however, aware that people think owning a chicken is a lot like owning a cat.

ISIS releases video of a child beheading a Syrian prisoner

- Jul 17, 2015

By now, everyone is familiar with the horrific clips released by ISIS. As it works its way through the Middle East, Obama’s “J.V. team” has treated the world to an endless array of firing squad executions, drownings, immolations, and their favorite: beheadings. Maybe they’re worried that, after so many atrocities in the name of the ‘religion of peace,’ you’ve become desensitized to the violence. How else can you explain their decision to film a child chopping the head off a Syrian soldier?

Major Garrett dares to question the king about his flawless Iran deal

- Jul 16, 2015

Obama and John Kerry’s nuclear deal with Iran is simply the greatest piece of diplomacy every undertaken by mankind.  It’s that good.  Never mind that it virtually guarantees Iran will get the bomb, throws our allies under the atomic bus, and jumpstarts a mid-East arms race.  You - and Congress - are not to question its complex brilliance.

Trump to Hillary: You’re a sad, desperate, failure. Stop lying about my immigration stance!

- Jul 15, 2015

I don’t know where you stand on Donald Trump. Maybe you love him, maybe you hate him.  Maybe you think he’s a shill candidate or a shameless self-promoter who doesn’t really care about the race at all. Maybe, as the boss wrote earlier, you think that’s all true to varying degrees.

Wherever you fall on the Trump opinion spectrum, there’s one thing you can’t deny. His bombastic take-no-prisoners attitude is certainly “spicing up” the race. In fact, whether he really believes it or not, he’s probably saying a lot of things you’ve said time and time again.

The case in point is his infamous - though essentially correct - comments about illegals flooding into the U.S. from Mexico. In case you forgot, he said:

Planned Parenthood director caught on video bragging about sale of aborted baby ‘parts’

- Jul 14, 2015

I suppose, if you’re part of an organization which exists to facilitate the wholesale slaughter of the unborn, you’ve already made it clear that there aren’t many lines you won’t cross. You’re already telling the world that you’re perfectly OK “crushing” the bodies of infants, so if someone were to inquire about purchasing bits and piece of the remains, one can presume you wouldn’t have a problem with it.  ...And, thanks to a terrifying new undercover video, we know that’s exactly what’s happening at Planned Parenthood.

Dem presidential candidate Lincoln Chafee enjoying contributions totaling a whopping $30,000

- Jul 13, 2015

If you’re one of the Democrats who are constantly screaming about the evils of money in politics, Lincoln Chafee may be your man. Unlike the other Dems running for the 2016 nominee, Chafee can stand at the podium and proudly proclaim that there is no money involved in his campaign. Honestly. …Pretty much none whatsoever.

Dem Presidential candidate Jim Webb: Democrat party moved ‘way far to the left’ is not ‘my Democrat

- Jul 13, 2015

Well, Dems, you can cross “Jim Webb” off the list of presidential candidates for whom you might vote. He thinks the Democrat party has moved “way too far to the left” and that should just about end his already-meager electoral chances.

John Kerry says Iran nuclear deal deadlines are pretty much meaningless

- Jul 9, 2015

Tomorrow, negotiations on the Iran nuclear deal will run up against another deadline.  Then the deadline will be ignored, talks will continue, and a new deadline will probably be set. Eventually, we’ll hit that deadline, and we’ll do the same dance all over again.

Politics: Pro-gay marriage humpback whale attacks surveillance drone with rainbow weapon

- Jul 9, 2015

We normally don’t run zany animal videos around here, but this one is just too cool not to share. According to the Daily Mail, when a large humpback whale was spotted off the coast of California, a drone operator flew his craft over the submerged mammal for a better look.

Matthews: No one enforces immigration law because they want cheap labor - and votes for Dems

- Jul 8, 2015

Obviously, we’re used to a steady stream of crazy coming from the fine folks at MSNBC. Chiefest among the network’s primetime calamities is Chris Matthews, whose career is basically one, long, barely-coherent rant.  Every now and then, though, it feels like one of his handlers stuffs his meds into a wad of peanut butter and Chris comes through with something approaching an actual truth.

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