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Private investigator charged for illegal pre-election attempt to get Trump’s tax returns.

May 25, 2017 — Robert Laurie

In the brutal 2016 cage-match between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, tax returns emerged as something of a broken bottle tossed into the ring. If Hillary could grab it, she’d be able to pull herself off the ropes and lash out with a deadly weapon.

Democrats were sure the returns would show that Trump A: wasn’t rich, B: had been colluding with secret ex-Soviet forces, and C: had been dodging his federal responsibilities for something close to 20 years. The hunt was on.

Right down to the electoral wire, Dems were searching frantically for the object of their obsession.

Al Franken becomes latest Democrat to reject running against Trump in 2020

May 25, 2017 — Robert Laurie

For whatever reason, people in Minnesota really seem happy with their decision to keep Al Franken in Congress.  Despite his nebulous messages, boring demeanor, and uniformly terrible speeches on the Senate floor, he trounced his GOP rival in 2014 and remains bafflingly popular. Couple that with the whole “famous comedian” thing and you had what many on the left thought was a recipe for a presidential run.

We’ve been hearing rumors almost since Franken claimed his Senate seat - at least as far back as 2010 - mostly due to the fact that Dems have an incredibly shallow bench. You may recall that back in February, the National Journal was hyping Franken as the left’s possible 2020 savior.

However, Franken has now made it clear that it’s not going to happen. He’ll have to hang on to his one man mobile uplink unit, because he seems to realize he’s not good enough, not smart enough, and (Minnesota aside) people don’t like him.

Trey Gowdy to take over as House Oversight Committee chairman

May 24, 2017 — Robert Laurie

When Trey Gowdy’s name was mentioned as a possible replacement for fired FBI Director James Comey, I scoffed.  Floating Gowdy was a smart play from the White House, since they know the base loves him, but I didn’t buy it for a second.  There are several reasons for that, but at the top of the list is “why would he want to do that? Congress is a nice cushy gig.”

Gowdy currently sits on the Oversight Committee, where his brutal interrogations make for riveting YouTube gold.  Clips of him grilling the players in just about every major Obama-era scandal are now the stuff of political legend. If you’re a Republican, you almost certainly love watching him tear into whatever crooked Democrat has the misfortune to cross his path.

In short, it’s a lot of fun and being a member of Congress has an awful lot of perks.

Here we go again: Manchester terrorist was already known to authorities

May 23, 2017 — Robert Laurie

Earlier, I outlined how the pattern of events surrounding the Manchester terror attack are all too familiar.

It seems as though every time something like this happens we run through the same, tired, playlist of denial, obfuscation, and then admission that, yes, an Islamic radical was involved. 

Then, eventually, we reach the final stage of the narrative meltdown.

That’s the part where we learn that the attacker was already on the law enforcement radar.

Mrs. Bernie Sanders: Iranian elections ‘show the world how it’s done’

May 23, 2017 — Robert Laurie

The Democrat base loves to tell you that, had he been the nominee, “Bernie would have won.”  If only the DNC hadn’t conspired to secure Hillary Clinton’s coronation, we’d all be enjoying the many benefits of “President Bernie” right now. 

I’m not so sure.  I’m willing to admit he might have done a bit better in Michigan, but I still doubt he would have seen support significant enough to drag his ol’ bones across the national finish line. The reason?  If he’d been the nominee, he would have had to be out there every single day, defending socialism and massive tax increases, while he and his wife said incredibly stupid stuff like this:

ISIS claims responsibility for Manchester attack

May 23, 2017 — Robert Laurie

Early this morning, liberals were already doing the “this isn’t really Islam” dance. They were all over social media with the standard “don’t jump to conclusions” shtick, but a quick look at the news told you most of what needed to know. We’ve seen this same scene play out time and again. It’s an exhausting pattern we witnessed in Nice, The Bataclan, The Boston Marathon, etc.

Then, when we learned they knew the identity of the terrorist, but weren’t releasing it, we had all the info we needed.

It was only a matter of time before ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack on an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s wife, Sara Netanyahu, caught on hot mic trashing media

May 22, 2017 — Robert Laurie

Oh. So, a solid understanding of the media’s bias, agenda, and reckless disregard for reality isn’t just a thing here in the United States? ...And here I thought we were the only people at odds with the blatant hackery of our press.

Good to know it’s not just us.

I’ll just leave this here….

CNN interviews panel of 3rd graders about Trump presidency. ...Yes really

May 22, 2017 — Robert Laurie

There’s a question that Democrats love to ask whenever they don’t control the White House.  Kids are, as we’ve been told a thousand times, our most precious national resource. It takes a village to raise them. So, whenever they’re faced with the horrors of a Republican President, Dems want to know: What are the children thinking?

Oh, woe. Woe to the children!  They’re being forced to live through the Trump presidency! The guy has only been in office a few months, and already the scars are piling up. One wonders how they can even sleep at night, knowing that the monsters have moved out from under their beds and into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  One day, we will no doubt be faced with a generation of barely-coherent alcoholics who waste away on the corner bar stool muttering “...damnmit. ...It was those damn Trump/Pence years. They did this to me.”

Joe Biden rattles 2020 sabre: ‘I never thought she was a great candidate.’ ...‘I was.’

May 19, 2017 — Robert Laurie

Back when we were all watching the Joe Biden “will he, won’t he” dance, I was pretty sure he would.  I knew there would immense pressure - mostly from the Clinton camp - to deny him the nomination, but I genuinely thought he’d go for it.  As I (incorrectly) wrote at the time, it just made sense.

“The current Dem lineup features a woman no one likes or wants to vote for, a geriatric socialist crackpot who will collapse in the general, and two or three other guys that virtually no one has ever heard of.”

As wrong as I was about his decision, I was absolutely correct about the fact that he would have fared better than Hillary.  I’m not saying he would have won, since he still would have had to put forth and defend an agenda, but I am saying that he had a long list of positives and virtually none of the negatives which applied to Mrs. Clinton.


Maxine Waters admits there’s no evidence to support the crazy conspiracy theory she’s offering

May 19, 2017 — Robert Laurie

If there’s a poster child for people who’ve lost themselves down the “impeach Trump” rabbit hole, it must be Maxine Waters. The California Representative has been making all the news rounds, proudly displaying both her abject ignorance and her absolute conviction that Putin was running Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign.

Her latest revelation is that Putin wrote Trump’s famous “lock her up” campaign chant.  Apparently, when he wasn’t busy running the evil empire with help from Obama’s post-election flexibility, Vlad was coming up with rally slogans for a real-estate mogul who may or may not have decided to run.

Anthony ‘Carlos Danger’ Weiner to plead guilty - comes to completion of underage sexting case

May 19, 2017 — Robert Laurie

Carlos Danger, possibly better known by the equally embarrassing moniker “Anthony Weiner,” has come to point of completion in his sexting scandal.  As you’re no doubt aware, Weiner embarrassed his wife (and damaged Hillary’s presidential bid) by sexting and sharing photos of his nether-regions with at least one underaged girl.  Then he did it again. ...And again.  ...Ad nauseam.

You can witness her abject humiliation, as it happened, in the video below.

Still, his doting Mrs. stood by him.  Just like Hillary Clinton, feminist icon Huma Abedin sucked up the disrespect and refused to leave her man. To this day, the world’s most understanding - yet totally empowered - woman says that she and her hubby are working on their relationship.

In midst of a feeding frenzy, media further beclowns itself by pouncing on obvious Putin joke

May 18, 2017 — Robert Laurie

The left-wing media has worked itself into a ridiculous, substance-free, feeding frenzy. They’ve completely abandoned anything resembling real journalism in favor of stories comprised of insinuation, no identifiable sources, and no proof. Every last one of these so-called “reporters” are trying desperately to be the one who lands a killing blow, so they’re throwing anything and everything at the wall to see what they can make stick.

Imagine a school of 50 sharks, churning up the water, frantically tearing at a whale.  If someone drops a boot into the chaos, the sharks aren’t going to reject it as inedible.  They’re just going to swallow it whole, and worry about it later - or not.

That’s the scenario playing out with the whole “Putin pays Trump” story.

In case you haven’t seen it, here it is from the Washington Post.  Note how seriously they take it.

Wait. Is that Time Magazine cover just a rip-off of Mad Magazine?

May 18, 2017 — Robert Laurie

A few minutes ago, we showed you the widely-adored-by-liberals cover of the new Time Magazine.

Now, it looks like someone is a little peeved about it.  No, not because it’s a ludicrous symbol of a tin-foil hat conspiracy theory. They’re peeved because it’s a rip-off.

The outraged party? Alfred E. Neuman.  It seems a strikingly similar image was posted by Mad Magazine just a few short months ago.

Uh-oh.  Time’s gone and made MAD mad.

Wait. Is that Time Magazine cover just a rip-off of Mad Magazine?Wait. Is that Time Magazine cover just a rip-off of Mad Magazine?

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TIME: Russian interference was revenge against Clinton, 5 years in the making, U.S. intel didn’t thi

May 18, 2017 — Robert Laurie

You may have seen the newest cover of Time Magazine.  It’s being passed around by faux-outraged liberals like a joint at a Grateful Dead concert.  If you haven’t seen it,—See Below.

TIME: Russian interference in election was 5 years in the making, U.S. intel didn’t think much of it

Spooky, right?  It conjures up all sorts of nefarious deals, the return of the ‘evil empire,’ and the Soviet-era cold war that progressives suddenly seem to love so, so, much. The great game is back, baby, and Time is here to relive its glory days.

Murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich leaked ‘thousands of emails’ to Wikileaks

May 16, 2017 — Robert Laurie

You will no doubt recall the sad story of Seth Rich, the DNC staffer who was found murdered on the street outside of his home. Just 12 days after his death, Wikileaks released the emails that proved Hillary Clinton and the DNC were conspiring to destroy Bernie Sanders. These were, obviously, obtained from mysterious sources.  Almost immediately, there was speculation that Rich might, in fact, be that source.

That didn’t fit the narrative, though. The official Democrat line has been - and remains - “Evil Russian hackers conspired with Trump to destroy Hillary because she would have been such an amazing president.”